The Best Fidget Spinner Apps for Android and iOS

Ryan Dube 22-02-2018

Fidget spinners. They’re the kind of thing you hate because everyone you see has one, until you buy one. Then you hate it because you can’t stop using it.


Or maybe you refuse to buy one 7 of the Latest Tech Gadgets You Should Probably Avoid So many pieces of technology seem like a great idea at the time you buy them, but then turn out to be a bad investment. Here are gadgets you shouldn't waste your money on! Read More , but you’re insanely curious what all the hype is about.

Or possibly you don’t want to buy one because, let’s face it, those little innocent-looking toys can be rather dangerous PSA: Some Fidget Spinners Are Exploding Fidget spinners are everywhere. And now, just as the craze is peaking, there are reports of fidget spinners exploding. Because of course. Read More . Just check out how all these people got hurt.

Not to worry. The following mobile and web apps are all centered around virtual fidget spinners. Some are simulators, and some are actual arcade games. In every case you’ll have a chance to try your hand with this little gadget that took the world by storm without anyone ever knowing about it. It’ll be our little secret. We won’t tell.

Fidget Spinner Web Apps

If you’re looking to take a break, the following online games will go a long way toward helping you get rid of some stress The 4-Step Science-Backed Method for Defeating Stress One of Europe's leading neuroscientists gives a simple four-step process for grabbing hold of stress and channeling it to your advantage. Read More .

1. Fidget Spinner at Agame

One of the standard fidget spinner games that you’ll see both online and on mobile is where you get a fixed number of “finger-flicks” to make the fidget spinner go as fast as possible.


best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

Depending on the number of total spins, you end up getting gold coins that you can use to upgrade your spinner. You’ll need to play this game using either a tablet or a computer with a touch screen How to Toggle the Touchscreen in Windows 10 Yes, you can turn your touchscreen on and off! We show you how it's done and how to set up a shortcut to make it convenient. Read More .

2. Superspin-io at

Superspin is a multiplayer game where you go head-to-head against other fidget spinners to collect energy gems around the board. As you collect gems your fidget spinner gets larger and the score under your fidget spinner increases. You are able to destroy any fidget spinner with a lower score than you — but beware the ones that are bigger than you!

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios


You can play this web game with a mouse, but it’s harder to control the speed. Instead, use a touch screen. As you move your finger further from your fidget spinner, it’ll go faster. But be careful, because going fast to escape the larger opponents also consumes your points. There’s a lot of strategy to this game and it’s quite addictive!

3. A Fidget Spinner Simulator at

A lot of web apps and mobile apps have loads of bells and whistles with scores or other features. Ffffidget isn’t like that at all. It provides you with a place to go when you just want to flick a fidget spinner to your heart’s content. No scores, no crazy game, and no upgrades or weird themes. It’s just a high-definition fidget spinner in the middle of the screen.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

What makes this simulator a lot different than others is how realistic it is. It seems to follow the rules of physics 5 Popular Games With Weird or Broken Physics Sometimes, even the best games have problems. Here are some games that don't quite obey the laws of physics. Read More pretty well. The faster you flick you finger, the faster the spinner will spin. But if you accidentally put your finger on it while it’s spinning quickly, it’ll immediately stop just like a real fidget spinner would. You can spin in either direction.


It seems so basic and simple (like the real fidget spinners), but once you use it you’ll see just how oddly hypnotic and calming it is.

4. 3D Fidget Spinner Simulator at Kongregate

Over at Kongregate, you’ll discover a 3D fidget simulator unlike any others you’ve seen. This one doesn’t put a fidget spinner on the screen in flat 2D mode for you to flick with your finger. Instead it literally simulates you holding a fidget spinner. Moving around the mouse on the screen lets you change the perspective angle.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

When you press the left mouse button, you’ll see your left simulated hand swipe the fidget spinner and make it spin. Do that often and the spinner will start spinning rapidly. Get your timing wrong, and the spinner will slow or come to a complete stop.


Press any of the room icons at the top of the screen to change the background image.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

It’s a bit weird, and I don’t get the point. But I couldn’t stop playing with this 3D simulator either. It’s oddly addictive.

Fidget Spinner Mobile Apps

Next, we examine the best Android fidget spinner apps and their closest iOS equivalents. Keep in mind that nearly all of the free mobile apps below are free because they have ads.

However, we’ve avoided suggesting any apps that request access to your mobile phone’s files or media Popular Apps and Games That Threaten Your Mobile Security As the saying goes, "If you're not paying for a product, you ARE the product." That's especially true for apps, which are often not secure. So what can you do about it? Read More , since that really shouldn’t be required for an app like this. We’ve also avoided apps with excessive ads The 10 Best Free Mobile Games With NO Ads or In-App Purchases Here's our pick of the best mobile games with no ads or in-app purchases, all of which are available on Android and/or iPhone. Read More .

5. Fidget Spinner Simulator by ChuChu Mobile

Just like the web-based Fidget Spinner app by Agame above, a long list of mobile games follow the same format. One of those is an app by ChuChu Mobile that features a fidget spinner on a Minecraft background How to Create and Install Custom Minecraft Textures Tired of vanilla Minecraft? Want to try creating something of your own in the game? Start now with this guide to adding and customizing new textures and skins in Minecraft! Read More .

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

You get a fixed number of finger swipes to make the fidget spinner spin as fast as possible. The more spins you get, the more coins you’ll earn. Coins give you extra upgrades and features as you move along in the game.

Download: Fidget Spinner Simulator on Android (Free)
Download: Fidget Spinner for iOS (Free)

6. Neon Fidget Spinner by Ace Applications

Another game that’s a variation on the same concept is Neon Fidget Spinner by Ace Applications. The theme of the game is totally different though — it’s like the Tron game for fidget spinners.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

The same idea applies: flick your finger across the screen as fast as you can within the allowed time limit. Once the time is up, the longer your spinner spins, the more coins you get.

Download: Neon Fidget Spinner on Android (Free)
Download: Neon Spinner on iOS (Free) [No Longer Available]

7. Tiny Fidget Spinner by Game Pro Studio

Another version of this is Tiny Fidget Spinner, one of the best-executed games of this variety. While other games require you to touch a specific area on the screen or swipe a certain side of the on-screen fidget spinner, this app lets you swipe on any side.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

What I love about this is you can hold the phone in one hand, and swipe the upper-left corner of the spinner with your thumb. This lets you swipe quickly and gain the most points. As with the other game, you accumulate those points and use them to upgrade your fidget spinner.

Download: Tiny Fidget Spinner on Android (Free)
Download: Super Fidget Hand Spinner on iOS (Free)

8. Fidget Spinner Collector by Pixelcube Studios

Forget fidget spinner simulators or simple games that only involve flicking your finger. Those are bound to get a bit boring after a while. A more dynamic fidget-themed game is Fidget Spinner Collector.

The gameplay is pretty simple, but it’s also extremely addictive. All you have to do is drag like-colored fidget-spinners together to wipe them off the board. As time progresses in the game, new fidget spinners show up faster and fill up slots on the board.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

Your job is to swipe and wipe out those spinners as quickly as you can and keep the board as clear as possible. Over time, new spinners (and a wider variety of colors) will start appearing faster on the board. See if you can keep up!

Download: Fidget Spinner Collector on Android (Free)
Download: Fidget Spinner – Color Match Game on iOS [Broken URL Removed] (Free)

9. Fidget Spinner Battle by CookApps 106

If you love head-to-head multiplayer battles, then you’re going to love Fidget Spinner Battle.

The concept of this game is almost identical to Superspin. You need to pick up gems to gain points so you can upgrade your spinner. Avoid colliding with the spinners that have more energy than you because you’ll lose the battle and get destroyed.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

The secret to doing well is keeping track of where the power-up blocks are. Even if you’re mid-battle and your energy level is below your opponent’s, picking up a quick power-up block can give you just the advantage you need to destroy your opponent. Stay near those power-up blocks, or at least remember how to get to them quickly.

This one is a seriously fun way to burn off a few hours of stress.

Download: Fidget Spinner Battle on Android | iOS (Free)

10. Fidget Spinner Break Bricks by Lisa Games

If you really love strategy arcade games, have I got a surprise for you. Fidget Spinner Break Bricks is an entirely new take on the bubble popping games that were so popular a few years back.

As the blocks drop in this game, play close attention to the numbers on the blocks. This is how many times you have to hit the blocks with the fidget spinners that you’re shooting. It seems impossible if you were only throwing one fidget spinner, but you’re actually throwing many. Each turn, you get an additional one to throw.

best fidget spinner apps for web, android, ios

The secret here is to not play the game like you used to play bubble popping games. You shouldn’t shoot directly at the blocks, but instead as horizontally toward the walls as possible. As all your fidget spinners bounce from left to right from wall to wall, they strike the blocks many times. Eventually you’ll have an entire swarm of fidget spinners bouncing from side to side and striking the blocks many times.

This is an intense strategy game that’ll require you to really think about how to place each shot.

Download: Fidget Spinner Break Bricks on Android (Free)
Download: Sky Break on iOS (Free)

Why Do You Love Fidget Spinners?

While the science behind the actual benefits of fidget spinners is still out, they are a fun form of meditation 6 Mindful Meditation Apps That Will Improve Your Life Living a more mindful live through meditation can have amazing positive effects. Give it a try with these apps. Read More when you need to get your mind off work or other stressors.

And if you can’t or won’t buy an actual fidget spinner, all the games and simulators listed above can serve the same purpose. It’s up to you how you want to use them.

Do you own a fidget spinner and does it work for you? Do you play online or mobile fidget spinner games? Share your own tips in the comments section below!

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