10 of the Best Plex Web Shows to Watch Right Now

Dan Price 05-04-2019

In 2018, Plex launched Web Shows. This brand new feature was intended to replace the old Plex plugin system, which had become confusing and littered with content that no longer worked.


When Plex first launched Web Shows, only a handful were available. However, with the passage of time, more have been added to the library, and now there are dozens of shows to choose from.

Here are the best Plex Web Shows worth watching and how to access them.

How to Add Plex Web Shows

Before we dive into the list, a quick note on how to add Plex Web Shows to your library.

You need to add the shows from your Plex Media Server app or the web app; you cannot add new Web Shows from the Plex Media Player app.

So, open the Plex Media Server or login into Plex online, then go to Online Content > Web Shows in the left-hand panel. To add a show, click on the associated thumbnail and select Add to My Shows.


You can access the list of My Shows on any Plex app, including the Media Player.

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1. Pitchfork

Pitchfork has long been a well-recognized name in the music industry. The publication started life as a magazine, but now has a widely-read website and a video-based offshoot called Pitchfork.tv.

The site’s focus is primarily on new music, though the video content is slightly more diverse. You’ll be able to enjoy music films, documentaries, live concerts and festivals, and even some mini-series.


There are currently more than 280 episodes and counting.

2. The New Yorker

new yorker plex show

The New Yorker is another well-known media name. Founded way back in 1925, the magazine covers politics, foreign affairs, business, technology, pop culture, and the arts.

In terms of the Plex Web Show, recent episode titles include “The Origins of Podcasting,” “The Gender Politics of the Red Carpet,” and “Barbie by the Numbers”.


The release schedule for new episodes is a bit erratic, but you can expect about six new releases every month.

3. Movie Mistakes

If you want something a little more light-hearted, check out the Movie Mistakes show. As the name suggests, the 350+ episodes are littered with fails, bloopers, gaffes, and other on-set funnies.

Each new episode typically focuses on a specific movie. Recent films that have received coverage include I, Robot and The Terminator.

4. Thinknoodles

thinknoodles web show


Gaming fans should subscribe to the Thinknoodles. It’s a family-friendly Plex Web Show in which the host records himself playing video games while offering live commentary on events.

The types of games played in the show are diverse. Titles include everything from random indie titles to mainstream popular content such as Minecraft and Pokémon.

There are more than 2,000 Thinknoodles episodes for you to dig into.

5. SportsPulse

Sports lovers should add SportsPulse to their list of shows. Produced by the USA Today team, it offers an insight into the latest goings-on around the American sporting landscape. European sports fans will probably find the show significantly less entertaining.

SportsPulse only began airing in 2019. However, it’s also one of the Plex Web Shows with the most frequent release schedules; you can expect a new episode almost every day.

6. Vanity Fair

vanity fair web show

Vanity Fair is another well-known print magazine. It has its origins back in 1913, but today produces six editions for the U.S., U.K., Mexico, Spain, France, and Italy.

The magazine has recently made a gamble on pivoting to video content, and its Plex Web Show offers the best of what’s been recorded.

Like the print version, topics are broad. They cover arts, entertainment, business, media, politics, and world affairs.

There’s a new episode every day.

7. TechCrunch

If you’re looking for a curated tech news coverage 5 Best Curated Tech News Digests for Geeks Want to catch up with tech news? Try these cool options to find out what's happening through a quick digest or podcast. Read More , beyond our own output, you won’t go far wrong by watching the TechCrunch show.

As is becoming a running theme, the release dates are often erratic. Sometimes you might have to wait two weeks between episodes; on other occasions, there are two episodes released in a single day.

Typically, each show takes one of the day’s biggest news stories and discusses, dissects, and analyses it. More than 100 TechCrunch episodes are currently available through Plex.

8. Hollyscoop

Do you wake up every morning dying to find out about the latest news from the Kardashian household?

If so, it may be time to reconsider your life choices, but in the meantime, the Hollyscoop Web Show will fill that void. There’s a never-ending stream of short 5- to 10-minute clips. Typically, two or three new clips are released every day.

With recent episode titles like “Cardi B Admits to Drugging and Robbing Men During Stripper Days on IG Live” and “Justin Bieber Fans Blame Hailey for Mental Breakdown, and She Fights Back,” you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

9. Humankind

humankind web show

If the latest celebrity happenings isn’t for you, try subscribing to Humankind instead.

This show is at the complete opposite end of the scale. You’ll be able to tune in to marvelous stories about human kindness, sacrifice, and triumphs. And all without a celebrity in sight.

You can expect new videos to drop every week.

10. Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is one of the best Plex Web Shows if you want to listen to fascinating insights on companies, technologies, and the wider world that surrounds us.

It’s one of the more well-established shows; more than 250 episodes are already available on Plex. Recent content includes a look at what the dark web is and how it works, a comparison of Apple and Huawei, and a countdown of six tech CEOs who got things very wrong.

A new episode is available every week.

Discover Even More Plex Content

Plex Web Shows are just one way you can enjoy content on Plex. There are lots of other things you can do to turn the app into the ideal entertainment hub.

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