Become a Hearthstone Arena Pro With This Nifty App
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One of the most fun and rewarding parts of Blizzard’s collectible card game is the Arena. In it, your Hearthstone collection doesn’t matter, because you choose one card at a time from a random group of three. Even if you don’t own a single card, you can jump into arena and play against opponents who have no advantage over you.

Oh wait, turns out that a lot of them have the biggest advantage of all — skill.

If you’ve been trying to play Hearthstone Arena for a while, and you find that you get somewhere in the 0-3 win range every run, it’s time to enlist some help in the form of HearthArena companion app.

Download and install the free Overwolf app (Windows only) and then restart the Hearthstone client. From there, the app will have you login to or create a HearthArena account.

Once the app is up and running, start an arena run as you would normally, and when your first set of picks come up, the app will overlay the tier scores for the cards and offer a suggestion for you to draft. It looks over the cards you’ve already chosen, so if you’re halfway through your picks and you only have one card that costs 2 mana, it’ll lean in the direction of filling out your mana curve.


When you finish drafting, your deck will get a score out of 100, so you can gauge how well it did (the one in this screenshot, in spite of getting a first-pick Alextrasza, ended up only in the 65 range).

There’s also a web portion where you can analyse your current stats (both lifetime and with your active deck), so not only will it help you pick cards, but it’ll help you see how you’re doing.

Now, you shouldn’t rely on this app 100% off the time, and once you get better and can consistently put up 5+ win runs you might want to stop using it so you can learn to make picks on your own. What it will do is help you understand what to take when, and if you learn from the recommendations, you can take those skills with you.

What’s your best Hearthstone Arena run? Have you reached the illusive 12 win cap? Let us know.

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