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MOin 10-05-2010

Online dictionaries are quite useful. They usually have the most updated word definitions and can be accessed without any required software – only an internet connection and a browser is needed.  One of these online dictionaries, with several unique features, is BeeDictionary.


english dictionary with flash cards

BeeDictionary is an absolutely free website that, in addition to having the standard features of an online dictionary, has a number of other wonderful features up its sleeve. This dictionary contains only American English words and phrases along with their IPA pronunciation (pronunciation of their American sound). Wrongly typed words by the user are returned with suggested corrections in spellings.

The feature that makes BeeDictionary stand out from the crowd is its facilitation of vocabulary building. Users can create an account, build a library of words, and create their flash cards. This deck of flash cards can either be used on the site or printed out to be used wherever we go. The flash cards technique is a great helper in building up our vocabulary.

english dictionary with flash cards

american english dictionary online



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