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The Best iPhone Wireless Chargers That Are Cheaper Than Apple’s

Mihir Patkar 04-10-2017

It might be old news for Android users, but the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 Apple Announces iPhone X & iPhone 8: Everything You Need to Know What's so special about the iPhone X? Can you really justify the $999 price tag, or is the refined iPhone 8 a better buy? Read More series have brought wireless charging to Apple fans. What’s more, there is finally one wireless standard we can all get behind. Which means you can safely buy a future-proof wireless charger that will work with all devices.


Apple’s phones (and presumably future iPads) will use the same standard as Samsung, LG, and most other mobile makers. It’s a specification called Qi, agreed upon by the World Powerless Consortium (WPC). If you dive deep into wireless charging What You Need to Know About Wireless Charging Until our devices offer week-long battery life, charging on the go will remain a reality for us all. Read More or have been following it for some time, you’ll know that agreeing upon this one standard is a big deal. Think of it like Apple, Samsung, and everyone else using the same type of charging cable. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world to live in?

What to Look for in Wireless Chargers

So now that there is one standard, you’d think it’s as simple as buying any wireless charger. Not quite. There are still a few things you should look for in getting a future-proof, quality charger.

Qi 1.2 Support: In the Qi specification, there are different standards like Qi 1.0, Qi 1.1, and Qi 1.2. Get only wireless chargers with Qi 1.2 support. This is the fastest (15W output) of all the chargers. The iPhones currently support only 7.5W input, but it might get a firmware upgrade for faster speeds. So err on the safe side and get the better quality Qi 1.2 chargers.

QC 3.0 Wall Chargers: Wireless chargers are pads, and these pads connect to a plug in your wall. Make sure that plug is compliant with Quick Charge 3.0 What's a Quick Charger? Here's Why You Need One Now Smartphones take less time to charge up these days and it's all thanks to a new technology called Quick Charge. If you don't have it yet, you'll want it soon. Read More to get the full 15W output. At worst, you can make do with a 2A adapter, i.e. the plugs you find with an iPad. But don’t use anything less than that.

properly align coils


Single or Multiple Coils: Coils in a charging pad determine how easily your phone will orient with the pad. With a single coil, you might need to move your phone around a couple of times until it starts charging. With multiple coils, you have higher chances of getting it right the first time. Coils can theoretically charge your phone faster, but in practice, a single coil maxes out your phone’s charging speed anyway. And more coils means charging more devices at the same time.

Same Port as Your Phone: This is not essential, but it can help. Get a wireless pad with a USB Type-C port What Is USB Type-C? Ah, the USB plug. It is as ubiquitous now as it is notorious for never being able to be plugged in right the first time. Read More or a standard micro USB port depending on what your phone uses. Similarly, iPhone users should look for wireless pads with Lightning ports.

Fast Charging vs. Quick Charging: Fast Charging is Samsung’s take on Quick Charging. Anything branded as Quick Charging also works with phones that need Fast Chargers, and vice versa. For the most part, it’s little more than a name. In this article, the terms Quick Charge and Fast Charge are used interchangeably.

Best Overall: Samsung Convertible Stand

  • Supports Qi 1.2
  • Three coils
  • LED indicator light
  • Includes a Fast Charging power adapter

The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Convertible Stand is a mouthful, but at least it leaves a good taste. The “convertible” refers to how it can lie down flat, or tilt up to an angle. With the tilt, it’s easier to see notifications on your phone or even watch a movie. It’s basically an easy way to get a stand 20+ Really Easy Ways To Make Your Own Tablet Stand If you got an iPad, Kindle, or Android tablet for Christmas or even a new smartphone, you might occasionally run into a situation where you find it more comfortable to have something hold the gadget... Read More .

It’s nice that Samsung includes a wall charger with it, since that adds to your cost if you don’t already have the right charger. Plus, it’s always a good idea to get a charger from the same company than buy a third-party knock-off.

3-Coil but Portable: Incipio Ghost

  • Supports Qi 1.2
  • Three coils
  • LED indicator light
  • Unsure about Quick Charging power adapter

wireless charger incipio ghost


The Samsung Convertible is a bit too large to carry everywhere with you as a charger. In steps the Incipio Ghost, with a similar three-coil setup but in a more portable avatar. It’s shaped like a phone itself, so you’ll never misalign the phone for wireless charging. It’ll work even if you keep it sideways, like pictured above. And it’s flat and thin, making it easy to carry with you.

The Ghost also has LED indicators to show when your phone is charging. But the neat part is audio indicators, which beeps when the phone starts charging and when it’s fully charged. It’s a nice little touch that makes all the difference.

For some reason, Incipio hasn’t mentioned whether this charging pad comes with a Quick Charging What's a Quick Charger? Here's Why You Need One Now Smartphones take less time to charge up these days and it's all thanks to a new technology called Quick Charge. If you don't have it yet, you'll want it soon. Read More power adapter too. You might want to be ready to spend another $15 on that, making this package a bit on the expensive side.

2-Coil Stand: RAVPower Quick Charge Stand

  • Supports Qi 1.2
  • Two coils
  • Almost non-existent LED indicator light
  • Does not include Quick Charging power adapter

wireless charger ravpower stand

If you prefer stands to flat charging pads, this RAVPower model is the best you can get. For starters, it includes two coils, which means you can prop up your phone in portrait or landscape mode. In other words, you can watch a movie while the phone is charging.

The rest of the features are what we consider the minimum you should look for in wireless chargers. RAVPower’s two-coil stand includes an LED indicator at the bottom to show the charging status, but unless you’re in a dark room, it’s useless. You’ll have better luck looking at your phone’s notification lights. And remember, you’ll need to buy a QC 3.0-compliant charger for Fast Charging.

No-Nonsense and Cheap: RAVPower Fast Charge Pad

  • Supports Qi 1.2
  • Single coil
  • LED indicator light
  • Does not include Fast Charging power adapter

wireless charger ravpower fast charge pad

The RAVPower Fast Charge Pad is the cheapest model from a reliable brand if you want Qi 1.2 support for quick charging. It’s a simple, no-fuss, no-frills charging pad that gets the job done. Hook it up to a QC 3.0-compatible adapter (not included in the pack) and you’re ready to charge.

The green light indicates it is charging, while the blue light indicates it’s on standby. Unlike the more expensive models though, it won’t automatically stop charging once the battery is full, you’ll need to take your phone away.

Since this article was published, RavPower has released a new version, the RAVPower Galaxy S8.

With a USB-C Port: Anker PowerPort With USB-C

  • Supports Qi 1.2
  • Single coil
  • LED indicator light
  • Does not include Fast Charging power adapter

wireless charger anker usb-c

The Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, and most other flagship Android phones today have a USB-C port. It doesn’t make sense to carry two different types of charging cables with you, does it? So get a wireless charging pad with a USB-C port, like the Anker PowerPort.

It supports Fast Charging through Qi 1.2, and is tiny enough to carry it with you anywhere. It also protects the phone from power surges and high temperatures while charging. It’s something you should keep in mind, since USB-C chargers can be dangerous The Best USB-C Chargers: What's Safe and What's Dangerous? What are the best USB-C chargers? Benson Leung and Nathan-K's roundup of the best chargers on today's market can be complex to read. Fortunately, we've simplified it for you! Read More .

The only downside of this one is that Anker recommends you remove any phone case before charging. Several other pads will let you charge with a case on, and customers say this one works with a case too. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Anker hasn’t included a wall charger though, so you’ll need to use yours or buy your own. In fact, Anker’s own Quick Charge plug would be the best with this.

Cheapest Without Qi 1.2: Samsung Wireless Charger

  • Does not support Qi 1.2
  • Single coil
  • No LED indicator light
  • Includes Fast Charging power adapter

wireless charger belkin cheap

If you don’t care about Fast Charging (but you really should How to Charge Your Android Phone Faster Charging your phone isn't as simple as just plugging it in. You need to learn all these tricks to getting the fastest charge. Read More ), then the cheapest wireless charger to get is the Samsung. It’s an old model, which is why it’s so heavily discounted on Amazon now.

While I wouldn’t recommend this for most people, the bargain price is kind of cool. You get wireless charging at rock bottom prices, so it’s a nice backup to have.

Samsung has even thrown in a 2A wall charger, although there doesn’t seem to be any point in doing so. But hey, fast wireless charging is a software update, so who knows what the future holds?

“Made for iPhone”: Belkin Boost Up and Mophie

  • Does not support Qi 1.2
  • Single coil
  • LED indicator light
  • Includes Fast Charging power adapter

wireless charger iphone belkin boost up

So far, only two manufacturers received Apple’s “made for iPhone” wireless charging pads. That’s Belkin and Mophie, makers of some of the best accessories for every smartphone Buying a New Smartphone? All The Accessories You'll (Probably) Need Your new phone has arrived. It is shiny, precious, and packed with possibilities. It sits alone, accompanied by a common charger, and little else — but this isn't fair on your new smartphone. Read More .

Both the charging pads are coming to the Apple Store soon, so be on the lookout for them. They are made specifically for iPhones, so we can hope to see Lightning ports on these. Belkin also notes that a future software update will make it Qi 1.2 compatible.

Both devices cost about $60 on the Apple Store. There’s another version of the Belkin wireless charging pad available already on Amazon.

Are You Ready to Go Wireless?

If you’re getting one of these wireless charging pads, you should probably be ready to cut the cord entirely. Pair it with some Apple AirPods or other awesome Bluetooth headphones The 7 Best Bluetooth Headphones You Can Buy Finding the right pair of Bluetooth headphones isn't easy, so we've compiled a list of the best Bluetooth headphones money can buy. Read More .

Which other gadgets or peripherals do you want to go wireless?

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