The 10 Best Memes Ever

Ben Stegner 09-01-2019

It seems that new memes come and go every week on the internet. What’s everywhere today will be old news next month. With so many memes, how can you decide which are the best?


We’ve set out to do just that. Let’s look at 10 of the best memes to ever grace the internet. We chose these based on their longevity, cultural impact, or widespread appeal.

Meme Basics

In case you’re not familiar with memes, let’s first quickly summarize them. Essentially, a meme is any piece of content, typically something funny, that spreads virally across the internet.

Often these are image macros, which are simply images paired with some text. But a meme can be a certain phrase, exploitable trend, idea, or similar. Have a look at our introduction to memes What Is a Meme? 10 Meme Examples What is a meme? Here's the definition of "meme," then look at meme examples both new and old. Read More for more background and some examples. In your internet culture journey, you may also be interesting in learning what TLDR means TLDR: Its Meaning, Correct Usage, and Examples What is the meaning of TLDR? We look at the TLDR abbreviation and show examples so you understand how it works. Read More .

Of course, there are many more than 10 amazing memes, but the following are some of our favorites (in no particular order).

1. Rickroll

Originated in: 2007


Everyone who uses the internet has probably been Rickrolled at some point. This classic bait-and-switch meme tempts people to click on a link, promising a trailer for an upcoming movie or something similarly enticing. In actuality, they link to the music video for Rick Astley’s 1987 song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

The song was widely popular before the meme and has become a household name since. It’s an internet classic that puts a smile on your face as soon as you hear those first few notes.

2. Press F to Pay Respects

Originated in: 2014

Early in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s campaign, your player attends the funeral of his best friend. During this cutscene, the game prompts you to “Press F to Pay Respects.” This was widely mocked due to its awkward placement during a somber time of memorial; many saw it as a ham-fisted way to make the player “feel emotion” instead of building it through tone and gameplay.


But since the meme’s inception, it’s actually become even more popular. In fact, you’ll often see people type a simple “F” to pay respects to someone’s death on forums like Reddit. We include it here as a great example of a gaming meme 20 Popular Gaming Memes Explained: Barrel Rolls and More Gaming memes are a huge part of internet video game culture. Here are 20 of the most popular gaming memes, where they originated, and what they mean. Read More that didn’t fade out over time, and even evolved to stay relevant.

3. Distracted Boyfriend

Distracted Boyfriend Punctuation

Originated in: 2017

This is a stock image depicting a guy walking with his girlfriend, but looking back at another girl suggestively. His girlfriend understandably has an upset look on her face, which led to labeling each person based on the setup.


Typically the girl in red represents something enticing, while the girlfriend shows the “responsible” or traditional choice.

While it’s one of the newest memes on this list, this one is notable for inspiring dozens of other object-labeling memes well into 2017 and beyond. The meme enjoyed a fair bit of longevity, too, since people discovered that there were more stock images featuring the same models in similar situations.

4. Arthur’s Fist

Arthur Fist Meme

Originated in: 2016


Arthur is a kid’s TV series that started in the 1990s and is still running today. It’s produced several memes, but the best is undoubtedly Arthur’s fist.

This image comes from an episode where Arthur gets mad at his sister for breaking his model airplane and punches her. Before he does, we see Arthur’s clenched fist ready to strike. People commented that the fist held a lot of emotions, and it became a meme.

You can use the picture of Arthur’s fist alongside anything that makes you rage with anger.

5. Futurama Fry / Not Sure If

Futurama Fry Not Sure Meme

Originated in: 2011

This is one of the most popular image macro memes. It comes from the cartoon series Futurama, and shows the protagonist Philip J. Fry squinting his eyes. The top text starts with “Not sure if”, while the bottom starts with “Or…”. It compares two possible interpretations of a scenario that someone is evaluating.

You could use this meme to explain that you’re not sure if you’re rooting for one team, or just against the other, for example. It’s useful for a variety of internal monologues, leading to its popularity.

6. Conspiracy Keanu

Originated in: 2011

Many of the most popular memes from long ago fall into the Advice Animals category. These are images of an animal or person that each revolve around some character stereotype.

One of the best is Conspiracy Keanu. It’s a shot of Keanu Reeves from the 1989 movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure where he has a frightened look on his face. This is paired with text about some ridiculous conspiracy theory or silly philosophical question.

The look on Keanu’s face, combined with the ludicrous theories people came up with for this meme, make it a winner among Advice Animals.

7. Expanding Brain

Originated in: 2017

Expanding Brain is an exploitable meme template, meaning that it’s easy to modify and fill in your own value as you see fit. While large brains usually represent higher intelligence, this meme is typically used ironically.

A normal event or idea is paired with the smallest brain, while increasingly ridiculous versions of that event appear with larger brains. It’s a fun way to expand everyday scenarios to absurd heights, and you can add levels of the brain as needed.

8. What People Think I Do

Tech Support What People Think Meme

Originated in: 2012

Another customizable meme, this one takes an occupation or hobby and uses multiple images to depict how different people see that position. These usually end with an image showing the mundane reality of “What I really do.”

You can use this to depict pretty much any job, and the exact images you use are up to you. While this is an older meme, its broad appeal makes it a favorite.

9. Nyan Cat

Originated in: 2011

This internet classic has a cute 8-bit cat and a catchy song, so it’s no surprise it became so popular.

An animator named Chris Torres combined a cat and a cherry Pop-Tart in the original GIF. A few days later, a YouTuber combined it with a Japanese song. This repeats “nya,” a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes, over and over.

This match proved a hit, as it spread across the internet quickly. Some people even created games based on the character. Even years later, it’s not a rarity to see Nyan Cat floating around the web.

10. Steamed Hams

Originated in: 2018

We conclude with one of 2018’s top memes. Steamed Hams is the name of a skit in The Simpsons where Principal Skinner has his boss, Superintendent Chalmers, over for dinner. It’s a play on a common sitcom trope where everything goes wrong.

The scene is enjoyable on its own, but it turned into a meme when many people remixed it with different animation styles, added in elements from various video games, and more.

Unlike many memes that are simple variations on the same image, Steamed Hams is notable because people use it as a base to remix in so many ways. It’s a meme that really lets creativity shine.

The Best Memes Live On

With memes changing regularly, not all of them can rise to superstar status. But we think all these memes are special because they lasted a long time, inspired other memes, had endless variations, or similar reasons.

Nobody knows what memes will rise to prominence in the coming years. Some old favorites might even make a comeback. Until then, you can relive more nostalgia by rewatching some classic YouTube videos 10 Classic YouTube Videos Worth Watching One More Time Are you yearning for the old days? Then you should watch these classic YouTube videos again to remind yourself of simpler times. Read More or catch up on the best memes doing the rounds currently, such as these Stranger Things memes 8 Stranger Things Memes You Need in Your Life Here are the best Stranger Things memes, plus how to use them and when you should use them. Read More .

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