The Best Auction Sites for Incredible Bargains

Dan Price 20-09-2019

The most famous auction site on the web is unquestionably eBay—but that doesn’t mean it is the only option. There are dozens of auction sites to choose from. Some specialize in a specific industry or type of product; others take the eBay approach and allow listings in also any category.


So, which are the best auction sites on the web today? Where can you find that next great bargain? Keep reading to learn more.

1. eBay

ebay auction site

We have to start with eBay. Sure, the site has some issues, but it’s still the largest and best auction website out there.

The vast userbase (160 million!) means that no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance the site offers it. Categories include Electronics, Fashion, Health and Beauty, Motors, Collectibles, Industrial, and Sports.

And if you don’t fancy being glued to your computer or phone while the auction clock runs down, many sellers also provide a Buy It Now price. You can pay the figure that the vendor wants and guarantee yourself the item.


eBay offers robust protections for buyers. If you don’t receive your item, or it does not arrive as expected, the company’s money-back guarantee ensures you’ll get a full refund.

On the downside, seller fees are more expensive than some of its competitors. And you can only list your first 50 items for free.

2. eBid

ebid auction site

If you’re a seller who feels a bit aggrieved at eBay’s high prices, eBid is probably the best alternative auction site. You only pay three percent of your sale price to eBid, and there is never any cost to list items.


Bulk sellers can also sign up for an eBid SELLER+ account. Lifetime access costs $99, but there are also monthly plans available as well as frequent discounted rates.

Keep in mind that eBid (and indeed the other sites we’ll discuss) has significantly fewer active listings than eBay (1.2 billion vs. four million).

In terms of variety of items, however, eBid is just as expansive as eBay. You will find everything from coins and banknotes to hotel bookings and concert tickets.

3. AuctionMaxx

auctionmaxx auction site


AuctionMaxx is a Canadian company that specializes in selling off unclaimed, misguided, or damaged freight, as well as retail surpluses and insurance claims.

Due to the background of the goods that the site sells, you can pick up some incredible deals. However, for the same reason, not all products are in perfect working order. For example, at the time of writing, there’s a 14-inch HP Notebook available for just $37. The catch? It’s missing a key and is locked to a single user account.

If you’re not a tinkerer and hate fixing things, there are still plenty of new items available for a great price. How about a Versace watch for $450, down from $1,500? Or a 16MP Ricoh camera for $200— that’s a saving of $150 compared to the RRP.

Shipping is available across Canada and the US. None of the items have a minimum bid price.


4. UBid

ubid auction site

UBid sells new, overstock, closeout, and recertified products across more than 25 categories.

Often, the items available come directly from major brands, meaning you can be confident they’ll work as expected and will be in good condition. Some of the electronics brands that list overstock on the site include Apple, Panasonic, LG, Sony, and Samsung.

UBid also offers travel deals in the US, Canada, Europe, and beyond. There are even cruises listed. Scanning through the travel auction deals on offer reveals everything from ski retreats to spa weekends, all of which are available for significantly reduced prices.

5. The Saleroom

saleroom auction site

If you’re more interested in buying products from an auction house, you should check out The Saleroom. It works with more than 500 auction houses from around the world so you can bid on their offerings in real-time. Today, it deals with more than three million auction sales annually.

Of course, this is not the type of site where you’re going to find crazy bargains. The focus is on fine art, jewelry, furniture, and other big-ticket items. However, if you enjoy collecting such items, The Saleroom is a gold mine.

6. US State Department of the Treasury

us treasury auction site

Another of the best auction sites is Treasury Auctions. The US State Department of the Treasury operates the website. You’ll find items that have been seized by the government for non-payment of taxes.

The site itself is split into three areas: Real Estate, Vehicles, and Other Merchandise. Typically, you’ll find homes, lands, commercial properties, cars, and boats.

Of course, we don’t like benefiting from other people’s misfortune. But a deal is a deal, and if you don’t buy it, someone else will.

7. Atomic Mall

atomic mall auction site

Atomic Mall is more akin to traditional online auction sites such as eBay. The site looks like it’s not had an update since the mid-1990s, but don’t let that put you off.

If you’re a seller, Atomic Mall offers zero listing fees, the ability to set fixed prices, a way to import off-site auctions, and—unlike many auction sites—the possibility of accepting payment in crypto.

From a buyer’s perspective, you there’s no pre-register before you can bid, you can add products from multiple sellers into a single checkout cart, and Atomic Mall guarantees that there are no duplicate listings.

The main categories on Atomic Mall are Collectibles, Movies and TV, Software, Sports and Outdoors, Tools, and Video Games.

8. Listia

listia auction site

Listia is an online auction site with a difference. You don’t use cash to make bids and payments; instead, you use credits.

Earning credits can be done in two ways. Firstly, by “selling” items you don’t want, or secondly, by referring other users to the sites.

Because the site uses credits rather than cash, you can argue that all the items available for auction cost $0. The idea is that you trade away items you no longer need and then use the credits you’ve accumulated from those “sales” to acquire items you want.

Other Sites to Grab Deals Online

The best auction sites are just one of the many ways you can grab yourself a great deal when you’re shopping online.

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