The Best News Sites for Pro Wrestling Fans

Dave LeClair 23-07-2015

If you’re someone who loves to watch professional wrestling Love Men In Tights? 8 Pain-Free Ways to Watch Wrestling Online Put on your tights and strap up your boots, because it's time to make your way to the squared circle. Not as a wrestler yourself, but as a viewer of online wrestling services. Read More , you probably want to have your finger on the pulse of the wrestling world so you can find out all the behind the scenes information.


Often called a “smart mark,” or “smark,” (check out this guide to wrestling terms on Wikipedia) today’s wrestling fan wants to know more about business than fans before even dreamed of. This is large part thanks to the Internet, and it’s to the Internet we shall turn today to find the very best sources of wrestling news.

So let us mark out together as we dig in and find out what’s happening in the wide world of WWE, ROH, Lucha Underground, TNA, and all of the other wrestling promotions around the world!

Wrestling Inc.


Wrestling Inc. stays on top of the latest news in wrestling as it shakes down with lots of short posts that tend to hit on multiple topics. This allows you to click on one thing and get a quick taste of the big things happening in the wrestling world at that exact moment.

All the big types of stories are hit, including rumors, spoilers for advanced tapings (which you’re amply warned about so you won’t click one by mistake, and backstage happenings. Now you, too, can find out just which wrestler has left TNA today.


Wrestle Zone


Format-wise, Wrestle Zone doesn’t do much to stand out from the others on the list, going with similar short news blurbs where each article covers multiple topics. What does make it stand out, though, is the fact that it’s very reliable, having been reporting on the world of wrestling since 1997.

This means that you can rely on the information you find there, even if it’s still a rumor in its infancy. Additionally, Wrestle Zone has one of the biggest and best forums 7 Best Sites, Forums, and Sub-Reddits for True Stories from Real People Everyone loves a good story. And the best stories, more often than not, are true stories. Some websites are aimed at being a platform for people to tell their honest tale. Here are seven. Read More , so if you’re looking for a place to chat with other fans of sports entertainment, this is a site you must keep in your bookmarks.

Pro Wrestling Torch

Pro Wrestling Torch


Pro Wrestling Torch has been around since the dawn of wrestling websites. In fact, it just hit its 25 year anniversary. That’s an absurdly long time for any website to be around. PW Torch is often the first site to break a story, though many times its done through its premium feed.

In addition to covering the wrestling news in written form faster than many other websites, they also have a daily podcast The Best Podcast App for iPhone and iPad: 7 Top Choices Compared Looking for the best podcast app for iPhone and iPad? Enjoy your favorite podcasts with these great feature-filled podcast apps. Read More . Some episodes are free, some are premium, but all of them are informative. Sadly, the audio quality is lagging behind other great wrestling podcasts, but the information is fantastic.

Either way, you need to bookmark this site if you want to know everything that’s happening in the fast-paced world of pro wrestling.



This website, which is one of the most basic looking sites on the list, and maybe on the whole Internet, is also one of the quickest to report on breaking stories and rumors. They are also well-connected in the wrestling world, so their stories often include comments directly from the parties involved.

As long as you can get past the basic looking site and huge amount of ads, you’ll love PWInsider for the amount of detailed information it provides.



This website features Dave Meltzer, easily one of the most connected wrestling reporters ever. To get access to most of the exclusive reports, you will need to sign up for a premium membership, but if there was ever a place where paying for the content was worthwhile, this is it.


You’ll get to know what’s happening behind the scenes before most people, and you’ll get to hear the exclusive audio shows that are informative and entertaining. Even if you don’t go premium, this is still a fantastic news source, and another great one to add to your bookmarks or RSS feed.


If you’re going to name a wrestling website, the most logical name is ProWrestling, hence why you’ll find two completely unrelated websites on this list sporting the said name.

First, we have, a website that doesn’t really follow the quick hit format of most of the others, instead delving a little deeper into stories. Additionally, this website gives you the chance to have your writing featured, as they are always looking for people to report on Live events and Smackdown tapings. They even review the major events, so you can see if they are worth watching if you didn’t catch them live.

From one site named ProWrestling to another, this time the one with superior .com domain name. This site features a nicer looking layout than most wrestling sites, which seem to stick with antiquated designs.

Information wise, the site is solid, featuring all the big stories. While they aren’t as quick as some of the other sites, the nicer presentation makes this site the one to go to, especially if you aren’t the kind of fan who needs to check up on the stories constantly. The news is also supported by plenty of opinion and editorial articles.

Wrestling News World

Wrestling News World

This is a site that I, embarrassingly, didn’t already have bookmarked when I started this article, but in researching to make sure I had all of the best sites included, this one popped up over and over again.

With good reason, too, because it’s packed with hot news, rumors, event reports, and all the other good stuff you’d expect from a wrestling news site. Whether you want to know about WWE or the indies, Wrestling News World has you covered.

Let’s All Be Smarks Together!

With the power of these websites, there’s no way for you to avoid being in the know. You’ll know every rumored upcoming match, all the behind the scenes info, and more.

You probably don’t need to bookmark every site Takes Bookmarks Into The Cloud And Makes Them Beautiful Meet, a new service that takes your bookmarks into the cloud and makes them beautiful as well as easy to search. Read More on the list, because in the end, there’s so much information out there, and all the better sites will be reporting the same things. What you do need are options, and with the sites on this list, you can digest exactly the information you want in exactly the style that suits your tastes!

Originally, I had hoped to include the fantastic wrestling subreddit /r/SquaredCircle, as it used to have people who broke news and info first, but as always seems to be the case with Reddit lately Windows 10 to Roll Out Slowly, Reddit Is Revolting, & More... [Tech News Digest] The great Windows 10 roll-out, the Reddit revolt, the Plex forum hack, the Prince streaming silliness, the Bing Pong palaver, and the Apple fanboy fiddle. Read More , there was a bunch of drama, and the insiders reporting the information left. Still, it’s a great place to go for professional wrestling information, it’s just not the news hotbed it once was.

Did I miss your favorite? Any other wrestling sites we need to bookmark? Hit the comments section below and mark out about your favorite wrestling sites.

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