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The 7 Best Rugged Chromebook Cases

Gavin Phillips 28-10-2019

If you have a Chromebook and travel around a lot, consider protecting it with a rugged case. A rugged Chromebook case will protect it from drops, falls, trips, and shocks. In many cases, a rugged Chromebook case will protect against accidental water exposure, too. What’s not to like?


Here are seven of the best rugged Chromebook cases.

1. Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Case

Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Case Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Case Buy Now On Amazon $28.99

Nacuwa’s Hardshell Protective Case is one of the top-selling rugged Chromebook cases on Amazon. Designed for compatibility with 11 to 11.6-inch Chromebooks, the Nacuwa Hardshell fits an extensive range of hardware, including a 12-inch MacBook.

The Nacuwa Hardshell is made from a toughened EVA material. The case offers strong protection against drop damage, coming with a padded internal lining to cushion any falls. The external shell is also waterproof, protecting it from the elements or an errant cup of coffee. The Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Case also features four internal storage pockets.

Better still, it comes in several sizes. If you have a larger Chromebook, check out the Nacuwa Hardshell 15-inch option instead.


2. UZBL Always-On

UZBL Always On Chromebook Case UZBL Always On Chromebook Case Buy Now On Amazon

The UZBL Always On rugged Chromebook case will fit a wide range of hardware, covering devices from 11 to 11.6-inches. The case is made of toughened EVA, helping protect your hardware against all types of bumps and knocks. Fortunately, it is waterproof, too.

Setting it apart from other rugged Chromebook cases is the internal mechanism that secures your device. The Always On case features locking corner grips (which give the case its “Always On” name) that keep your Chromebook in place at all times. Locking the laptop in place adds another level of protection against any drops or falls.

Another nice feature of the UZBL Always On is the carry strap and handle. Finally, the case comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects.


3. Cyber Acoustics Work-In Chromebook Case

Cyber Acoustics Work-In Chromebook Case Cyber Acoustics Work-In Chromebook Case Buy Now On Amazon

The Cyber Acoustics Work-In Chromebook Case is of a similar design to the UZBL Always On. It fits most 11 to 11.6 inch Chromebooks, giving your hardware some welcome external ruggedization. The case is designed with K-12 students in mind.

It has a handy carry strap and handles, while the shell is a rigid armor covered in a rubber-based nylon skin, for extra grip. Handily for parents and educators, each Cyber Acoustics Work-In case features a customizable identity window. It’ll help your kids (and you!) keep track of each Chromebook.

4. CASEMATIX 15.6-Inch

CASEMATIX 15.6-Inch Chromebook Case CASEMATIX 15.6-Inch Chromebook Case Buy Now On Amazon $69.99


The CASEMATIX 15.6-inch solid Chromebook case is a step up in terms of rugged protection. The major differences between this and the other options here come in size, protection, material, and manufacturing. Almost everything, then.

CASEMATIX’s 15.6-inch case is waterproof (not water-resistant, like the other options), airtight via its rubber seal, and can handle a serious drop. Inside the case, your Chromebook has the protection of additional foam to cushion any falls, with extra foam available to secure hardware of different sizes (within reason).

The case uses a briefcase-style design to secure your Chromebook. It also makes it a handy option for passing through airport security or otherwise. Given its size, the CASEMATIX 15.6-inch case suits larger hardware, such as the Chromebook 14 or Chromebook 15.

5. Gumdrop DropTech Case for Dell 3100 Clamshell Chromebook

Gumdrop Droptech Dell 3100 Clamshell Chromebook Case Gumdrop Droptech Dell 3100 Clamshell Chromebook Case Buy Now On Amazon $34.95


This Gumdrop DropTech Case is for the Dell 3100 Clamshell Chromebook. Gumdrop do manufacture an extensive range of rugged Chromebook cases though, primarily for educational instituations and devices. The DropTech Case is made using shock-resistant materials and has a durable silicone bumper to protect edges from jarring drops or bumps.

It is also very lightweight to boot. The DropTech Case for the Dell 3100 Chromebook is designed for specifically for that hardware. All of the charging and USB ports are in the correct location, keeping the device secure and allowing easy and familiar access.

6. IBENZER Bumptect Stay In

IBENZER Bumptect Stay In IBENZER Bumptect Stay In Buy Now On Amazon

The IBENZER Bumptect Stay In case caters for 13-inch Chromebooks (and 13 to 14-inch MacBooks), providing a lightweight-yet-protective case. The outer shell of the Bumptect case features shockproof materials to protect against unexpected knocks. It also has strengthened corners for additional protection.

Your Chromebook will remain snug in the Bumptect Stay In case using the securable micro clips. Plus, the case exterior is easy to grip, helping to protect against unexpected slippage.

Handily, the case has additional external storage pockets. Used in combination with the shoulder strap or carry handle, the Bumptect Stay In is like a rugged laptop case rather than a simple rugged Chromebook case. But because the case is lightweight, you won’t notice the difference.

7. MAXCases HP G4-Education Edition

MAXCases HP G4-Education Edition MAXCases HP G4-Education Edition Buy Now On Amazon

Like Gumdrop, MAXCases produce an extensive range of rugged Chromebook cases. This particular model is for the HP G4-Education Edition. It is a custom-molded, lightweight Chromebook case. Even though the case is lightweight, it exceeds military standard drop testing specifications (MIL-STD-810).

With this case, your Chromebook should survive a drop from around half a meter, with extra cushioning coming from the shock-absorbing TPU bumpers. The underside of the case has rubber feet to stop unexpected slipping.

It also has pop-out feet that allow you to raise the case, giving you a better viewing and typing angle. Propping the case up also increases ventilation under your Chromebook, another handy feature. Also, because the MAXCases products are designed for specific Chromebook models, the USB and charging port slots are all in the correct place.

What Is the Best Rugged Chromebook Case?

The specifications for rugged Chromebook cases vary. A rugged Chromebook case should protect your hardware from a fall. It should also offer some water and dust resistance. Keeping the case lightweight is important, too, given most Chromebook models are lightweight to begin with.

To figure out which rugged Chromebook case suits you, think about how you use your Chromebook. Do you carry it freely? A rugged always-in case might best suit you. Does your Chromebook live in your hand, always ready to go? A hard-shell case might be the ideal option for you instead.

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