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The 10 Best Replacement Earbud Tips

Kris Wouk 13-11-2019

You can spend a ton of money on the fanciest earbuds out there, but if they don’t fit you, they’re going to sound bad. In almost every case, the earbuds rely on a tight fit in your ear. If they’re too small or too big to fit correctly, you’re going to miss out on a lot of frequencies, especially bass.


Fortunately, even if the tips included with your earbuds don’t fit, you can buy replacement earbud tips that will. We’ve gathered together the best earbud tips for various brands, with both memory foam and silicone options for each.

1. Best Foam Replacement Tips for AirPods:
Comply SoftCONNECT

Comply SoftCONNECT Comply SoftCONNECT Buy Now On Amazon $6.14

Apple’s AirPods don’t come with tips, unlike the AirPods Pro. That doesn’t mean you have to settle. The SoftCONNECT by Comply memory foam replacement earbud tips improve isolation and sound quality as well as comfort. These tips will even work for standard wired EarPods as well.

Since they’re an add-on, they won’t fit into the AirPods charging case, but they do come with a silicone pouch to store them while you’re charging your AirPods. You’ll find yourself no longer adjusting the AirPods in your ear, as the Comply foam will keep them seated in your ear all day.

2. Best Silicone Replacement Tips for AirPods:
Spigen RA220

Spigen RA220 Spigen RA220 Buy Now On Amazon $8.99


If you just want a little protection for your AirPods instead of full-on replacement tips, you might prefer the Spigen RA220. They won’t provide as much isolation as the Comply foam option, but not everybody wants that, like runners, for example.

There is another bonus for these silicone tips. Unlike the Comply foam tips, these will fit on your AirPods while they’re in the charging case, so you can simply leave them on all the time. These will also work on Apple’s wired EarPods as well.

3. Best Foam Bose Earbud Replacement Tips:
Comply Comfort Plus Tsx-400

Comply Comfort Plus Tsx-400 Comply Comfort Plus Tsx-400 Buy Now On Amazon $19.99

Bose offers quite a few different earbud options, but the company’s QuietComfort series is among its most popular. The tips these ship with are pretty good, but they’re silicone. If you prefer foam tips, the Comply Comfort Plus Tsx-400 are your best option.


These are specifically meant to fit the Bose QuietComfort 20, as well as various sets from Denon, RHA, JVC, SoundMAGIC, and others. These Comply foam tips feature the company’s WaxGuard technology, which helps keep them clean even after months of usage.

4. Best Silicone Bose Earbud Replacement Tips:
Bose Stayhear Tipkit

Bose Stayhear Tipkit Bose Stayhear Tipkit Buy Now On Amazon $9.99

If you like the feel of the standard tips on the QuietComfort 20, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the best replacement earbud tips come from Bose. The company makes its Stayhear Tipkit available for purchase, though, so you don’t need to worry if your tips are wearing out.

Sadly, you don’t get a full replacement set. Instead, you’ll need to choose between small, medium, and large options. The good news is that you probably already know which size you prefer from using the tips that came with the earbuds in the first place.


5. Best Foam Skullcandy Earbud Replacement Tips:
Comply Isolation Plus Tx-400

Comply Isolation Plus Tx-400 Comply Isolation Plus Tx-400 Buy Now On Amazon $19.99

Skullcandy makes a bunch of different earbuds, but one of its most popular sets is the Ink’d. If you’ve got these and are looking for a set of memory foam replacement earbud tips, one again, Comply has the best option. In this case, it’s the Comply Isolation Plus Tx-400.

These are meant to add more passive noise isolation, which isn’t quite as effective as active noise cancellation, but will get you part of the way there. As a plus, these also up the bass frequencies, which should please most Skullcandy fans.

6. Best Silicone Skullcandy Earbud Replacement Tips:
eBoot Replacement Earbuds

eBoot Replacement Earbuds eBoot Replacement Earbuds Buy Now On Amazon $5.99


If you’re a Skullcandy owner but prefer the feel of a silicone earbud tip, you’ll want to go for the eBoot Replacement Earbuds. These are meant to fit a variety of Skullcandy models, including the Ink’d, Ink’d 2, Smokin Buds, Smokin Buds 2, and the wireless version of both of those lines.

You get eight sets of tips, split across four different sizes. There are small, medium, large, and double flange sets, each offered in a black and transparent option.

7. Best Foam Sony Earbud Replacement Tips:
Comply Isolation Plus for Sony

Comply Isolation Plus for Sony Comply Isolation Plus for Sony Buy Now On Amazon $19.99

Sony offers a wide variety of different earbuds, not all of which share the same fit. That said, the Comply Isolation Plus for Sony replacement earbud tips set will fit the company’s most popular models. If you’re unsure about which to buy, Comply offers a compatibility chart that can help you make sure you’re buying the right set.

As with other Comply memory foam offerings, these are 30 times softer than the silicone tips that come with most earbuds. You may or may not like that, but this is the best option available for memory foam fans.

8. Best Silicone Sony Earbud Replacement Tips:
ALXCD Eartips for Sony

ALXCD Eartips for Sony ALXCD Eartips for Sony Buy Now On Amazon $5.99

If you’ve got Sony earbuds from either the MDR series or the XBA series and want silicone replacement tips, you’ll want to go for the ALXCD Eartips for Sony. These may fit other models as well.

The benefit of silicone tips is that they’re more durable than memory foam. In the case of these tips, they’re even washable. Just wash them with water, dry them with the included cloth, and then put them back on your earbuds.

9. Best Foam Replacement Earbud Tips:
Comply SmartCore Variety Pack

Comply SmartCore Variety Pack Comply SmartCore Variety Pack Buy Now On Amazon $14.71

You may be reading through the various replacement earbud tip options and realize that you don’t have one of the brands mentioned so far. Don’t worry about that. The Comply SmartCore Variety Pack is meant for exactly this sort of situation.

The folks at Comply know that not everyone has one of a few different brands of earbuds, and not everyone knows the diameter of their earbuds. The SmartCore tips are more flexible than some of Comply’s other options, which means they’ll fit on nearly any sort of earbud you can throw at them.

10. Best Silicone Replacement Earbud Tips:
SUNMNS Silicone Eartips 6 Pair Set

SUNMNS Silicone Eartips 6 Pair Set SUNMNS Silicone Eartips 6 Pair Set Buy Now On Amazon $5.99

If you’ve got a relatively cheap set of Bluetooth earbuds and you’re looking for replacement tips, try the SUNMNS Silicone Eartips 6 Pair Set. They won’t fit every brand, but they will fit a lot of them.

Specific brands mentioned include SENSO, ZEUS, Otium, Hussar, and Mpow, though the manufacturer says that they will fit other Bluetooth earbuds as well. These aren’t exclusively for Bluetooth earbuds, so they may fit your favorite wired pair as well. You’ve got two color options; green and black, or orange and black.

The Best Replacement Earbud Tips for You

If you buy cheap earbuds and you don’t like the sound, you might have just bought a bad set. On the other hand, if you spent upwards of $100 and you’re not happy with the sound, consider buying a set of replacement earbuds tips. For less than $20, you might turn a clunker set of earbuds into something you love.

Once you’ve bought a good set of earbuds, or at least created them with the best replacement earbud tips you can find, you’ll want to keep them safe. Because of the small size and flimsy cables, it can be easy to break your earbuds. If this keeps happening to you, take a look at our tips for keeping your headphones from breaking Here's Why Your Headphones Keep Breaking (And What You Can Do) How long do your headphones last? If they're breaking too quickly, here's why and what you can do to prolong their lifespan. Read More .

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