BedPost: Track Your Sexual Activity

deans 20-10-2009

Bedpost, is a quirky web app that allows you to track your sexual activity online. It acts like an online calendar which you mark on whenever you have sex. The idea behind this is after a few months you can look back at your history and reflect.

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One might ask why you can’t use Outlook for such a thing. Well I think that the two just wouldn’t feel right together. Bedpost is intended to be fun and quirky where as Outlook or other calendar programs are for your public life. Plus you boss might wonder what you’re doing having sex a half hour before a conference call with Tokyo.

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Furthermore, it’s not just posting when you had sex. Bedpost also lets you track who it was with, how good it was and how long it (or rather you) lasted via a system of stars and sliders. So after a couple months one can look back at you calendar spread and see how often you’ve been getting busy and with whom. See what days are your most common, and how long you last on average.

For the moment, BedPost is still in private Beta testing but you can request invite on the site and they give it out quickly.


  • Track your sexual life online.
  • Also track who it was with, how good it was and how long it lasted.
  • Get detailed stats.
  • Similar tool: nOOkist.

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