The 6 Best Hidden Cameras for Checking on Your Babysitter
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Security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on what’s happening at home while you are away. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you may be looking for a more discreet or hidden option so people won’t be readily aware that someone is watching.

Let’s take a look at six great hidden cameras for around the home or elsewhere that can help you keep an eye on what’s happening without being obvious. Babysitters beware.

Powered Hidden Cameras

These types of spy cameras use a full-time power source and can continually record. The biggest drawback is that there will be some limitations on where they can be set up.

Facamword USB Phone Adapter Camera

Famcom USB Adapter Camera
Hidden Camera Wireless Spy Camera Hidden Camera Wireless Spy Camera Buy Now On Amazon

Pretty much everyone these days uses a USB wall charger to juice up their smartphone or tablet. This Facamword USB Adapter Camera can do that with a fun twist as it also sports a 1080p camera that can capture video at 25fps. Since it already plugs into an electrical outlet, there’s no need to worry about a power source.

The camera can stream a live video feed to iPhone and Android devices using the companion spy camera app. You can also add in a microSD card to record video to retrieve later and download to a smartphone. It can also upload video via FTP.

With the app, you can set the camera to send a push notification, and even email, when it senses motion. The motion sensitivity is completely customizable to suit the specific situation.

Mykit Wi-Fi Bulb Camera [Broken Link Removed]

Mykit Wi-Fi Bulb Camera

Smart lighting is another popular way to bring technology into a home. And while the Mykit Wi-Fi Bulb Camera is controllable from a smartphone app, it has much more up its sleeve.

The bottom of the bulb features a full 360-degree panoramic camera. So instead of just focusing on a small part of a room, you’ll be able to see much more than just a regular camera. After screwing in the bulb—and flipping on the switch—the camera will also receive power.

Using the companion app, there are five different viewing modes for the video, and you can also turn the light on or off and even set a timer. With an optional microSD, the camera can record video, viewable at any time. And along with being able to hear what’s going on in range of the camera, a built-in microphone also allows you to converse with whoever is nearby.

Wemlb Alarm Click Hidden Camera

Wemlb Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

WEMLB HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera WEMLB HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Camera Buy Now On Amazon $59.99

Wemlb’s alarm clock hides a working spy camera with night vision capability of up to 15 feet. If any movement is detected, a push notification will be sent to a smartphone via the companion app or even sent to an email address.

The camera records full HD 1080p video and the manufacturer provides a 16GB microSD card. You can provide your own card of up to 128GB to record even more, so make sure to take a look at our microSD card buying guide.

A live video stream and recordings are available through the app.

Outdoor Hidden Security Camera

Spy cameras can also be useful on the exterior of your home or business to monitor what’s happening.

Maximus Security Camera and Outdoor Light

Maximus Security Camera Outdoor Light

Maximus Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light - Craftsman Black - Compatible with Alexa Maximus Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light - Craftsman Black - Compatible with Alexa Buy Now On Amazon $158.99

The weatherproof Maximus Security Camera and Outdoor Light from Kuna is available in a number of different colors and styles to match your existing landscape.

Instead of obviously being a camera, like the Nest version designed for outdoors, the Maximus camera is more discreet, but just as powerful.

You’ll need to place the system where there is existing electrical wiring; Kuna promises installation takes just 15 minutes.

With a built-in motion sensor, you’ll receive an instant smartphone notification, and can view a live feed and hear video on the companion app. If necessary, you can communicate with people in range, send a pre-recorded voice message, or activate a 110-decibel alarm. Recordings of previous events are available to view in the cloud.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can also view a video feed from the camera on Echo Show, or the unique and inexpensive Echo Spot.

Battery-Powered Hidden Cameras

Probably the most well-known type of hidden camera, these use built-in batteries. While you can place the cameras almost anywhere, the downside is that the battery will eventually need to be recharged. And while these types of cameras aren’t exactly practical Practical Uses for Your Home Surveillance Cameras Practical Uses for Your Home Surveillance Cameras Home surveillance cameras are getting more popular with each passing year as technology improves and prices drop. Here are some practical uses for home security cameras, some which may surprise you. Read More , they are perfect for true covert surveillance.

BearBizz Power Bank Spy Camera

BearBizz Power Bank Spy Camera

Battery power isn’t a problem with the BearBizz Power Bank Spy Camera. Along with acting as an actual power bank for USB devices, it features a small camera that supports night vision.

Using the built-in 6,000mAH battery, the camera can record non-stop for up to 15 hours. You’ll need to supply a microSD card. It can also act as a full-time camera if using an electrical outlet.

With the companion app, you can remotely view a live feed and recorded video. Users can also set the camera to record only when it detects motion.

Bstcam Video Spy Pen Hidden Camera [No Longer Available]

Bstcan Video Camera Spy Pen

While it might seem a cliche, you can even find a classic small spy camera in a working pen. The Bstcam Video Spy Cam Hidden Camera can record 1080p video at 30fps with sound and still images as well. A small shutter helps hide the pinhole when not recording video.

A built-in battery will provide up two hours of recording time on a single charge. When needing a charge, there is a USB plug on the end of the pen. You’ll also receive three pen refills as well.

Watchful Camera Security for Every Situation

With one of these spy cameras, you can easily keep an eye on your home or business without tipping off everyone in the room.

If you don’t mind a security camera that’s not as discreet, take a look at these four completely wireless security cameras for a home The 5 Best Wireless Security Cameras for Your Home The 5 Best Wireless Security Cameras for Your Home Frustrated by wired home security systems? These completely wireless security cameras are just what you need to cut the cord. Read More . Instead of needing a power cord, these options use batteries and can be placed almost anywhere.

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