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The 6 Best Comic Readers for Android

Georgina Torbet Updated 13-06-2019

If you’re a comic book fan looking to read comics on your Android device, you need the best comic reader for Android. Thankfully, there are a range of apps to read your favorite comics on the go.


Whether you want a subscription service which lets you read a whole catalog of comics or a way to read the digital comics you have saved on your computer, there’s an Android app for that.

Here are the best apps for reading comics on Android.

1. Marvel Unlimited

If you’re a big Marvel fan then you’ll enjoy Marvel Unlimited. This official app from Marvel gives you access to a massive catalog that covers most Marvel back issues from the last 50 years, but not those released in the last six months.

It is a subscription service, so you have to pay a monthly fee for access to full issues. But if you want to try out the app before you buy, there’s a preview option which lets you read the first few pages of comic books for free.


Even though the Marvel Unlimited website is a real pain to use and the search function is buggy, the app is better. The layout is clean and it’s much easier to find series or issues you’re looking for.

There’s also a “smart panel” feature on some comics. This breaks up a large comic page into smaller panels which you can read one at time. This makes it much easier to read comics on your smartphone.

Download: Marvel Unlimited (Free, subscription available)

2. DC Comics


If you’re more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan, there’s a very similar app to Marvel Unlimited but for DC. The official DC Comics app offers access to the entire back catalog of DC comics, as long as they are more than 12 months old. The archive dates back 80 years, so you’ll have no end of comics to read.

This is also a subscription service, so you’ll need to pay a fee for access.

You’ll find similar features to the Marvel app like “guided view” (the same as smart panels) and lists of recommended reading organized by character and by event.

Download: DC Comics (Free, subscription available)


3. Comics by ComiXology

What if you’re a fan of both Marvel and DC, plus smaller publishers like Image? In that case, you need the Comics by ComiXology app. ComiXology is a site for creating pull lists and ordering new issues, and it offers content from both of the big two publishers as well as smaller indie studios.

With this app you can purchase single issues or whole runs and read them on your phone or tablet. If you want an unlimited reading option, there’s also a subscription service called ComiXology Unlimited. For more information see our article asking, Is Comixology Unlimited worth the money? ComiXology Unlimited: Is the Netflix for Digital Comics Worth Your Money? Is ComiXology Unlimited, the new Netflix for digital comics, worth paying for? We take a look at what you get for your money in order to help you decide. Read More

The features of the app include downloading issues to read offline, a guided view, and the syncing of your comics between all your different devices.


If you’d rather buy and own digital issues rather than using a subscription service, Comics by ComiXology is the app you want.

Download: Comics by Comixology (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. ComicRack

Those apps are great for reading comics through subscriptions or in-app purchases. But what if you already have a large library of CBR and CBZ files on your computer, and you want a way to read them on your Android device? Then consider using ComicRack.

If you read comics on your Windows device, you can use the companion app for Windows. This lets you read and organize your files and is great for those with very large libraries of comics. You can then sync selected comics to your Android device for reading on the go.

Handy features include an optimization feature, so the file size of comics is reduced to fit them on your Android device, and reading lists and bookmarks to keep your reading organized. And because the app displays files stored on your device, the comics will always be available even when you’re offline. The slight downside of all these features is that the app is not quite as fast or responsive as others, so it’s not ideal for older devices.

Plus, there’s a fun and unique live wallpapers feature which displays a random cover from your library as your Android wallpaper. Just double tap the background to read the comic. For more, check out our tips for organizing your comic collection with ComicRack How to Organize Your Comic Collection Using ComicRack If you have a large selection of digital comics, you can use ComicRack to browse, sort, and display your comics. Read More .

Download: ComicRack (Free, premium version available)

5. CDisplayEx Comic Reader

If you have a more modest collection of comics and you want something simple and easy to use, you can try CDisplayEx. It has the basic features you would expect, like basic library management, a search function, and pre-loading issues so the pages turn quickly and smoothly.

It doesn’t offer so many features in the way of syncing or panel by panel viewing, but it does have the option to connect to a network share to download comics. This is handy if you have a home server which hosts your comics.

Overall, this fast and lightweight app is great for those who want a fast-but-basic reading experience with no hassle.

Download: CDisplayEx Comic Reader (Free, premium version available)

6. ComicScreen

The previous apps are designed specifically for reading comics in various forms. But what if you want to read comics, but also see scanned images, photos, or other pictures? Manga readers, for example, often have their digital manga in different forms than comic readers.

In this case, you can use ComicScreen to view all of these types of media. It lets you view images in the same way you view comics, and it has features like adjustable brightness, thumbnails, the ability to copy images to the clipboard, and viewing zipped files as single images.

The app is also a handy way to connect to network drives like samba and to access FTP servers. It supports zipped files of all kinds, including ZIP, RAR, CBR, and CBZ, as well as a variety of image formats. There’s a bookmark function but no specialty comic-reading features like panel-by-panel viewing.

Download: ComicScreen (Free, in-app purchases available)

What’s the Best Comic Reader for Android?

By installing one of these Android apps you can take your comic collection with you on the go. Choose Marvel Unlimited, DC Comics, or ComiXology to buy single issues or subscriptions. Alternatively, choose ComicRack, CDisplayEx, or ComicScreen to read your own digital comic collection on your Android device.

If you’ve zeroed in on one of the subscription services, here’s our guide to Marvel Unlimited vs. ComiXology Unlimited Marvel Unlimited vs. ComiXology Unlimited: Which Is Best? Here's our breakdown of Marvel Unlimited vs. ComiXology Unlimited, comparing the costs, content, and interfaces to pick a winner. Read More to help you decide which one is best for you.

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  1. kannon
    June 15, 2019 at 11:32 pm

    Nice article! I was looking for a good comic book reader for Android e-ink devices for reading manga and regular ol' comics. It looks like CDisplayEx meets my purposes