The Best Google Search Cheat Sheet: Tips, Operators, and Commands to Know
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How many times have to searched Google only to get a bunch of incorrect or unrelated search results that you wish you could filter out? Well, by using these special Google search tips, operators, and commands, you can narrow down your search results and always get the exact results you’re looking for.

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Basic Search Symbols
-Excludes search results that include this tablets -drawing
|Returns search results that match terms on either side of the pipe. The same as writing "OR" between search | tablet
@Returns search results that match a particular social media recall @twitter
#Returns search results that include a specific hashtag.#throwbackthursday
""Returns search results that include all terms within quotes in the exact given order."never gonna give you up"
*Returns search results where any words can be matched in place of the * in america
..When placed between two numbers, returns search results that match within the number range.chromebook $200..$500
()Used to group search terms and control the search logic of the query.(best | worst) office suite
Popular Search Operators
cache:Show Google's cached version of a specific
filetype:Returns only search results that match a particular file extension.sleep study filetype:pdf
related:Returns other websites that are similar to the queried
site:Returns only search results from a particular website.productivity tips
Other Search Operators
inanchor:Returns pages that are linked to using anchor text matching the search query.
allinanchor:Same as inanchor, but matching every term that appears after allinanchor.
intext:Returns only search results that match in the page's body.
allintext:Same as intext, but matching every term that appears after allintext.
intitle:Returns only search results that match in the page's title.
allintitle:Same as intitle, but matching every term that appears after allintitle.
inurl:Returns only search results that match in the page's URL.
allinurl:Same as inurl, but matching every term that appears after allinurl.
Informational Search Queries
defineReturns a definition of the given term.define gregarious
timeReturns the current time at a particular location.time stockholm
toConvert measurements from one unit to another.1 cup to tbsp
translateTranslates the queried terms into another specified language.translate hello world german
weatherReturns the weather forecast for the given location or ZIP 90210

The most useful ones are site:, filetype:, and to, but all of these operators and commands are good to know.

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