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What Are the Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Mihir Patkar 07-06-2017

After the debacle with the exploding Galaxy Note, Samsung needed to deliver with its next phone. And it’s back with a bang, as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best smartphone ever made The Greatest Smartphone You Shouldn't Buy: Samsung Galaxy S8 Review (and Giveaway!) The $800 Samsung Galaxy S8 is, without question, the best smartphone ever made. But you probably shouldn't buy one. Read More .


But being the best doesn’t make it unbreakable. At $800, this is an expensive handset, so you want to make sure it lasts a long time. Your phone needs a good case to protect it from falls and scratches. Let’s see what’s the best you can get.

1. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit Designed for Samsung Galaxy S8 Case (2017) - Orchid Gray Spigen Thin Fit Designed for Samsung Galaxy S8 Case (2017) - Orchid Gray Buy Now On Amazon

Hold the Galaxy S8 in your hand and its sleek, thin profile is one of the best parts. If you want basic protection without bulking up the phone, the Spigen Thin Fit fits the bill.

Available for only $10 and in four different colors, the Thin Fit is a hard polycarbonate case with a single layer of protection. It exposes the buttons of the phone, which makes the case slimmer but also allows dust to get into the buttons.

2. ICONIC S8 Battery Case 5,000 mAh


The Samsung Galaxy S8 removed the button at the bottom and expanded the screen. At 5.8 inches, it’s as large as the Galaxy Note’s screen was. But that means the 3,000 mAh battery becomes a bit too little for power users, especially those who use battery-hogging apps on Android Android Battery Killers: 10 Worst Apps That Drain Phone Battery Get rid of these apps if you want to have decent battery life. Read More .

One way to get some extra battery life is through ICONIC S8 battery case [No Longer Available]. It more than doubles the battery life of your smartphone, while also doubling the thickness. The case uses the same USB Type-C cable as the S8, so you don’t need to carry two cables. It claims to fully charge in two hours and has a smart indicator light on the back to show the current battery level. And of course, it includes a single-layer protective shell to safeguard the phone from bumps and drops.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Wallet Cover

Samsung Galaxy S8 LED View Wallet Case, Black Samsung Galaxy S8 LED View Wallet Case, Black Buy Now On Amazon $79.99

It’s always nice to own a case made by the same manufacturer as your phone since they can add extra functionalities. Samsung’s own Galaxy S8 LED cover case is a great example.


It’s a flip-open leather folio case with LED notifications that shows the time of the day by default. Here’s the cool part: it understands gestures. If you get a call or an alarm, you can swipe the case itself to answer or reject — no need to open it. You can even customize caller ID icons for your favorite contacts.

Plus, as the name indicates, the S8 LED wallet cover also doubles as a wallet. The inside flap has a pocket for your credit card, or maybe even some emergency cash.

4. Maxboost’s Galaxy S8 Wallet Case

Maxboost Galaxy S8 Wallet Case [Folio Style] [Stand Feature] Premium Samsung Galaxy S8 Card Case [Black] Protective PU Leather Flip Cover with Card Slot + Side Pocket Magnetic Closure Maxboost Galaxy S8 Wallet Case [Folio Style] [Stand Feature] Premium Samsung Galaxy S8 Card Case [Black] Protective PU Leather Flip Cover with Card Slot + Side Pocket Magnetic Closure Buy Now On Amazon

If the wallet feature is more important than the LED feature, go for Maxboost’s highly rated wallet case. It has three slots for cards, and a pocket to store cash or other important items.


The Maxboost case includes a flap that props up your phone, so you don’t need to make a cheap and easy DIY smartphone stand 3 Cheap & Easy DIY Smartphone Tripod Mounts Made & Tested Unless you are an avid photographer, you'll hardly miss the added features of a proper camera. Too bad your tripod isn't compatible with your smartphone. Or is it? Maybe one day smartphones will come with... Read More . As with most covers, you get precise cutouts for all the ports on the phone.

Maxboost also throws in a magnetic kickstand to secure the phone in place, but it seems unnecessary. More importantly, please note that such leather folio cases are usually not as protective against drops as good polycarbonate cases.

5. Otterbox Defender Series for Galaxy S8

OtterBox Defender Series SCREENLESS Edition for Samsung Galaxy S8 - Frustration Free Packaging - Black OtterBox Defender Series SCREENLESS Edition for Samsung Galaxy S8 - Frustration Free Packaging - Black Buy Now On Amazon

If you want a truly sturdy case that will keep your phone safe, look no further than the Otterbox Defender series. Otterbox is one of the most respected names when it comes to rugged smartphone cases.


Otterbox Defender employs double-layer protection, with a hard blue case on the inside and a softer gray case on the outside. It also includes covers for the phone’s ports so dust and dirt can’t ruin them.

This still doesn’t make the phone fully secure though, since the screen is exposed. This is why you need a tempered glass screen protector 6 Tips to Buy a Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Your Phone Looking for a tempered glass screen protector? Here are six tips for buying a tempered glass screen protector. Read More . Now remember, the Galaxy S8 has a unique curved screen, so you need a protector designed for that. If you’re buying the Otterbox Defender, it might make sense to get the Otterbox Alpha Glass. It’s a bit expensive, so if you want something cheaper, there are plenty of other options on Amazon.

Speaking of going cheaper, the Defender series is Otterbox’s top-end line of cases. But if you want the brand but not the price, then try the Commuter series or the Symmetry series.

Don’t Buy a Waterproof Case Right Now

This is odd advice to give, but hear us out. The Galaxy S8 is water-resistant, not waterproof What Makes a Device Waterproof or Water-Resistant? A lot of devices are marketed as waterproof, but that can be severely misleading. Most are actually water-resistant. What's the difference? Here's everything you need to know about it. Read More . You’ll find quite a few cases on Amazon to turn your Samsung Galaxy S8 into a waterproof device that survives being submerged in water. But don’t get those now.

The first reason is that quite a few of the brands are new or haven’t been thoroughly reviewed by reputable tech experts. It would be terrible if you bought one of these, jumped into the pool with your phone, and then found out the case isn’t as good as advertised.

The second reason is the upcoming Lifeproof FRE for Galaxy S8. For a long time now, Lifeproof has been the best brand for good-looking waterproof cases. The FRE for Galaxy S7 was arguably the best case for the phone, and the FRE for Galaxy S8 promises to be just as good.

The Lifeproof FRE is expected to launch in a few months for a price around $80, so if you can, wait it out. It should be worth it.

Do You Use a Case On Your Phone?

The world seems to be divided into two camps: those who use phone cases and want that protection, and those who don’t use cases and want their phone to feel like it was intended.

Which camp are you in?

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