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The 8 Best PC Cases of 2019

Georgina Torbet 10-07-2019

PC cases have come a long way in the last few years. No longer are they bulky, heavy blocks with limited customization options. Now you can find an attractive, user-friendly computer case at a range of prices.


We’ve picked out the best computer cases for different needs to help you build the perfect PC.

1. Best PC Case for Cooling:
Cooler Master H500P Mesh White

Cooler Master H500P Mesh White Cooler Master H500P Mesh White Buy Now On Amazon $179.99

If you’re looking for a mid-tower with great thermals to keep your components cool and operating at peak performance, try the Cooler Master H500P Mesh White.

The original Cooler Master H500P wasn’t great in terms of cooling. But by replacing the front panel with a mesh grill, the company has created a case with fantastic airflow. It has two large 200mm fans at the front to keep air moving throughout the case. And the fans are RGB so they can glow in the color of your choice, which looks great alongisde the mesh front.

There’s also a tempered glass side panel, a PSU shroud to hide ugly cable clutter, an option for vertical GPU mounting, and support for 360mm radiators at the top or in the front.


2. Most Stylish PC Case:
NZXT H500i

NZXT H500i NZXT H500i Buy Now On Amazon

For those of you who want an elegant, attractive mid-tower case that will complement rather than detract from the look of their components, the NZXT H500i is a winner. This update of the popular S340 Elite model has the same tempered glass side panel, brushed metal outer, and PSU shroud as the earlier version. But it also has newer features like a built-in RBG controller, which is perfect for lighting enthusiasts, and it comes in four color schemes.

The cable management bar makes hiding away cables a breeze, and there’s plenty of space for a reservoir and pump if you want to water-cool your system. The case also comes with two 120mm fans. You’ll probably want to add more fans for better cooling as there is only a small gap for air to pass through at the front.

3. Best PC Case for Performance on a Budget:
Thermaltake Versa J24

Thermaltake Versa J24 Thermaltake Versa J24 Buy Now On Amazon


If you want an easy to build case with decent thermals for an affordable price, take a look at the Thermaltake Versa J24. It’s one of the best computer cases, especially on a budget. This mid-tower has all the essential features like a tempered glass side, PSU shroud, and support for 360mm radiators at the front.

It comes with three 120mm RGB fans to both illuminate and cool your system, and the lighting can be controlled via a button on the I/O port. You can switch between seven different preset colors and seven different modes, or use the RBG mode to choose the exact color of your choice.

There’s also a J25 version with an acrylic front, but we recommend the J24 for better airflow.

4. Most Unusual PC Case:
Lian Li PC-08

Lian Li PC-08 Lian Li PC-08 Buy Now On Amazon $1,125.10


If you want a build which will stand out, the Lian Li PC-08 is a pricey but unique option. It has a two-chamber design, which is perfect for complex custom water-cooling setups. One side holds the motherboard and GPU, and the other side holds the storage drives and PSU.

Due to the two chambers, this case is quite a bit wider than standard mid-tower cases. But if you have the room to spare, the PC-08 offers both beautiful aesthetics and great flexibility for water cooling too.

This is an older model, so it’s not always in stock. For a similar option, you can try the PC-09 model instead. Or for a water cooling-friendly case without the two chambers and the hefty price tag, try the PC-011 Dynamic.

5. Best PC Case for Minimalists:
Cooler Master NR600

Cooler Master NR600 Cooler Master NR600 Buy Now On Amazon $109.99


A case with just what you need and nothing more, the Cooler Master NR600 is a great choice for a balance of solid performance and a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. The outer is black, and there’s a tempered glass side panel covering most, but not all, of the side. The bottom portion of the side panel is opaque to hide the PSU and cabling.

It comes with two 120mm fans, and the front panel is mesh, which helps with airflow. There’s plenty of support for further cooling, as the case can fit a 360mm radiator, or three 120mm fans at the front, and two 120mm or 140mm fans at the top, as well as a 120mm fan at the rear.

6. Best Mini-ITX Size PC Case:
Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1 Thermaltake Core V1 Buy Now On Amazon $53.99

For a small form factor case, the Thermaltake Core V1 offers surprisingly good thermals. This case is a little larger than other mini-ITX cases, but this increased size makes building easier, and improves airflow.

There’s a fun, unusual feature of a top acrylic window so you can see your components inside. It has a chambered design with a top space for a graphics card and a bottom space for the PSU. The inside can be configured in a variety of ways too. It comes with a large 200mm fan for ventilation, and there’s also space for two more 80mm fans at the back.

7. Best Full Tower Size PC Case:
be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Black Rev. 2

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Black Rev. 2 be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Black Rev. 2 Buy Now On Amazon $269.00

If size isn’t a problem and you’re looking for a luxurious full tower to build in, the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Black Rev. 2 has everything you need. This is the update to the hugely popular Dark Base Pro 900, with the addition of a PSU shroud and better fans.

The fans are plentiful, with three of the popular Silentwings 3 fans preinstalled. There are two 140mm fans at the front, and one fan at the rear. There’s support for massive 420mm radiators at the front and the top, and capacity for all the drives you could ever need, fitting seven 3.5-inch drives and 14 2.5-inch drives.

8. Best PC Case for Low Noise:
be quiet! Silent Base 601

be quiet! Silent Base 601 be quiet! Silent Base 601 Buy Now On Amazon $129.00

If quiet operation is your priority, you’ll enjoy the be quiet! Silent Base 601. This mid-tower case has noise-dampening vents to allow airflow while also restricting noise. It also comes with two quiet Pure Wings 2 140mm fans for airflow.

There’s a PSU shroud to keep everything tidy, but no tempered glass. Instead, the case has metal side panels with thick foam insulation on the inside to deaden fan noise. For better cooling, you might want to add an additional fan. But that would be at the expense of the whisper-quiet setup of the stock configuration.

Get the Best PC Case for Your Needs

Use this list to help you pick out a PC case based on your particular needs. You could go for a case with great cooling like the Cooler Master H500P Mesh White. Or you could choose one which is stylish like the NZXT H500i. There are large cases, small cases, quiet cases, minimalist cases, and even a double-chamber case if you want something different.

Once you’ve chosen a case, you’ll need components to go in it. For helping choosing parts, check out our guide to PC Part Picker, an invaluable resource for first-time PC builders PC Part Picker: An Invaluable Resource for First-Time PC Builders Planning to build a PC but not really sure how to get compatible parts? Here's how to use PC Part Picker for an easier build. Read More .

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