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The Best PopSockets Phone Grips in 2020

James Frew 13-07-2020

The last time you upgraded your smartphone, you probably bought a case for it as well. Phones are expensive but often fragile. So, maintaining a solid grip on them is essential.


PopSockets are small discs that stick to the back of your phone. When pulled, they expand like an accordion to give you a better grip on your device. As they fold flat, they are convenient and practical.

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are the best PopSockets available today.

1. PopSockets PopGrip Opal

PopSockets PopGrip OpalThe most popular phone grip is made up of two parts, the PopSockets Base and the PopTop. The base attaches to your phone via a sticky pad and contains the accordion-style pull-out. In other words, the functional part of the PopSocket.

The PopTop is the fashionable, customizable, and swappable part. Each PopTop has a design, color, or pattern, so you can choose one to suit your personality. PopTops are easily interchangeable so that you can have a range of them for different occasions.

Most PopSockets come with the base, but you can also choose to purchase the PopTop separately. There are hundreds of varieties, although one of the best cheap PopSockets is the PopGrip Opal.


2. PopGrip AirPods Holder White

PopGrip AirPods Holder WhiteThe Apple AirPods are some of the best true wireless headphones available for iPhone users. They come in a convenient charging case, but it means keeping track of two items at all times. So, consider the PopGrip AirPods Holder White.

You can use the PopSockets Base to attach your AirPods to your phone and even wirelessly charge your AirPods without detaching them. Plus, you can switch between the AirPods Holder and a standard PopTop as needed.

3. PopStation Black

PopStation BlackThe PopSocket grip is an excellent addition to your phone. However, the PopTop pull double duty as a practical consideration and customizable fashion accessory. As you can switch between multiple PopTops, you’ll need a place to store your collection.

The PopStation Black is a neat and secure way to store up to eight PopTops. The cushioned foam tray keeps them protected, too. If you invest in PopTops as a collector, the PopStation is a great way to display your assortment.


4. Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case Blue Nebula

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case Blue NebulaWhile standard PopGrips are designed to attach to your phone case, why not consider combining the two? The Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case Blue Nebula is a product of PopSockets collaboration with smartphone case manufacturer Otterbox.The PopSocket is built into the case and is slightly recessed for a better fit.

However, you can still switch the PopTop as you would with other PopSockets. The case supports wireless charging and is suitable for most iPhone models.

5. Otter + Pop Defender Series Case Grape Jelly

Otter + Pop Defender Series Case Grape JellyIf you need your PopSocket case to be a little tougher, the Otter + Pop Defender Series Case Grape Jelly is the ideal choice. This iPhone 11 case is part of Otterbox’s popular ruggedized Defender range.

The case is designed to protect your smartphone from knocks and drops. Like the other Otterbox collaborations, this case supports wireless charging and is compatible with swappable PopTops.


6. PopWallet+ Black

PopSockets PopWallet+ BlackWhen heading out, you probably grab your keys, phone, and wallet. The PopWallet+ Black is a detachable slim wallet that attaches to your phone. Opting for this three-card wallet over your traditional one means one less thing to remember and look after.

There is a PopSocket on the outside, so you still benefit from a standard PopSocket while using the PopWallet+ Black. The additional PopWallet Base pad doesn’t interfere with your phone’s wireless charging, although you do have to remove the wallet first.

7. PopWallet+ Pride Stripes

PopSockets PopWallet+ PridePopSockets are a great way to customize your phone and allow your personality to shine through. While there are various colors to choose from, you could consider showing your support for a cause with the PopWallet+ Pride Stripes.

As the name suggests, this shares the same features and benefits as the above PopWallet but is decorated with the Pride rainbow stripes.


8. PopThirst Can Holder Cowboys

PopThirst Can Holder CowboysIf you’ve ever tried to drink from a can, you know it can be a bit awkward. The PopThirst Can Holder Cowboys is a PopSocket-based solution to this challenge. The non-slip foam can cover has an integrated PopSocket so that you can hold the can with ease.

Additionally, PopThirst products also support swappable PopTops. This particular PopThirst features logos for the Dallas Cowboys, although other PopThirst Can Holders are also available with a wide range of designs to complement your chosen PopTop.

9. PopMount 2 Multi-Surface White

PopMount 2 Multi-Surface WhitePopSockets are useful for when you have your phone in your hand, but there are times you don’t want to hold your phone. The PopMount 2 Multi-Surface White allows you to mount your phone to any vertical service using your PopSocket.

The PopMount 2 can accommodate all PopGrips, except the PopGrip AirPods Holder. All you need to do is extend your PopSocket and slide it into the mount.

10. PopPower Home Wireless Charger

PopPower Home Wireless ChargerAlthough some PopSockets support wireless charging, depending on your phone and chosen grip, you may have to detach your PopTop before you can place your phone on the charger. However, the PopPower Home Wireless Charger has a recessed panel for your PopSocket.

The Qi-enabled charger can provide up to 15W charging and is compatible with Apple and Samsung fast charging. There’s also a dimmable LED which adjusts for nighttime charging. Fortunately, you can also use the charger for your Apple AirPods.

The Best PopSockets for Your Phone

Given their popularity, you’d be forgiven for thinking that PopSockets are a passing trend. However, away from the interchangeable tops, PopSockets are a practical, affordable investment that makes using your smartphone easier and more secure.

If you’re still on the fence about these types of phone grips, check out the reasons you should consider buying a PopSocket What Are PopSockets? 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying One PopSockets are awesome smartphone accessories for everyone. What exactly is a PopSocket and what are they used for? Read More .

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