The 10 Best Photoshop Typefaces to Use in Creative Cloud

Shianne Edelmayer 03-04-2019

Typography is one of the most beautiful and frustrating parts of graphic design. Typefaces can make a huge impact when used correctly. And the opposite is, unfortunately, also true. With that in mind, here are the best Photoshop typefaces available as standard.


Choosing the Right Font Family

When looking for the right font family to use—and there are many options available—how do you decide which one is right for you? Adobe Photoshop comes with various built-in typefaces useful for any occasion, and we have tried to find the best ones for you.

Before we begin, if you’re new to typography we recommend that you check out our explanation of the most important typography terms The 5 Most Important Typography Terms, Explained We've compiled a list of the most important typography terms that will help you successfully navigate the world of typography. Read More . This will help you understand what we’re talking about through the rest of the article.

1. Times New Roman

Best Fonts in Photoshop Times New Roman

We start with Times New Roman. Are you looking for a typeface that is easy to read, or not-too-flashy? Then Times New Roman is one of your best bets. It’s one of the most widely available typefaces, and Photoshop did us all a solid by including it with the program.

Originally created in the 1920s, Times New Roman is commonly used for the body text in newspapers, magazines, and books. It’s favored for its readability and its universal access across digital programs.


2. Baskerville

Best Fonts in Photoshop Baskerville

Another “classic” typeface that comes with Photoshop is Baskerville: a sleek, slightly “lighter” alternative to Times New Roman, with the same easy-to-read abilities and conservative use of space. It won’t take up much room on the page when you apply it.

Although not as popular as Times New Roman, Baskerville is equally well-suited for body text and can function as text for your header. It looks good on a larger scale.

3. American Typewriter

Best Fonts in Photoshop American Typewriter


Are you looking for a slab serif font that functions well as the body text in a paragraph? Do you want something that is more modern and casual than Times New Roman? American Typewriter is a good answer to this, and can give your documents a “retro” look.

4. Edwardian Script ITC

Best Fonts in Photoshop Edwardian Script ITC

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, what if you want a font that looks like a cursive script?

Photoshop has a couple of these, but one of the best is the Edwardian Script ITC: an elegant, well-balanced typeface that looks great on wedding invitations, thank you cards, and party invites.


However, we wouldn’t recommend using this one for body text because it’s not as legible as the others in this list.

5. Montserrat

Best Fonts in Photoshop Montserrat

Of course, not all fonts are going to have a “classic” look to them, nor do you want them to.

Maybe you’re looking for a web-friendly font that looks good on mobile, or something that sticks closer to current design trends. One of the most useful typefaces that falls into this category is Montserrat, with bold, broad lettering that makes it perfect for titles and headings. I’ve used this one on my own website for many years.


A word of warning—this typeface is not great for body text. Its large size means that it’s a space killer.

6. Century Gothic

Best Fonts in Photoshop Century Gothic

Century Gothic is a sans serif typeface with a clean, lighter-looking line weight compared to something like Montserrat. You can use it for titles and headings, and if you’re careful it’s also good for short paragraphs. But be warned, if those paragraphs are too long Century Gothic will make them difficult to read.

7. Helvetica

Best Fonts in Photoshop Helvetica

It’s hard to pick which fonts are the best because there’s just so many of them. Some of this is predicated on personal taste, as well. If you’re looking for a simple, modern typeface that works with almost all designs, however—ranging from professional reports to travel brochures—then it’s best to go with Helvetica.

Helvetica is a widely used font praised for its versatility and legibility. It works well for header, titles, and body text, and because the letters are so beautifully spaced it’s difficult to mess up your design once you’ve applied them.

8. Phosphate

Best Fonts in Photoshop Phosphate

It’s best to save the “phun” for last, right? We know, terrible pun, but sometimes you want a perky typeface for an advertisement. One of the best options included with Photoshop is Phosphate—a bold, wide typeface perfect for attention-grabbing headlines on posters. Because of its size we wouldn’t recommend using it for body text, but it’s great for titles.

9. Bauhaus 93

Best Fonts in Photoshop Bauhaus 93

Looking for a decorative font that’s a bit bubblier, friendlier, and quirkier than Phosphate? Bauhaus 93 will do the trick. Like it’s heavier neighbor, this font is big and bold, and best used for headlines on posters and brochures.

10. Braggadocio

Best Fonts in Photoshop Braggadocio

Last but not least, one of Photoshop’s best san serif designs is Braggadocio—a bold, hyper-stylized typeface that immediately demands attention. It’s good for titles with a retro design, but use it sparingly. Too much and it will make your text hard to read.

What’s the Best Photoshop Typeface for You?

Now that you’ve been given an introduction to the typefaces that come with Photoshop, you should try them out to see which fits in with your own personal tastes.

As previously mentioned, design can be subjective, and there might be some fonts that didn’t make this list that you think are better suited for your documents. We recommend you go through them all and see what works best for you.

If you explore Photoshop’s full typography package and you’re still not satisfied with the choices available, you can always use a typeface site to search and download free font families. We’ve got a list of sites that will help you find free fonts based on appearance How to Find Free Fonts Similar to Paid Fonts Here are the best ways to find free fonts similar to paid fonts. You'll be able to find free font alternatives in minutes. Read More .

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