15 Fun Websites for Instantly Beating Boredom Online
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Even Steve Jobs was a fan of boredom. He believed that boredom allowed room for creativity. We all know how that turned out.

So, why don’t you take a page out of the latest from mind science and celebrate the doldrums of inactivity? You can do a lot of random things on the internet, but here are the best sites to visit if you need to kill some time.

1. The Secret Door

Open The Secret Door - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

It won’t open into a dark nook at Hogwarts, but it can take you to equally unexpected places around the world. The idea is simple — open the secret door and let Google’s Street View transport you to an interesting place on the globe.

Think of it as a portal for virtual globetrotting. And if you don’t like it, just click the Take Me Somewhere Else button. It definitely ranks as one of the more fun ways to use Google Maps and Street View 16 Incredible Uses of Google Maps You Should See and Try 16 Incredible Uses of Google Maps You Should See and Try Google Maps is an incredible tool on its own. But some websites have tapped into it to create wonderful Google Maps applications. From Google Maps games to history and literature, we cover them all. Read More .

2. Museum of Endangered Sounds

Endangered Sounds of Old Technologies - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Want a dose of serious nostalgia 5 of the Most Powerful Nostalgia Sites on the Web 5 of the Most Powerful Nostalgia Sites on the Web Nostalgia is something the Internet loves. Let's explore a few places where you can feel connected to different parts of your past. There's something for everyone. Read More ? Maybe, the sound of a dial-up modem will do it for you or the dial of a rotary phone. The Museum of Nostalgia will send you back in time. The single-person effort from Brendan Chilcutt aims to preserve the signature sounds of old technologies.

3. I Need A Prompt

I Need a Prompt - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

This neat website will cure your boredom with a thunderbolt of inspiration. Maybe, just a gentle prod if you aren’t a writer. But if you are a person of the pen then try the creative writing prompts on the site that will make you think about unfamiliar situations. The online tool is also an Amazon Alexa skill now.

4. NSA Haiku Generator

NSA Haiku Generator - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

You wouldn’t combine the NSA and poetry even within a few words of each other. But this automatic haiku generator manages to pull it off. So, go ahead and stoke your wildest imagination with weird mashups of wonderful syllables.

The source of the random words is the NSA’s database of search terms it uses to red flag terrorist threats.

5. Sketch Something Daily

Sketch Something - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Creativity is the magic pill to zap boredom. Sketch Something Daily is the antidote to your artistic mental blocks. So, pick up a pencil, pen, or even a paintbrush to take on a daily sketch challenge with the help of the illustrations here.

Try it as a daily habit and stifle the yawns as you interest yourself enough to learn the basics of drawing 10 Sites That Will Teach You How to Draw Well 10 Sites That Will Teach You How to Draw Well We all want to draw well. But, drawing skills can only come through daily practice. Go to these ten websites and their fantastic tutorials to begin your journey. Read More with the help of other sites on the web.

6. One Tiny Hand

One Tiny Hand - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Apply a Photoshop trick to one part of the human anatomy and you have a viral hit. One Tiny Hand gazes at only one thing and make you laugh at the images of celebrities with one hand reduced in size.

Surprisingly, the Tumblr blog started with Beyoncé Knowles and not the two head of states who are parodied often.

7. 2 Kinds of People

2 Kinds of People - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Another humorous Tumblr blog. Another dosage of laughter. The simple illustrations show that there are only two kinds of people in the world. Those that have a sense of humor and the rest who don’t.

If you fall in the former, then you will have cured your boredom. If not, read on.

8. Stinkmoji

Stinkmoji - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Switch on your speakers. Turn on your webcam. And make a face at your computer. Stinkmoji is a face recognition experience that uses a 3D emoji to mimic the faces you make at the camera. It even includes an Easter egg when you open your mouth wide enough.

Oh, just make sure it’s not on your list of timewaster websites when you are in the office Take A Break: 10 Websites To Help You Relax For Two Minutes Take A Break: 10 Websites To Help You Relax For Two Minutes It's incredibly important to take the time to relax occasionally. It doesn't do anyone any good to constantly be ON, to be working, to be stressed by the rigors of everyday life. In the same... Read More .

9. Gross Science

YouTube alone can take care of your lifelong boredom. So, I am cheating by mentioning the Gross Science channel. But, I couldn’t help myself as I got pulled in by all the bizarre but scientific videos here.

So, find out about clothes made of slime. Or, why your pee can change the world. As I said, I couldn’t help myself.

10. Innovation Station

The Innovation Station - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

While we are on the subject of science and videos, could I also mention Innovation Station? This website alone could give you enough energy to ward off boredom. It showcases the latest videos on innovation and futuristic technologies.

It is a wonderful learning platform. As their charter says, “We aim to inspire and educate by putting innovations and innovators in the spotlight.”

11. Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Wonder how unicorn meat tastes. This site will make you wonder about things like that. Press the button and it will beam you into the crazy aisles of eBay and its shopping universe where everything can be sold.

Well, it’s not all useless. That inflatable unicorn horn for cats sounds like a better deal than unicorn meat. Just hope it’s not a new eBay scam 10 eBay Scams to Be Aware Of 10 eBay Scams to Be Aware Of Being scammed sucks, especially on eBay. You invest so much time into selling a product or researching the perfect item, complete the transaction, and then… nothing. Do you know when you’re being scammed? Read More .

12. frankenSim

frankenSim - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

The web toy is a wonderful simulation project by a London based animation studio. Here, you get to play “God” or Victor Frankenstein. The interactive may sound grotesque but it interesting as you manipulate the different organs and see what results.

In short, the developers say that this is a musing on how Frankenstein might have experimented with modern web tools.

13. The Symphony of Blockchain

The Symphony of Blockchain - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Visuals can help you understand even the most complex of technologies. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are all the rage now. The Symphony of Blockchain takes you on an interactive, visual and auditory exploration of what it’s all about.

It’s wonderfully hypnotic as the 3D Bitcoin blocks move and expand against the background of music. Click on each block and it opens to give you more information.

For more visually stimulating sites, take a look at these gorgeous data visualization websites 11 Beautiful Data Visualization Sites That'll Impress and Hook You 11 Beautiful Data Visualization Sites That'll Impress and Hook You Do huge amounts of data confuse you? Some of the best examples of data visualization show the power of storytelling with graphics. Read More .

14. The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

The Passive Aggressive Password Machine - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Let’s not underrate the value of a strong password How to Create a Strong Password That You Will Not Forget How to Create a Strong Password That You Will Not Forget Do you know how to create and remember a good password? Here are some tips and tricks to maintain strong, separate passwords for all of your online accounts. Read More in keeping the world safe. The PaP Machine is a neat little side project that can bring you out of your boredom fairly quickly with its funny and honest feedback on the strength of your passwords.

15. Arbitrary Awards

Arbitrary Awards - best Fun Websites to beat boredom

Did you know that most awards are paid for? Well, if you didn’t then that’s what this site tells you. The developers here made their own awards and gave you a platform to gift yourself one with the many choices available.

You deserve an award if you have scrolled so far down the page. And, if we managed to cure your boredom then we deserve one too. Just a nice word in the comments will do for now.

Want even more options? Here are top things you can do when you’re bored online Top 8 Things to Do When You're Bored Online Top 8 Things to Do When You're Bored Online Trying to kill time but can't find anything that'll hold your attention? Here are some fun things to do online when bored. Read More .

The Cure for Boredom Is Curiosity

We cycle back to what dreamers and achievers believe in. And to add an official stamp of approval to it, let me tell you about the Boredom Conference held every year. Yes, it is a scientific conference with a scholarly purpose.

So, don’t try your best to zap your boredom. Use it creatively and who knows you just might light up a new motivation.

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