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Become The Best Grocery Bagger In Bag It! [Android & iOS]

Danny Stieben 29-12-2012

bag it gameWe’ve seen a lot of different concepts when it comes to games. There are first-person shooters, puzzles in its many various forms, and so much more. When it comes to mobile games, there happens to be a very large presence of puzzle games, including popular titles such as Angry Birds. All of the concepts in the different puzzle games are unique and pretty entertaining, while others seem quite strange at first.


For example, who knew that bagging some groceries in a game could be so much fun? I’m not so sure myself, but there’s a game that revolves all around that and actually makes it surprisingly fun to play!

About Bag It!

bag it game
Bag It! is a game for Android and iOS devices, with a “Lite” version available for free and a paid version for $1.99. The main object of the game in Classic mode is for the player to successfully place as many items into a grocery bag as possible, without leaving any items unbagged or crushing any items inside the bag. Of course, there are a handful of other game modes for you to try out, which I’ll talk about below.


bag it android
After you launch the game, you’ll have a choice between “classic” and multiplayer. When choosing the “classic” single player mode, you’ll have a number of different “aisles” to choose from, which basically lets you choose your game mode. To begin, you only have access to the first aisle, which is called “Got Split” and presents the original, classic game mode. Once selected, you will begin with the first level, where after playing for a while you have the choice of which level to revisit.


bag it android
The game will teach you the basics of how the bagging process works. Essentially, you’ll want to play something like Tetris with the groceries in order to make the most use out of the space that you have. You can rotate items by 90 degrees by holding the item with one finger and rotating it with the other. You’ll also have to make sure that, ideally, the heaviest items are at the bottom of the bag, and the lightest ones at the top, so that none of the items get crushed by something heavier. You’ll know whether an item will get crushed if it shakes in fear while you’re hovering an item you want to place right over it. Otherwise, if they’ll get crushed after a couple seconds, they will look up worriedly. You complete the level if everything is bagged to satisfaction.

Other Game Modes

bag it android
After completing enough levels, new game modes become available. Such game modes include rampage, where the goal is to crush as many items as possible through different means with limited time, and puzzle, where you’re tested to the extreme to see if you can make all the items fit into the bag. The paid version also has three “endless” modes — ultimate bagger, endless rampage, and power surge. In ultimate bagger you bag as many items as you can until you eventually crush one, and in endless rampage you still crush as many items as you can, but each item will add some time back to the clock.



bag it game
If, at the title screen, you choose multiplayer, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Facebook account to play what is called “Seedy’s Booty”. It maintains most of the mechanics of the single-player mode, but is more Tetris-like in that items will “explode” away whenever you have a large group of the same items right next to each other. As such, your scores will increase, which is where you can compete with your friends.


The game can be easily downloaded and installed by searching for “bag it” in your respective app store. You may also download the free versions by clicking on this link for Android or this link for iOS [No Longer Available], or get the paid version by following this link for Android or this link for iOS [No Longer Available]. There’s also an HD version for iOS devices [No Longer Available]. The game isn’t quite as large as some other top titles, so installation shouldn’t take too long.


Although I was skeptical about trying a game that revolved around bagging groceries, I was pretty impressed after playing it for a while. It’s fun, addicting, and challenges your brain to keep it sharp. It’s also simple enough to let your kids play to keep them occupied, so people of all ages can enjoy it!

What’s your favorite mobile puzzle game? What aspects of it do you enjoy the most! Let us know in the comments!


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