The 10 Best Drones for Beginners
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If you’re looking for the best drones for beginners, look no further. We’ve searched the internet for the absolute best in beginner drones so you can start flying without the stress.

Let’s break down how to get into this hobby, as well as the best drones for beginners.

An Introduction to Beginner Drones

When you’re starting, you have to pick out your drone carefully. They’re not intuitive to fly, so you’ll need to find some easy to fly drones.

The first thing to look for is a low-ish price. We’re not suggesting you buy cheaply-made drones, but you should also take care not to spend too much on your first drone. Crashing an expensive drone as you’re starting out can be a quick way to fall out of the hobby.

Also, look for a drone that has some auto-correction to it, or can perform tricks at the press of a button. These drones usually sacrifice advanced functionality for ease-of-flight, but you shouldn’t concern yourself with doing manual flips. Use these training wheels to start and practice your way into the flashy tricks later.

How Much Is a Drone?

Drones come in a vast range of prices. For example, as a beginner, you can purchase a quality drone for under $100. It won’t have the unique features that the more advanced models have, but you’ll be surprised what you can get for your money. For instance, there are camera drones you can buy for under $100.

Once you’re feeling a little more confident in your flying abilities, you can upgrade. For people who enjoyed drones and want something more, you can purchase more advanced models at around $200 to $400. Enthusiasts can get drones in the $1000s+ range, which are at the same level as professional video drones.

The Best Drones for Beginners

To save you the trouble of finding drones yourself, we’ve picked out the ten best drones for beginners. These are all under $100 and have many consumer reviews stating that they’re easy to use and ideal for first-time fliers.

1. Holy Stone Predator

Holy Stone Predator Holy Stone Predator Buy Now On Amazon $35.99

One of the best drones for beginners is the Holy Stone Predator. It’s sold at a fantastic price and features several flying aids to help you keep the drone airborne. It has a headless mode which lets you control the drone from the controller’s position (rather than from the drone’s head), and it has some excellent wind stabilization.

You can only fly it for around six minutes before it runs out of juice, but that should be enough to get a basic feel for flying drones.

2. DROCON Ninja

DROCON Ninja DROCON Ninja Buy Now On Amazon $55.99

If you’re willing to spend a little more, the DROCON Ninja is one of the best drones for beginners who want a video feed. It has a 720p camera on it, which broadcasts its feed directly to your controller. It also comes in a nice range of colors, so you can look your best when you soar the skies.

Don’t be too intimidated by these luxury features; it’s still great for beginners. It has a headless mode, a one-button launch feature, and an altitude hold to make it very easy to pick up and fly.

3. Holy Stone F181C Quadcopter

Holy Stone F181C Quadcopter Holy Stone F181C Quadcopter Buy Now On Amazon $69.99

If you fancy doing some tricks with your new drone, you may want to try out the Holy Stone F181C Quadcopter. You can make it do a full 360 degree flip with just the press of a button; a highly satisfying trick for beginners without the skills to do one themselves.

It comes with a 720p camera which can be used to snap photos and record videos. Unfortunately, you can’t view through the drone’s perspective as you fly, but it’s still a great choice for airborne shots.

4. Potensic A20 Mini Drone

Potensic A20 Mini Drone Potensic A20 Mini Drone Buy Now On Amazon $29.99

The Potensic A20 Mini Drone is an affordable and fun way to get started with drones. Kids are the primary focus of this drone, but nothing is stopping an adult from using it to get to grips with drones. It has three toggleable speeds, allowing you to start slow and ramp up the speed as your confidence grows.

5. Holy Stone Shadow

Holy Stone Shadow Holy Stone Shadow Buy Now On Amazon $74.99

The Holy Stone Shadow has an interesting way of supplying the first-person view for cheap; it uses your smartphone as the monitor. Download the app and place the phone in the dock on the controller, and you can watch yourself flying around the neighborhood.

The lights on the front make it easy to see during twilight, and it can even fold up for easier storage.


DROCON Mini RC DROCON Mini RC Buy Now On Amazon $28.99

The DROCON Mini RC is a great gift idea for kids and young-at-heart alike. It has three adjustable speeds, altitude hold mode, flips at the touch of a button, and a one-touch landing and takeoff system that makes it easy to fly. All of this comes at a very agreeable price that makes for a great surprise present.

7. Holy Stone HS200

Holy Stone HS200 Holy Stone HS200 Buy Now On Amazon $89.99

If you’re willing to pay a little more for your first done, the Holy Stone HS200 is a great option. Its most impressive feature is its ability to be controlled via a smartphone app.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can use the drone’s gravity sensor mode to control it by moving your smartphone. It also features navigation lights for night-time flying.

8. DBPOWER Camera Drone

DBPOWER Camera Drone DBPOWER Camera Drone Buy Now On Amazon $75.99

If you’re looking for a drone you can view through as you fly, the DBPOWER Camera Drone is the one for you. It doesn’t come cheap, but it allows you to beam the camera feed to a smartphone over Wi-Fi.

The drone supports VR headsets, so if you have a pair, you can use them to immerse yourself in the flying experience. It even comes with two batteries so you can charge one while you fly with the other.

9. Holy Stone Nano Quadcopter

Holy Stone Nano Quadcopter Holy Stone Nano Quadcopter Buy Now On Amazon $29.99

If you’re looking for a drone that you wouldn’t mind losing, the Holy Stone Nano Quadcopter is a fantastic choice. Its low price and ease of piloting make it a great gift for any child eager to fly. That doesn’t mean it’s not for adults, though; its sleek design makes it look more than just a simple toy.

If you want to invest in a drone, but you’re worried about the cost of having to buy a new one after every devastating crash, this drone should elevate those fears.

10. ScharkSpark Beetle Drone

ScharkSpark Beetle Drone ScharkSpark Beetle Drone Buy Now On Amazon $69.99

For anyone wanting to use their drone for photography or video recording, the ScharkSpark Beetle Drone is the best drone for beginners.

It has two cameras; a front 1080p camera for photographs, and a 720p underside camera for sky shots. You can trigger taking a picture by making hand gestures at the camera, so you can focus on looking good instead of fiddling with the drone’s controls.

Getting a Good Start With Beginner Drones

Breaking into the world of hobbyist drones can be daunting, but there’s nothing to fear. With so many drones for beginners available, the toughest part of getting into the hobby is choosing the one right for you.

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