The 10 Best iPhone X Cases to Protect, Charge, and Show Off
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The iPhone X is great, but it also costs a serious chunk of change. You’ll probably want to protect your new gadget with a case, and which you go for depends on what kind of pressure you’ll put it through.

Some cases emphasize Apple’s design, while others disguise it entirely in the name of function. There are a ton of different types of phone cases 7 Types of Smartphone Cases You'll Actually Enjoy Using 7 Types of Smartphone Cases You'll Actually Enjoy Using Looking to buy a case for your phone? Skip the cheap junk! Here are several types of phone cases you'll actually enjoy using. Read More that will appeal to almost every type of iPhone X owner.

1. Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case

Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case

If you have a good track record of not dropping or putting your iPhone through too much trauma, a super thin case might appeal to you. They provide limited protection from bumps and scratches, but don’t add too much bulk or weight.

Peel’s Super Thin case looks great, and at only 0.35mm thick it provides the bare minimum of protection while remaining pocketable. You can choose from a glossy clear case or bold colors that match your personality.

The company doesn’t specify any “official” warranty outside of your consumer rights, so be aware of that.

2. Tech21 Pure Clear Case

Tech21 Pure Clear iPhone X Case

Pure Clear Case for Apple iPhone X - Pure Clear Case for Apple iPhone X - Buy Now On Amazon $16.99

So a clear iPhone X case appeals to you, but you don’t trust yourself with something as thin as the Tech21 Pure Clear Case? Give the Pure Clear a shot. It’s a clear case that shows off Apple’s design, with the added bonus of 6.6-foot drop protection.

The case achieves this with its hard outer shell and “bulletshield” material, which helps absorbs shock and impact. It won’t go yellow from UV light, and Tech21 has tested the cases extensively to back its claims up with a dash of science.

3. Case Station Custom iPhone X Cases

Want to stand out from the crowd? Maybe you’re an artist, photographer, or simply sick of the plain boring cases you see on the street. Case Station offers customized cases so you can design something truly unique for your iPhone X.

First pick from Flexi, Folio (with card slots), Snap (low profile), and Tough models. Next add your own colors, layout, and images, or choose from the company’s own art. Finally add text of your choosing, and get your case delivered right to your door.

Cost depends on what design you go for, but you get a lifetime warranty on each purchase. The company also offers an iPhone app if you want to create your case on your device.

Download: Case Station (Free)

4. Griffin Survivor Extreme

Griffin Survivor Extreme iPhone X Case

Griffin, iPhone X Rugged Case, Survivor Extreme Griffin, iPhone X Rugged Case, Survivor Extreme Buy Now On Amazon $49.95

If you’re especially clumsy, work in a harsh environment, or throw your phone around a lot, then a rugged case might be a better choice. One such option is Griffin’s Survivor series, a mainstay of the tough case lineup for a while.

The Griffin Survivor Extreme offers 10-foot drop protection that’s been tested on concrete, but also adds significant weight and size to your device. It’s rated IP55 against mud, rain and snow, with an audio-transparent and water-resistant speaker design.

You also get a belt clip that doubles as a stand for watching videos, and a one-year warranty.

5. OtterBox Defender

OtterBox Defender iPhone X Case

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES SCREENLESS EDITION Case for iPhone Xs & iPhone X - Frustration Free Packaging - BLACK OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES SCREENLESS EDITION Case for iPhone Xs & iPhone X - Frustration Free Packaging - BLACK Buy Now On Amazon $44.96

One alternative to the Survivor is the OtterBox Defender, another longstanding option for users who need serious smartphone protection. It’s a bit cheaper than the Survivor (if you pick the plain black version at least), and it lacks the transparent window on the back.

The Defender series uses a multi-layer system to protect against drops and falls, with soft silicone on the inside and a hard outer plastic shell. There’s a belt clip on the back, and a lifetime warranty against defects and problem caused by “normal” use (whatever that means).

6. LifeProof FRE

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone X (ONLY) - Retail Packaging - NIGHT LITE (BLACK/LIME) Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone X (ONLY) - Retail Packaging - NIGHT LITE (BLACK/LIME) Buy Now On Amazon $37.95

The iPhone X is rated for IP67 water resistance, which means you can submerge it up to 3.3 feet for an hour. However, Apple doesn’t guarantee the phone against water damage, so it’s best to cover your device if you live your life by the pool.

The LifeProof FRE series now comes in an iPhone X flavor, increasing its durability to 6.6 feet in accordance with the IP68 rating. It can also withstand drops from the same height, and comes in a variety of colors.

The company stresses that proper installation of your iPhone is vital for the FRE to protect your device against the elements, Make sure you watch the above installation video first!

7. QuadLock Case (For Bikes, Cars, and More)

QuadLock iPhone X Bike Mount

Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone X / Xs Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone X / Xs Buy Now On Amazon $69.95

This is the case I’ve used on my iPhone 6 and 7 Plus for more than two years, for one main reason: the bike mount. If you often use your phone on your bike and mounting your smartphone to your handlebars in an elegant and secure way is important to you, look no further than the QuadLock Case.

The case uses a relatively tough but not overly thick plastic design, with a locking mount molded into the back. This clicks into a variety of mounting points available for bikes and motorcycles, armbands, windscreen mounts, and tripods.

You can purchase the case separately, or buy as a kit for your particular requirements.

8. Trianium 3000mAh Battery Case With Qi Charging

Trianium iPhone X Battery Case with Qi Charging

Trianium Wireless Charge Battery Case for Apple iPhone Xs/iPhone X Trianium Wireless Charge Battery Case for Apple iPhone Xs/iPhone X Buy Now On Amazon $31.99

One of the biggest downsides to the iPhone X is its battery life. And a common drawback with battery cases is the “chin” at the bottom, which makes the device longer and a bit weird-looking. The solution is a battery case that uses Qi wireless charging, like the Trianium 3000mAh Battery Case.

That’s not a huge amount of extra juice, but it cuts down on the size of the case and associated weight. The lack of chin means your iPhone still looks (and feels) relatively normal, and you can charge the phone without removing the case using your regular Lightning port.

Be aware that the case itself doesn’t charge wirelessly (just the iPhone). You’ll need to use a micro-USB cable to recharge the case.

9. Vapesoon Waterproof Battery Case

Vapesoon Waterproof Battery Case for iPhone X

iPhone X/iPhone Xs Waterproof Battery Case Qi Wireless Charging Compatible?Vapesoon iPhone X/iPhone Xs Waterproof Battery Case Qi Wireless Charging Compatible?Vapesoon Buy Now On Amazon $65.99

Your iPhone X is water-resistant, and Vapesoon thinks your battery case should be too. That’s why it created the Vapesoon Waterproof Battery Case, a 3400mAh rechargeable battery case that’s certified to the same IP67 rating as your iPhone. That means they can both survive an hour at a depth of 3.3 feet.

Unlike the Trianium case above, the Vapesoon has a “chin” at the bottom which doesn’t look (or feel) great. It’s not ideal for swimming, but it’ll survive a good dunk provided you dry it off properly afterwards.

10. Encased AudioMod [No Longer Available]

Encased AudioMod for iPhone X

Here’s a unique idea: a battery case, with a built-in DAC (digital to analog converter) that allows you to plug a standard 3.5mm jack straight into your iPhone. The big upside to this system is never having to carry Apple’s flimsy Lighting-to-stereo adapter, instead relying on your case.

4100mAh more than doubles your iPhone X’s battery life, plus a handy four-LED panel lets you know how much juice you have left. With the Encased AudioMod, you can finally charge and listen at the same time, and Encased claims that the audio processing hardware is up to snuff as well.

Unfortunately this battery case has a chin, but the unique nature of its design hopefully makes up for it.

Clean Your iPhone Before You Put It in a Case!

The iPhone X demands admiration, but most of us don’t trust ourselves to go without a case all the time.

But even if you always have your iPhone in a case, you should occasionally break it out and give your iPhone a full cleaning How to Clean a Dirty iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide How to Clean a Dirty iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide If you've had your iPhone for a while, it's probably disgusting. Here's how to clean your iPhone properly, and what you should avoid. Read More .

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