5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code

Joel Lee 29-12-2017

HTML runs the modern world. True, if you ask anybody what it takes to be a web developer, they’ll tell you all about JavaScript web frameworks, Python web frameworks, web programming practices Programming vs. Web Development: What's the Difference? You might think application programmers and web developers do the same job, but that's far from the truth. Here are the key differences between programmers and web developers. Read More , etc. Yet underneath all of that, HTML is what holds it all together.


There is no web without HTML, and you need to know how to edit it if you want to do any kind of web work. But setting up a robust HTML editing workflow in Sublime Text 11 Sublime Text Tips for Productivity and a Faster Workflow Sublime Text is a versatile text editor and a gold standard for many programmers. Our tips focus on efficient coding, but general users will appreciate the keyboard shortcuts. Read More or Visual Studio Code 10 Essential Productivity Tips for Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code blows other programming text editors out of the water. It's free, open source, lightning fast, and packed with productivity features. Read More may be overkill if you aren’t working on a full-blown project.

For times when you just want to fiddle around with a small snippet of HTML so you can tweak it to your liking, an online HTML editor will serve you better.

Why Use an Online HTML Editor?

The best thing about online HTML editors is that they run directly in your web browser. Your web browser is the best and most relevant tool for processing and rendering HTML code. That is, after all, its entire purpose and reason for being.

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code laptop html css web development

Which means that your web browser is best-equipped for real-time previews of HTML. When you write web markup in a standalone editor like Notepad or TextEdit, you have to save changes to a file, then load the file in your web browser, then review it, then switch back to the editor for more changes, rinse and repeat. It’s a clunky and cumbersome process.


An online HTML editor can dynamically refresh itself as you write and change the markup. There is no need to flip back and forth between windows. You tweak the HTML on one side, the changes automatically occur on the other side.

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code html css web development code

A few standalone editors can be configured with a kind of faux real-time preview, but they aren’t as convenient. For example, the Live Preview feature in Brackets can open a separate Chrome window and push HTML changes to the browser whenever you save the markup. But this still requires window flip-flopping, and it forces you to use Chrome.

Online HTML editors are as portable as they come. No matter what machine you’re on, you can access the web editor as long as you have an internet connection. No need to install and configure a standalone editor that you may or may not use again.


And you can take a look at these other tools for upgrading your web development skills Upgrade Your Web Development Skills With These 10 Essential Tools Ready to start developing websites? These online tools for new and expert web developers are guaranteed to boost your skills! Read More too.

Now, here are some of the best online HTML editors currently available.

1. Codepen

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code online html editor codepen

Codepen is a “social development environment” for web developers, which basically means it’s an online editor with sharing and collaboration features. The editor itself is simple: a panel for HTML, a panel for CSS, and a panel for JavaScript, plus a panel for real-time preview. All panel sizes can be adjusted by dragging the edges around.


You can create “Pens,” which are like individual playgrounds for tweaking web code. Multiple Pens can be grouped together into Collections. Private Pens and Collections require a Pro account, which starts at $9/mo and comes with other features: asset hosting, embeddable themes, real-time collaboration, and access to CodePen’s full web development IDE.

2. JSFiddle

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code online html editor jsfiddle

JSFiddle is pretty much what it sounds like: a sandbox where you can fiddle around with JavaScript. But seeing as how JavaScript goes hand in hand with HTML and CSS, you can edit all three with JSFiddle’s editing interface — and you can skip the JavaScript altogether.

What’s nice about JSFiddle is that you can add External Requests in the sidebar, which lets you include off-site JavaScript and CSS files for enhancing your HTML. Also nifty is the Tidy button, which automatically cleans up your code’s indentation, and the Collaborate button, which lets you work on the same code with someone else in real-time.


The only downside is that you have to click the Run button to update the preview panel.

3. JSBin

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code online html editor jsbin

JSBin is like a simpler and cleaner alternative to JSFiddle. You can edit any combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript just by toggling the panels with the top toolbar, and you can toggle the preview panel and a console panel for maximum flexibility.

But whereas JSFiddle allows you to link external CSS and JavaScript resources, JSBin only has predefined JavaScript libraries that you can include. The selection is good though, ranging from jQuery to React to Angular and more.

While JSBin is free and doesn’t require an account, you’ll need a Pro account if you want private bins, custom embeds, asset hosting, Dropbox sync, and vanity URLs for pages published through JSBin.

4. Liveweave

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code online html editor liveweave

Liveweave is similar to the previous editor above, with an interface that’s more pleasing to the eye (though your preferences may vary). Like JSFiddle, Liveweave allows for real-time collaboration, and like JSBin, it lets you link in predefined third-party resources like jQuery.

But it has a few unique features too. The Lorem Ipsum Generator creates placeholder text at your current cursor position. The CSS Explorer provides a WYSIWYG tool for creating CSS styles The Essential CSS3 Properties Cheat Sheet Master essential CSS syntax with our CSS3 properties cheat sheet. Read More . The Color Explorer helps you pick the perfect colors for your theme. The Vector Editor enables you to create vector graphics for your site.

5. HTMLhouse

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code online html editor htmlhouse

HTMLhouse is a good option if you only care about HTML (i.e. no CSS or JavaScript). It’s extremely clean and minimal, split vertically with editing on the left and real-time preview on the right. One nifty feature is the ability to publish your HTML and share it privately (with the provided URL) or publicly (it gets added to HTMLhouse’s Browse page). It’s simple but effective, which is exactly where an online HTML editor comes into play and excels.

Note that HTMLhouse was created and is maintained by the folks at, a distraction-free online writing tool. If writing blog posts or something like that, use instead.

Improve Your HTML Skills Even More

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Furthermore, to learn good practices in HTML5 web design and development, you should check out these websites with quality HTML coding examples The 8 Best Sites for Quality HTML Coding Examples Want to learn HTML to code your own websites and apps? Use these web page examples and source code to teach yourself HTML and CSS. Read More . And when your website goes live, consider compressing your HTML markup How Compressed HTML Works and Why You May Need It In this article, we'll go over the two main methods for compressed HTML, why HTML files should be shrunk, and how to go about it. Read More for better speed.

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