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The Best Facebook ‘Look Back’ Parodies So Far [Weird & Wonderful Web]

Dave Parrack 09-02-2014

Facebook is 10, and to celebrate its birthday it invited everyone to ‘Look Back‘ at their time on the social networking site. The automagically created video for each person pulled together their first moments, their most-liked updates, and a selection of photos. Which made the Facebook ‘Look Back’ videos perfect for parodying. As usual, the Internet delivered.

Facebook Look Back: Privacy

Facebook has evolved considerably through its first decade of existence. As it has grown, changed, and introduced new features such as the Timeline Why Facebook Is Right To Force Timeline On Everybody [Opinion] If you haven't yet switched your Facebook profile over to the new Timeline then the chances are Facebook is getting rather insistent that you do. And it's no wonder. It's been 8 months since Timeline... Read More , the site’s privacy settings have been updated, sometimes very quietly. This ‘Look Back’ parody plays on the changing privacy policies of Facebook, with the user getting bogged down having to accept changes every time they want to actually share something with their friends.

Facebook Look Back: Honesty

Facebook has tried its hardest with the ‘Look Back’ videos to show the highlights of each person’s time on the site, but this means most don’t honestly reflect a true Facebook experience. This video claims to do a better job of it, showing an honest version of the Facebook ‘Look Back’ video. From pokes from parents Don't Poke Me! How Internet Slang Words Have Transformed Language It's amazing to see how Internet words are having such a tremendous impact on the English language. Let's go back in time and observe just how many have infiltrated the English language Read More to accidental clicks on ads, this pretty much nails it.

Facebook Look Back: Reality

This is another attempt at showing a more honest portrayal of most people’s time on Facebook, with a dose of reality being introduced to proceedings. Those first moments on Facebook are translated into moments that will haunt you “at job interviews for the rest of your life,annoying status updates 5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion] Facebook is, by all accounts, closing in on 1 billion users. That's an awful lot of people maintaining a profile on the site, and telling their family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who will listen,... Read More are highlighted, and the “profiles you’ve stalked” are revealed.

Facebook Look Back: Neanderthal

Facebook has been with us for 10 years, but imagine if it had been around for half a million years. And that Neanderthals, referred to here as “cavemen,” had joined. Actually, you don’t need to imagine, as the creator of this video has done the hard work for you. The numbers may be slightly off, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Facebook Look Back: Bieber

In case you weren’t already aware, the Internet hates Justin Bieber Why The Internet Hates Justin Bieber [Weird & Wonderful Web] Justin Bieber is a phenomenon. He has millions of fans hanging on to his every word and action. Yet, this child of the '90s is hated in no uncertain terms by the Internet. But why? Read More . This Facebook ‘Look Back’ parody video is further proof of this hatred for the Canadian pop tart, imagining how his time as a celebrity could be condensed down to just a minute. The devolution from adorable singing prodigy to teenage dirtbag is swift and without compromise. Bieber’s sexuality is also called into question, because Internet.

Facebook Look Back: Putin

With Facebook debuting ‘Look Back’ in the same week that the 2014 Winter Olympics How To Stay Updated On The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are almost here! Using the following apps and news feeds, you'll be able to keep up with the action as it happens. Read More began in Sochi, Russia, a parody involving Vladimir Putin was predictable. It shows an alternative take on Putin’s recent years, with a hefty dose of homoerotism on display. This is thanks to the anti-gay agenda currently dominating in Russia.

Facebook Look Back: Bizarre

I’m not sure words can adequately describe this particular Facebook ‘Look Back’ parody video, but seeing as MakeUseOf doesn’t pay me to sit here with my fingers merely hovering over my keyboard, I guess I’ll have to try. It’s bizarre, to say the least, with a mix of odd photos and even odder status updates picked out. Yeah, that’ll do.

Facebook Look Back: Luddite

The final Facebook ‘Look Back’ parody is perhaps the most creative on the list. Rather than do what everyone else has done — which is create mock-ups using video editing software 4 Free Tools For Online Video Editing Video editing online has helped to turn everyone into armchair filmmakers. Here are the best five editors on the web. Read More — this guy went the Luddite route, moving his camera over paper printouts instead. He nails it, with just the right mix of authenticity and amateurishness.


These are the best Facebook ‘Look Back’ parodies uploaded to the Internet so far, but there are sure to be many more added to the pile in the coming weeks and months. If you see a Facebook ‘Look Back’ parody that makes you laugh out loud, feel free to post a link to it (as well as some words of wisdom) in the comments section below.

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  1. Matthew Lumb
    February 12, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    If you're a There Will Be Blood fan (who isn't?), here's Daniel Plainview's one:

  2. Teo
    February 10, 2014 at 12:10 am

    You missed the Hitler one, bizzare and funny:

  3. Ulpi E
    February 9, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Nyahahaha... I'm thinking of creating a fake one as well... :D

  4. Mckenzie Voice Over
    February 9, 2014 at 1:56 am

    Favorite video is the caveman one and the privacy setting one. But they are all funny.