The 8 Best Movie Podcasts for Film Fans

Vann Vicente 25-06-2019

If you’re a film fan, just watching movies isn’t enough. You’ll want to read reviews and absorb interviews with actors and directors. However, you may not have discovered movie podcasts yet, even though they’re a great way to supplement your love of films.


These shows delve deep into many facets of the film industry. From the production process to the history of cinema. And in this article we’ve compiled a list of the best movie podcasts. All of which will help film fans understand more about the movie industry.

1. Filmspotting

best movie podcasts - Filmspotting

If you’re one of the people who watch over 100 movies a year, you’ll feel right at home listening to Filmspotting. It’s widely considered to be a must-listen podcast for movie fanatics. There are deep discussions of both current releases and films from across the decades.

The show’s hosts are two Chicago-based film critics, Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen. They’re sharp, engaging, and are especially fun to listen to when they disagree on a movie. Fans of the Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel show At the Movies will find a lot to love.

Filmspotting has been running since 2005, so new listeners have a deep back catalog to explore. Watch out for the Top 5 lists that happen every few weeks, with topics ranging from “Top 5 Movie Flights” to “Top 5 Overlooked Films of the 2000s.”


There’s also Filmspotting Madness, a bracket-style tournament that they hold every year where they pitch movies and directors against each other.

Episodes to Start With: The Most Recent Episode

2. How Did This Get Made?

best movie podcasts - How Did This Get Made

No list of the best movie podcasts would be complete without the hilarious How Did This Get Made? from Earwolf. Every episode, the hosts take a bad movie and dissect everything wrong with it. While how bad the movie they tackle varies, every episode features the great jokes between Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, who are all comics and actors themselves.


How Did This Get Made? is especially fun to listen to if you’ve watched the movie they’re discussing, and they reveal this ahead of time, enabling you to get involved. Over the years, many movie stars have guested on the show, including Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, and Daniel Radcliffe.

Episodes to Start With: #23 – The Room: Director’s Edition; #48 – Sleepaway Camp; #65 – Howard the Duck

3. This Had Oscar Buzz

best movie podcasts - This Had Oscar Buzz

There are a lot of podcasts about film awards and the Oscars. Many of the podcasts on this list cover lots of movies that enjoyed great success during awards season. However, This Had Oscar Buzz, hosted by Chris Feil and Joe Reid, explores movies that didn’t get a coveted invite to the Academy Awards.


In each episode, the hosts explore a movie that had some type of Oscar buzz for whatever reason, whether it’s the talent involved or the subject matter. This involves doing a deep dive into the filmmaking itself, as well as exploring the Oscar race for the year that movie came out.

The hosts are delightful, with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the previous awards seasons and the talent involved. You’ll likely learn more about the Golden Globes comedy category and the Blockbuster Movie Awards than you’d expect.

Every episode ends with “the IMDb Game,” a running challenge where they make each other guess the top films listed under an actor’s IMDb page.

Episodes to Start With: #12 – An Unfinished Life; #19 – Hannibal; #23 – The Tourist


4. You Must Remember This

best movie podcasts - You Must Remember This

While we still have plenty of celebrity drama nowadays, most of it pales in comparison to the stories of Old Hollywood. You Must Remember This is a podcast that chronicles the tales of deadly cults and legendary feuds between industry giants.

Whether or not you enjoy watching classic films How to Watch Classic Movies on Kodi for Free Kodi isn't all about illegal streams of Game of Thrones. Instead, you can use Kodi to watch free classic movies without resorting to anything illegal. Read More , you will likely get hooked on You Must Remember This’ engaging storytelling and amazing sound quality. While this podcast ended earlier this year, there are nearly 150 episodes for you to listen to. The season exploring the Charles Manson murders is widely considered the series’ high point.

Episodes to Start With: #44 – Charles Manson’s Hollywood, Part 1; #115 – Where the Monsters Came From (Bela & Boris Part 1); #27 – Star Wars Episode I: Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen

5. The No Film School Podcast

the best movie podcasts - The No Film School Podcast

The popular website No Film School has been around for a long time. It has served as a great community for independent filmmakers and videographers to share knowledge and experiences with each other. The website’s official podcast is no different, providing crash courses into making movies without the help of a film school.

Each week, the show dives into topics concerning the filmmaking process, the movie industry, and recent independent films. It also features guests who are trying to make movies with minimal resources, just like many of the listeners.

Episodes to Start With: How to Make a Movie Entirely on Your Own; What It Takes to Get Your Short into Sundance; The Worst Things a Director Can Do on Set

6. The Faculty of Horror

best movie podcasts - The Faculty of Horror

While most of the podcasts on this list tackle a wide breadth of movie topics and genres, The Faculty of Horror is the ultimate guide for fans of the spookier side of cinema.

Every episode, journalists Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West tackle the content, the production process, and the context surrounding a horror movie. They cover every kind of horror from obscure cult classics to recent indie slasher flicks.

This podcast is also great if you’re a fan of very in-depth movie discussion. Many episodes last nearly as long as the movies they discuss.

Episodes to Start With: #67 – Where Is My Mind: The Stepford Wives (1975) and Get Out (2017); #56 – Come As You Are: Let the Right One In (2008); #31 – The Power of Christ Compels You: The Exorcist (1973)

7. I Was There Too

best movie podcasts - I Was There Too

It’s one thing to watch a movie on repeat, but it’s a totally different thing to be there when the movie actually gets made. I Was There Too is a podcast featuring interviews with people that were there when famous films were shot.

The show features extras, members of the crew, and even the principle actors themselves. Which enables the guests to shed a lot of light on what goes on behind the scenes. Whether it’s tales of how famous actors behaved on set or the way iconic scenes looked like in person, every episode tells a story you won’t have heard before.

Episodes to Start With: #7 – Speed with the Passengers of Bus 2525; #62 – Every Star Wars Movie with Peter Mayhew; #71 – Catwoman with Janet Varney

8. The Mixed Reviews

best movie podcasts - The Mixed Reviews

You’ve probably enjoyed a few geeky movie marathons 10 Geeky Movie Marathons Everyone Should Try Here are a bunch of geeky movie marathons that you should watch at least once in your life, if you can find the time! Read More , like viewing a few scary movies on Halloween or watching all the Lord of the Rings movies at once. However, you likely haven’t marathoned a couple of dozen Stephen King movies in the span of a few weeks. Fortunately, you have the hosts at The Mixed Reviews to do that for you.

Every two weeks, The Mixed Reviews takes a sub-genre, actor, or director and watch as many films as they can from that theme. They then each select a one-star pick and a five-star pick, which are their least-favorite and most-favorite movies they saw during the marathon.

Each episode features great banter from the hosts, who provide a lot of insight into the careers of the people they talk about. One of the show’s best aspects is learning about the long-forgotten bombs and critical disasters of today’s movie stars.

Episodes to Start With: #13 – Stephen King; #28 – Sandra Bullock; #41 – Julianne Moore

Speaking of Movies…

In addition to the best movie podcasts you can listen to right now, there are a ton of other resources for film fans. So, if you want to dive deeper into cinema, here are the guides you need to understand movies and appreciate films. Also, take a look at these YouTube channels that analyze filmmaking 10 YouTube Channels to Analyze and Understand Film Whether you're a filmmaker or just interested in filmmaking, these YouTube channels will help you with film analysis. Read More .

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  1. John
    October 12, 2019 at 3:05 am

    Another great podcast is called the Casual Movie Club - it's a laid-back podcast hosted by two friends who talk about movies over a cocktail or two, rate them, and rank them for your listening pleasure. Check us out: casualmovieclub.com or any of your favorite podcast platforms.