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The Best Reddit Apps for Android

Andy Betts 28-02-2018

Reddit is the self-styled front page of the internet. It’s a huge community where you can join in discussions on almost any topic. It’s great for finding interesting articles posted around the web. Or you can just use it to watch cat GIFs when you should be working 10 Time-Wasting Habits You Should Quit Today A minute here or there doesn't feel like much, but it all adds up! Could it be that you're wasting time on meaningless habits? We'll show you daily tasks you can quit. Read More .


But if you’re only visiting Reddit through the website then you’re missing out. There’s a vast number of Reddit apps for Android in the Play Store. Which one is best for you depends on how you use the service. Let’s take a look.

Reddit: The Official App

Best for: Casual Reddit users.

best reddit apps for android

The official Reddit app is not the most fully featured you can find, but it puts most of the service’s hottest features right up front and center. It’s got a nice, clean look and is easy to navigate.

There’s a permanent tab for the r/popular sub, as well as one for your own front page, and your subscriptions and Inbox are never more than one tap away. You also get a choice of two layouts: cards and list. The former is especially good for visual subs, aided by the fact that GIFs How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop Nothing beats making your own GIFs, and you can create animated GIFs in Photoshop by converting videos or using static images. Read More autoplay.


It isn’t perfect. Search doesn’t offer auto-suggest (which is useful when searching for subreddits), long comment threads are not easy to follow, and you have to know markdown to be able to format your own comments. But for the casual user, this app is a great starting point.

Download: Reddit: The Official App (Free)

reddit is fun

Best for: Finding links to the web’s best articles.

best reddit apps for android


If your main experience of Reddit is through a browser, then Reddit Is Fun may be your easiest transition into apps. By default, it’s little more than a wrapper for the mobile website. It isn’t pretty, but it’s fast and is especially good if you mostly use Reddit to find links to interesting articles around the web.

It’s less effective if you’re keen on joining in the community discussions 15 Awful Reddit Posts You Won't Believe Were Popular Reddit is home to all kinds of awesome content. But it's also full of people looking to exploit the average user for some quick karma. Here are 15 awful posts that somehow soared to the... Read More . It takes two taps to open the comments on any post, and comment threads cannot be collapsed to make them more readable.

If you prefer a more visual approach, there is a basic cards theme you can switch to instead. It helps make the app function a lot more like its counterparts.

Download: Reddit Is Fun (Free)


Boost for Reddit

Best for: Anyone who likes customizing their apps.

best reddit apps for android

Boost for Reddit is a treat for anyone who likes to really delve in and customize their apps. It’s possible to tweak almost everything.

You can decide how links to certain types of content should be handled, such as which app they should open in. You can set up data saving, so that GIFs or videos will be compressed or run at lower resolutions when you’re on mobile data. Or even set custom fonts, and choose different ones for both titles and content.


The visual choices are equally vast, with eight set layouts plus a further option to create your own. These include an image-only layout, which is great for picture-based subs, and a very nice magazine-style Swipe mode. With this, you can browse all your posts just by swiping the page left and right.

Download: Boost for Reddit (Free)

Joey for Reddit

Best for: Fans of Ask Me Anything.

best reddit apps for android

Joey is a great Reddit app that gets all the basics down, while adding in a few extras you don’t see elsewhere. It has a very visual approach. GIFs autoplay, and you can also preview images and videos by tapping and holding on them. There’s no need to actually open each individual post.

In addition, the app supports vertical cards, where you can browse through endless content with a quick swipe up the screen.

But Joey comes into its own with its clever use of tabs. Tap any post that includes a link to a website and it opens with three tabs. The first contains the discussion, the second shows the content of the link in a text-only Reader mode, and the third opens the website directly.

Better still, this approach extends to specific subreddits Forget the Default Subreddits: Subscribe to These 7 Alternatives Instead Default Reddit subreddits such as Funny, Pics, and Gaming are terrible and full of low-quality posts. Here are alternatives to some of those subreddits that provide a better experience. Read More . Open the Ask Me Anything sub, for instance, and you’ll see tabs that split the Q&A sessions into categories, a live stream of ongoing discussions, and a schedule of upcoming events. A few other subs are optimized in the same way, including r/science and r/lifeprotips.

The fact that all this comes in an app that’s both free and ad-free makes Joey even more impressive.

Download: Joey for Reddit (Free)

Sync for Reddit

Best for: A reliable all-round experience.

best reddit apps for android

Sync for Reddit and BaconReader are arguably the two most well established all-rounders. Our choice goes to Sync, but if you’re looking for an app that does everything pretty well they’re both worth a look.

Sync offers lots of views and customizable themes so you can make the app work however you want. There’s support for gallery and gesture modes, making content extremely browsable. And there’s a Night Mode that can be set to activate automatically at a certain time of day.

Comments are handled well. They’re easy to format when writing, and easy to read. Collapsible parent comments and a color-coded layout makes long threads especially scannable. Even better: spoilers When Is It Okay to Post Spoilers on Social Media? Pitchforks at the ready! It's time to talk about spoilers. For a lot of people, they rank somewhere between Hitler and Ramsey Bolton on the evil-scale. Read More in movie and TV discussions get hidden.

And there’s more. There’s basic offline syncing, an optimized /r/soccer experience that makes match threads fun to follow, and powerful filters that let you clean up the community to your own taste. The list is endless.

Download: Sync for Reddit (Free)

Slide for Reddit

Best for: Using Reddit offline.

best reddit apps for android

Slide has two things that make it stand out. The first is the fully gesture-based design that gives the app its name. With a tabbed interface, you can swipe left and right to switch between your subscribed subs—there’s no need to navigate long lists here. Then once you’ve chosen your subreddit, you can swipe right to browse between all the latest posts. It’s perfect for one-handed navigation 9 Tips for Using Your Big Android Phone With Just One Hand Is your Android phone too large to use with just one hand? Then you should try out some of these tips and tricks for making that screen real estate more accessible. Read More on a big screen phone.

Even better is the way the app is designed for use offline. If you’re traveling and don’t have access to Wi-Fi, or are on a limited data plan, don’t worry. Slide lets you download your favorite content on a schedule so that you can browse as you go. Couple that with a basic data-saving mode, and you’ve got a great tool for the data conscious redditor.

Slide is also ad-free and open source. There’s an option to upgrade to an even more powerful Pro version.

Download: Slide for Reddit (Free)

Other Reddit Apps Worth Trying

The choice of Reddit apps in the Play Store isn’t limited to those delivering the full service. Here are a few more niche apps to check out:

  • Shower Thoughts (Free). Grab a quasi-philophical thought for the day from the most droll of subreddits.
  • Gallery for reddit (Free). An app for browsing the images posted to Reddit’s most popular picture subs.

However you use Reddit—for links, discussion, or just time wasting—there’s a perfect app for you.

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    You missed Apollo, by far the best Reddit application for iOS.