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The 8 Best iPhone X Cases

James Frew Updated 12-03-2020

The iPhone X is one of the best smartphones available today. However, it doesn’t come cheap. You’ll want to protect your investment with a great case, too.


There’s a case for every lifestyle and options which highlight Apple’s design, as well as those that hide it entirely. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best iPhone X cases you can buy right now.

1. Peel Ultra Thin iPhone X Case

Peel Ultra Thin iPhone X Case Peel Ultra Thin iPhone X Case Buy Now On Amazon $29.00

The Peel Ultra Thin iPhone X Case looks great, and at only 0.02 inches thick, it provides the bare minimum of protection while remaining pocketable. You can choose from a glossy clear case or bold colors that match your personality. No matter which you choose, the aim is to highlight the phone’s design, and there is no Peel branding on the case.

If you have a good track record of not dropping or putting your iPhone through too much trauma, a super-thin case might appeal to you. They provide limited protection from bumps and scratches but don’t add too much bulk or weight.

2. tech21 Pure Clear Case

tech21 Pure Clear Case tech21 Pure Clear Case Buy Now On Amazon $14.95


As with most of Apple’s products, the iPhone X is an attractive device. It’s understandable, then, that you may not want to cover it up. If that’s the case, the tech21 Pure Clear Case may be the right choice for you.

This clear case is thicker than the Peel Ultra Thin Case above, but this added bulk has an upside. The tech21 case features BulletShield two-layer protection, giving up to two-meter drop protection. Some clear cases tend to take on a yellow hue over time, but the Pure Clear is designed to prevent this.

3. Catalyst Impact iPhone X Case

Catalyst Impact iPhone X Case Catalyst Impact iPhone X Case Buy Now On Amazon $39.99

Catalyst is among a handful of accessory producers who have been featured in Apple’s own stores. Its cases are considered some of the best and most resilient. If you’re after superior protection for your smartphone, you’ll want to choose the Catalyst Impact iPhone X Case.


The case is compliant with the military standard MIL-STD 810G drop test, making it able to withstand drops from up to 9.9ft. The design is smart and doesn’t add extra weight to achieve this level of protection. One of the most exciting parts of this case is the Rotating Mute Switch, which seamlessly toggles the iPhone X’s silencing switch.

4. Griffin Survivor Extreme

Griffin Survivor Extreme Griffin Survivor Extreme Buy Now On Amazon $8.99

The Griffin Survivor series has been a mainstay of the tough case lineup for many years. It’s no surprise, then, that the Griffin Survivor Extreme offers 10-foot drop protection. This has been tested on concrete, too. However, the case adds significant weight and size to your device.

Griffin’s Impact Dispersion System helps to absorb the impact of any phone drop. The Survivor Extreme is IP55-rated against mud, rain, and snow, with an audio-transparent and water-resistant speaker design. You also get a belt clip that doubles as a stand for watching videos, and a one-year warranty.


5. OtterBox Defender

OtterBox Defender OtterBox Defender Buy Now On Amazon $29.97

One alternative to the Griffin Survivor is the OtterBox Defender, another longstanding option for users who need serious smartphone protection. It’s a bit cheaper than the Survivor, but it lacks the transparent window on the back.

The Defender series uses a multi-layer system to protect against drops and falls, with soft silicone on the inside and a hard outer plastic shell. There’s a belt clip on the back and a lifetime warranty against defects and problems caused by regular use.

6. LifeProof FRE

LifeProof FRE LifeProof FRE Buy Now On Amazon $50.02


The iPhone X is rated for IP67 water resistance, which means you can submerge it up to 3.3 feet for an hour. However, Apple doesn’t guarantee the phone against water damage, so it’s best to cover your device if you live your life by the pool.

The LifeProof FRE for the iPhone X increases its durability to 6.6 feet in accordance with the IP68 rating. It can also withstand drops from the same height and comes in a variety of colors. You’ll need to follow the installation instructions carefully, though, to achieve this level of protection.

7. Alpatronix iPhone X Battery Case

The Alpatronix iPhone X Battery Case helps extend the iPhone X’s built-in battery. Smartphones, including those produced by Apple, are infamous for their mediocre battery life, with some failing to make it through the day. Portable chargers are an option, but you need to remember to take it with you.

The Alpatronix case contains a 4,200mAh battery. For comparison, the phone itself only has a 2,716mAh battery. Not only can the case fully charge your phone with some juice leftover, but it supports Qi wireless charging, too. Just place your phone in the case onto the wireless charger, and both your phone and the case will begin to charge.

8. Apple iPhone X Leather Folio

Apple iPhone X Leather Folio Apple iPhone X Leather Folio Buy Now On Amazon $59.40

Given that the company designed the phone, it’s no surprise that the Apple Leather Folio is one of the best iPhone cases around. The case is made from European leather and comes in a range of colors. As you’d expect, it fits perfectly around the phone, too.

The microfiber lining is soft for added protection and has a small storage space for notes or payment cards. It doesn’t interrupt the iPhone X’s wireless charging either, so there’s no need to remove the case. When you open the Apple Leather Folio, the screen turns on; close it, and the display will go to sleep.

The Best iPhone X Cases for You

The iPhone X is a well-designed smartphone which deserves to be seen, but most of us don’t trust ourselves to go without a case. There are many options, and we’ve highlighted some of the best iPhone X cases around for a range of budgets and needs.

Despite being one of the best smartphones around, the iPhone X isn’t perfect. If your phone hasn’t been living up to its usual standards, be sure to check out how to fix the most annoying iPhone X problems 7 Most Annoying iPhone X Problems and How to Fix Issues Having iPhone X problems? We'll help you fix the most common iPhone X issues, including display problems and more. Read More .

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