Beathound: Have Your iTunes Library Analyzed & Find Out Which Albums You Are Missing

MOin 02-10-2012

Music fans want their collection to be up to date. They want to know which albums are they missing of their favorite artists and which upcoming albums would they be interested in. If you manage your music through the iTunes media player, then you can do this using a tool called Beathound.


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Beathound is a free to use web service that analyzes your music collection for you. The service asks for your iTunes XML file which you will find in your music folder within your username folder. After analyzing the artists in your collections and the songs you have, the service will show you a list of albums of those artists which you do not already have. When you provide your XML file, you also give your email address. Music recommendations are later emailed to you weekly; these recommendations will include new releases that you might be interested in.


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