The Best 90s Sitcoms to Watch on Hulu Right Now

Tom Kostelac 18-10-2018

Streaming is more popular today than it has ever been. For many, streaming has replaced the need to invest in large collections of music, TV shows, and movies.


But which streaming service is best for comedies and sitcoms from the 1990s? Well, Hulu offers plans starting at $7.99/month that allow you to stream countless movies, TV shows, and the funniest collection of 90s sitcoms available on the web.

1. Seinfeld

Seinfeld may be the funniest sitcom in the history of television. The “Show About Nothing” follows the lives of four dysfunctional friends as they face daily life in New York City. The combined experience of the cast as stand-up comedians and professionally trained actors leads to hilarious and memorable episodes. The show may be 30 years old, but its plot remains relevant today.

The daily annoyances and sticky situations the cast of Seinfeld often find themselves facing echoes modern life in many ways. From Kramer’s outlandish ideas to Jerry’s insensitivity and George’s schemes, most people will be able to relate to at least one character. Seinfeld has stood the test of time and still holds the title of perhaps the funniest show you will ever watch.

2. Cheers

Cheers ranks at number 18 on TV Guide’s “50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time”. Cheers embodied the spirit of the hometown bar, following bar owner, Sam Malone, as he connects and builds a kinship with the patrons of his bar.

However, the characters’ problems are always presented humorously, making Cheers one of the best 90s sitcoms. Today, the camaraderie of patrons sharing their lives with each other over a drink is still something that resonates. Therefore, Cheers still remains relevant to this day.


3. Frasier

In Frasier, Kelsey Grammer, a veteran of the sitcom Cheers, resumes his role as Frasier Crane. Frasier’s story resumes as a recent divorcee and transplant in Seattle, Washington. Frasier is joined by his no-nonsense father, Martin, who lives with him, and his younger brother, Niles, a fellow psychiatrist. Frasier’s story follows the discourse between his brother, father, and his father’s nurse, Daphne.

Furthermore, the show also finds its protagonist exploring the adult dating scene in his attempt to find a partner. This show should still resonate today with middle-aged professionals who may be facing singledom for the first time in decades. Frasier may also appeal to older adults who find themselves moving to a new city or caring for elderly parents.

4. Home Improvement

Tim Allen fans won’t be able to get enough of Home Improvement. Tim Allen stars as the careless weekend warrior, Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. The show follows Tim Allen’s antics as everyday events become exaggerated for the sake of comedy. Anyone who is a fan of lighthearted comedy should enjoy Home Improvement.

Home Improvement features Tim Allen’s classic comedic style as seen in many of his feature films. So if you enjoyed Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear or as Santa in The Santa Clause, you’ll love this show. Home Improvement is similar to today’s Last Man Standing.


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5. Family Matters

Alongside The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters is perhaps one the greatest 90s sitcoms starring people of color. Family Matters follows Officer Carl Winslow’s family, including his wife, children, sister in law, and the unforgettable neighbor, Steve Urkel. Urkel is perhaps the star of the show with his hilarious skits, mannerisms, and demeanor.

Family Matters is one of the first sitcoms that featured a nerdy main character of color. Consequently, this show is relevant today as a testament of how television became more diverse and representative.

6. Saved By The Bell

Ranked at number 20 in the “Best School Shows of All Time” by AOL TV, Saved by the Bell takes place at the fictional Bayside High School. Saved by the Bell follows the lives of the high-school aged characters.


The show is relevant to today’s teenagers Top 8 Things to Do When You're Bored Online Trying to kill time but can't find anything that'll hold your attention? Here are some fun things to do online when bored. Read More as they find themselves facing some of the same problems that the show’s characters encountered back then. Furthermore, while Saved By the Bell tackles its problems with situational comedy, it does touch on darker issues such as alcohol abuse and divorce.

7. Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World is the perfect 90s sitcom for younger viewers. The series follows the exploits of Cory Matthews, his best friend, Shawn Hunter, his brother Eric, and his crush, Topanga.

The show begins as Cory enters sixth grade and follows his life through to his college graduation. As a result, children today should still be able to relate to the situations that put the “sit” in this sitcom.

8. Full House

In a similar way to Boy Meets World, Full House should appeal greatly to children. As one of the less popular shows of the 1990s, Full House follows widowed sports anchor, Danny Tanner, as he attempts to raise his children with the help of his brother-in-law, Jesse, and his childhood friend, Joey.


Full House is perhaps the first modern example of a blended family. As a result, the show may appeal to children who are members of non-traditional families.

More Funny Sitcoms You Can Watch Right Now

With this list of 90s sitcoms available to watch on Hulu you’re sure to be an expert on the funniest shows from that decade. You’ll also have an excellent way to put your Hulu subscription to good use. But if you don’t have a subscription to Hulu, don’t despair, as there are some brilliant sitcoms to watch on Netflix The 15 Best Sitcoms to Watch on Netflix Netflix is packed full of funny sitcoms! Here are the best sitcoms on Netflix to watch if you just need to laugh and relax. Read More too.

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