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The 6 Best Personal Safety Alarms

James Frew 17-07-2020

Everyone should feel comfortable and safe when they head out the door. However, with reports of crime so readily available online, it’s easy to see why you may worry about being out, especially alone.


Panic alarms play an essential role in your personal safety. These noise-emitting devices immediately draw attention to your situation, alert others to your need for assistance, and scare off potential threats.

If you’re looking to bolster your individual security, we’ve found the best personal safety alarms available today for you to choose from.

1. B A S U eAlarm+

B A S U eAlarm+ B A S U eAlarm+ Buy Now On Amazon $24.99

The B A S U eAlarm+ is one of the best slimline personal alarms on the market. The device is available in four colors (black, blue, green, pink), so you’ll always have a discrete option that can blend in with your style. The alarm sounds at 130dB for up to 30 minutes and is powered by two CR1632 batteries.

When not in use, the eAlarm+ can last up to five years in standby before the batteries need replacing. Additionally, the alarm is simple to use. The lower portion is a semi-circular ring that, when removed, triggers the alarm. Inserting the removed portion back into the eAlarm+ disables the siren.


B A S U offers a free replacement device if you use the alarm in an emergency. Thanks to the dual-hook design, the eAlarm+ can double as a tripwire alarm for when you’re out camping too. If you place the unit between two wires, any pulls on the perimeter will remove the detachable hook, enabling the alarm.

2. Kimfly Safesound

Kimfly Safesound Kimfly Safesound Buy Now On Amazon $14.99

An alternative personal alarm is the Kimfly Safesound. Like the B A S U model, the Safesound emits an alarm at 130dB. The company states that this should be loud enough to draw attention up to 300 yards away.

However, unlike the previous device, this personal alarm recharges in an hour via USB. Fully-charged, the battery provides up to 50 minutes of continuous use. Like many keychain alarms, there is a detachable section that triggers the alarm.


As a cord connects the detachable pin, you shouldn’t lose the trigger, allowing you to silence the alarm. However, if you cannot use both hands, you can flick the switch twice to activate the alarm instead.

3. Original Defense Self Defense Siren

Original Defense Self Defense Siren Original Defense Self Defense Siren Buy Now On Amazon $19.99

The Original Defense Self Defense Siren is much like many other personal safety alarms. The device is powered by two CR2 batteries, can last up to a year before the batteries need changing, and emits a 130dB alarm.

However, this Original Defense option also activates a flashing LED while the alarm sounds. Particularly in low-light environments where there is some background noise, this could prove invaluable in alerting others to your situation.


The Self Defense Siren is discrete as well, designed to look more like a padlock than a personal safety device. There’s also a carabiner included, making it easy to attach to your clothing or belongings. Fortunately, the unit is also water-resistant.

4. SABRE Personal Alarm for Runners

SABRE Personal Alarm for Runners SABRE Personal Alarm for Runners Buy Now On Amazon $15.58

Although most personal alarms are suitable for a range of situations, outdoor exercise has its own challenges. While out running, you may have headphones on, be less aware of your surroundings, and likely won’t have a bag with you or pockets for storage.

The SABRE Personal Alarm for Runners is an excellent option for those who take their exercise outdoors. The personal alarm comes encased in an adjustable wristband, which you can wear on your wrist or forearm for easy access. This band is reflective for visibility and resistant to water and sweat.


The band has been designed to be comfortable over long periods, so you won’t feel the need to leave it in the drawer when you go to exercise. The unit emits a 130dB siren and is activated by a detachable metal ring. An A23 12V battery powers the SABRE alarm. There’s also a power test button, so you know the unit works before heading out.

5. KSEFENCE 2020

KSEFENCE 2020 KSEFENCE 2020 Buy Now On Amazon $14.99

The most attractive feature of the KSEFENCE 2020 is that it is easy to use. The personal alarm comes with a wrist strap, so it is always within easy reach. This alarm only requires a single push down on the unit’s large button rather than a detachable activation method.

This activates the 130dB alarm and turns on two red LEDs. This makes it suitable as a personal emergency alarm while out but means that it is also ideal for use in the home to signify a medical emergency. Another press on the button deactivates the alarm and LEDs.

Given this unique design, it is well suited for those who have mobility impairments and makes an ideal choice for children, the elderly, and everyone in between.

6. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm (Six Pack)

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm (Six Pack) KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm (Six Pack) Buy Now On Amazon $19.99

If you need an affordable personal alarm for multiple people, consider the KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm. This personal alarm six-pack retails for about the same price as a single unit from most other manufacturers. As such, don’t expect that this will be a durable panic alarm.

However, the most crucial consideration is whether the alarm will keep you and your group safe. This personal alarm emits a 140dB siren and can last up to 50 minutes. To achieve this performance, the unit is powered by three LR44 batteries, which need to be replaced annually.

The keychain alarm is convenient and can be attached for your bag, belt loop, suitcase, or dog collar. As such, it is one of the best personal alarms for a range of uses. The KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm is also equipped with an LED light activated by a separate button on the device.

The Best Panic Alarm for Your Needs

Whether you feel at risk or not, carrying a panic button or personal safety alarm could make all the difference should you need it. These devices attract attention, which helps others assist you and wards off attackers and other threats.

While some people prefer a physical alarm, there are software options, too. As you likely keep your smartphone with you, consider installing some of the best self-defense apps for personal safety The 5 Best Self Defense Apps for Personal Safety When Walking Alone These self-defense apps provide personal safety for anyone walking alone at night. Keep them on your phone for peace of mind. Read More .

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  1. dragonmouth
    July 17, 2020 at 1:07 pm

    Will you have the time to set off the alarm?
    Will anybody be brave enough to help you?

    Personal alarms are placebos. They give the owner a false sense of security.

    • James Frew
      July 17, 2020 at 1:49 pm

      I don't think it's fair to say they only act as a placebo, but there is definitely an arguement to be made that they do make people feel more confident and comfortable, regardless of whether they feel the need to use it or not.

      The devices I included are some of the best/easiest to activate. Whether you remember to use them or whether someone will come to help is not something the alarm itself can overcome.

      That said, the sound of the alarm is often enough to put-off would-be attackers.