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The 7 Best Pet Cameras to Monitor Your Pet’s Behavior

Emma Roth 24-04-2019

Mischevious pets cause all sorts of problems when you’re away from home. Some of their offenses might include: digging into to table food, knocking over expensive decorations, or chewing away at your new pair of sneakers. You end up coming home to a disaster zone that leaves you asking what happened while you were gone?


Whether you want to make sure your pet is behaving or if you just want to check in, having a pet camera can be reassuring. Consider buying one of these pet cameras to keep watch on your furry friend.

1. PetChatz HD Camera

PetChatz HD Camera PetChatz HD Camera Buy Now On Amazon

Who says pet cameras are just for spying? You can also use them to interact with your pet. This makes the PetChatz HD Camera perfect for dogs with separation anxiety, or for a frequently traveling pet owner. The camera records your pet’s movements, so you’ll never have to worry about them getting into any trouble.

Install this innovative pet camera near your pet’s food bowl, and connect to it from your phone or desktop to chat with your pet while you’re away. When you call, the camera rings, prompting your pet to walk over to it. Your face will appear on the camera’s LCD screen, giving your pet a comforting reminder that you’re not that far away.

As you watch your pet through your phone, don’t forget to toss them a treat! The PetChatz camera allows you to dispense a snack and even a calming scent. Some might say this goes a little overboard for just a pet camera, but it’s really the ultimate long-distance way to interact with your pet.


2. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera Furbo Dog Camera Buy Now On Amazon $178.89

The Furbo Dog Camera has just enough features to reassure you of your dog’s safety. View a livestream of your pet from your mobile device no matter the time of day—Furbo even comes with night vision, so you can make sure your dog stays asleep.

If you notice your dog pacing around the room or feeling anxious, comfort them with a two-way chat. Every time your dog barks, you’ll receive a notification. This allows you to keep track of your dog’s barking triggers. Use Furbo to toss your dog a treat and give them a delicious distraction.

When you don’t have time to watch footage of your dog’s entire day, you can use Furbo’s Doggie Diary. This feature gives you a quick, 60-second montage of your dog’s activity throughout the day. Make sure to download these videos to your phone when they’re just too cute to pass up.


3. Pawbo Life Camera

Pawbo Life Camera Pawbo Life Camera Buy Now On Amazon $149.99

Not only can you dispense cat and dog treats with the Pawbo Life Camera, but you can also remotely play with your cat. This device comes equipped with a laser pointer, so you can watch your cats chase after the laser as if you were really there.

Train your cats and dogs to approach the camera when it rings by tossing them a treat every time you call. Soon, they’ll run to the camera to hear your voice, play a game, or have a snack. You’ll end up getting the great footage while keeping your pets in check.

Remember to use the Pawbo Life app to share any especially cute videos on social media. If your friends and family can’t get enough of your pets, you can let them tune in to your pet cam as well. The Pawbo Life Camera supports up to eight devices at one time.


4. JEMPET Pet Feeder Camera

JEMPET Pet Feeder Camera JEMPET Pet Feeder Camera Buy Now On Amazon

When you’re away at work, you know that your pet gets hungry during lunchtime. That’s why you always leave out a large bowl of kibbles before you leave. Not only does this waste food, but it can also lead to your pet becoming overweight.

With the JEMPET Pet Feeder, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s waistline. This portion-controlled food dispenser lets you pour the perfect amount of food every time. You can even have a quick two-way chat with your pet, or opt to record a quick 60-second message that plays before the device dispenses food.

Connect to the pet feeder’s camera via your mobile device, and check the status of the attached food bowl. If it’s empty, pour some more food with the tap of a button. For added convenience, you can even schedule feed times to make sure your cat or dog doesn’t go hungry throughout the day.


5. Felix and Fido Petbot

Felix and Fido Petbot Felix and Fido Petbot Buy Now On Amazon $179.99

The Felix and Fido Petbot is unlike any other pet cameras on this list—the camera is installed inside of a robot that you can remotely control with your smartphone. When you’re on vacation or at your office, use the Petbot app to see through the eyes of the robot. Drive the robot towards your pet, dispense a treat, or use the built-in laser pointer.

To make this device even cooler, you can also make the robot seemingly come to life by talking through it. If you have a skittish pet, having a rolling and talking pet cam might not be the best idea. Hopefully, they’ll come around after getting a few treats from the friendly bot.

6. Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam Petzi Treat Cam Buy Now On Amazon

Although the Petzi Treat Cam is more affordable, it comes with fewer features. The cam still connects you with your pet via a mobile app, but it doesn’t allow two-way audio; your pet can hear you, but you won’t be able to hear them. Like some of the more expensive pet cams, you also get to capture photos of your pets.

Use the app to launch treats and keep your pet entertained. The app keeps track of how many treats are in the dispenser, so you’ll know exactly when it needs a refill.

7. Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera

Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera Buy Now On Amazon $35.99

For those looking for a minimalist pet cam, check out the Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera. It may lack a treat dispenser and a laser pointer, but it gets the job done. It’s a simple camera that shows you clear, 1080p video of your pet, and even supports two-way audio.

The Bioxo Pet Camera’s 360-degree viewing angle follows your pet anywhere it goes. Whenever the camera detects motion, you’ll get an alert sent straight to your phone. Since the camera comes with an infrared LED, you can watch your pet even when it’s dark. Share the fun, and let six other friends or family members watch the livestream of your pet at any one time.

Don’t Let Your Pet Get Lonely

Pets get lonely when no one’s around to give them attention. Some even get anxious, which causes them to bark or chew on objects. It’s comforting for both you and your pet when you can check in, and maybe even toss a treat. Your pet will feel like you’re at home with them, and you won’t have to worry about any nervous behavior.

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