The Best 5 Amazing News Apps for the iPad

Steve Campbell 27-09-2011

best news apps for ipadOne thing I’m sure I don’t have to tell you is that news is changing. Everything from the way information is reported down to the way it’s consumed has undergone a change in recent years, and it has led to a more personalized news experience that takes place in real-time.


The fact that anybody in the world can go on a network like Twitter and report news has a lot to do with this. If I see news happening outside my window (which is highly likely in New York City), I can act as a first respondent of sorts and break the story with a tweet.

Other key advancements in news consumption have been the iPad and, more importantly, the news-related apps that were designed specifically for this device. Some of the best news apps let you pull in data from your social networks, as well as pieces of news from other key outlets. Let’s take a look at some of the best iPad apps for viewing news.

1. FLUD [No Longer Available]

best news apps for ipad

FLUD is a really cool news app for iPad that keeps you up-to-date. The app is customized to your tastes as you can follow all of your favorite blogs and news sites. You can share content via Twitter, Facebook, and email as well as bookmark stories using Instapaper and Read It Later all in one place. Also, anything you or anyone else bookmarks is promoted to the “FLUD feed”.

Like all of the apps listed here, FLUD has a beautiful user interface. You can search for RSS feeds inside the app and add them with a single touch, connect to Google Reader, mark articles you love, organize feeds into categories, and more.


2. Flipboard

top news free apps for ipad

Flipboard needs no introduction. This app was named Apple’s iPad App of the Year and one of TIME’s top 50 innovations of 2010. Flipboard offers you a simple way to flip through news, photos, videos, and social updates in a magazine like layout that is easy to scan. You can customize your Flipboard with sections created from your favorite news, people, blogs, topics, etc.

Be sure to also check out ShowYou on your iPad. I liken this app to Flipboard for videos. We also have 4 Flipboard Alternatives For Your Computer If You Don’t Own An iPad 4 Flipboard Alternatives for Your Computer If You Don't Own an iPad Read More .

3. Taptu [No Longer Available]

top news free apps for ipad


Taptu, which we’ve covered before Taptu: A Multi-Platform Mobile News Reader & Curator [iOS & Android] News reading is becoming a trend again, thanks to the iPad and its list of available beautiful news readers. If you look at the available alternatives, it seems that most of the good readers are... Read More , is a social news feed reader that lets you add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the content from your favorite websites and blogs (via RSS feeds or Twitter) into beautiful streams for easy navigating. Like the other news apps on this list, Taptu also lets you share news with your friends via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, as well as save items to Instapaper for later viewing.

4. Pulse [No Longer Available]

top news free apps for ipad

Pulse is also up there among the most best news apps for the iPad, having been named to the App Store Hall of Fame. Pulse takes your favorite websites and and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic. You can tap on an article to see a clean view of the news story. Pulse also lets you save stories for reading later across all platforms and syncs them with Instapaper, Read it Later, and Evernote. Sharing a story is a simple two-tap process.

5. Zite [No Longer Available]

best news apps for ipad


Zite is a little different from its predecessors on this list because it comes right out and tells you it’s a personalized magazine. Zite automatically learns what you like and gets smarter as you use it. It gives you personalized news, articles, blog posts, videos, and other content from a variety of mainstream and niche publications and websites.

You can also sync it with your Twitter or Google Reader accounts to further improve the “learning” process.


All of these iPad apps have something great to offer and you can get addicted to any one of them. As of now they are all free, so give them a try and let us know which one is your favorite. I have a feeling your iPad is about to replace some of the newspapers you’re used to reading, as well as cut deeply into your TV news watching time.

What is your favorite iPad news app?


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  1. TabgripforIpad
    October 10, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    The news is really changing, and it's quite a relief that major traditional media are joining the bandwagon. Cause what is real time content without quality and near-accurate news anyways?!

    • Steve Campbell
      October 11, 2011 at 2:31 am

      I couldn't agree more. I feel like social media has left news companies with no choice but to change their business model drastically, and users like us will benefit from accurate, real-time news.