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Beat Procrastination This Time: 5 Online Courses That Come to Your Aid

Saikat Basu 05-01-2017

I have the ultimate cure for procrastination: enjoy your work.


Seriously. When you get into a flow time disappears and the mind doesn’t even bother to put off something for tomorrow. But finding nirvana in your work is as hard as keeping procrastination under check. You can argue that procrastination has benefits How Procrastination Changed the World We often think of procrastination as an unnecessary hindrance to our everyday lives. But if it weren't for procrastination, the world would be an entirely different place. Read More , but the personal and social cost of habitual loafing cannot be ignored. Do a simple cost-benefit analysis of any investment you have put off.

Procrastination is public enemy number one. So, how do we put the bridle on it? Let’s throw education at it if nothing else is working. And these five Udemy courses on procrastination for some tips and techniques you might have overlooked.

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1. Powerful Goal Setting: Step by Step Blueprint

Discover: How to have a clear vision, set goals and create the right plan of action.

Procrastination -- Powerful Goal Setting


Procrastination and its opposite twin called productivity are both children of our mindset. We procrastinate when the task before is difficult. Or we think it is worth more effort than we have the motivation for now. Our monkey mind takes the path of least resistance.

But what if it had a well-established set of rules? What if the mind knew where to go and how to go there? And the first step of the journey? In brief, what if you had your own GPS to guide you through. The right goal will power your motivation How to Stay Motivated on Long-Term Projects and Not Give Up If motivation was easy to cultivate, nobody would have any problems doing so! For those who lose motivation over long term projects, these tips may prove fruitful. Read More .

Big hairy goals need a blueprint. Find your purpose, use that to define a vision, write down your short-term and long-term goals. The 4.5 hours are also about changing your mindset — the one crucial fuel behind any smart goal-setting system. But yes, you must stop procrastinating.

2. Time Management Secrets for Busy People

Discover: How to find time when you think you don’t have enough time.


Procrastination -- Time Management Secrets

The best laid plans will fail if you don’t respect the clock. The failure to prioritize your goals or take the right decisions on your work leads to a domino effect. The chain reaction will bring a sense of overwhelm and a loss of motivation.

In short, time management How to Create the Last Perfect Time Management System You'll Ever Use Productivity is a constant search for more organization with less work. A way to accomplish everything you dream to accomplish, without losing out on sleep. Can this automated time management system do it all? Read More is the secret to enjoying the things that matter most in your life.

The course will consume just three hours of your time. But it’s choc-a-bloc with helpful methods like the “One Hat Technique” that shows how to focus on one thing at a time. This could be the alternative to your multitasking habit, and the surefire cure for distraction.


As a writer (and a creative), I found the lecture on avoiding perfectionism to be an eye-opener. A little less self-criticism helped me get unstuck and move forward.

3. Learn Optimal Sleep to Improve Your Health, Energy, and Mind

Discover: How to get quality sleep so you wake up with more energy.

Procrastination -- Optimal Sleep

“Bedtime procrastination” is a term for a sleep scientist and a bad habit in our lives. A late-night Netflix binge or the magnetic power of a digital device gets to us. The next day, it turns a good portion of the world into groggy zombies. The linked article also cites lack of restful sleep as a public-health concern.


From your own experience, you know that procrastination is a common cause and an outcome of bad sleep habits. The good news is that you can change your sleep patterns 3 Relaxation Techniques to Help You Sleep Better Sometimes it takes too long to fall asleep. Technology can help us sleep better with some help from better sleep habits. Try these suggestions to shut off your brain. Read More .

Understand your sleep cycles to begin with. Go deeper by looking at how body temperature, light exposure, and consumption play a role in the quality of sleep. And of course, the food and beverages we put into our body throughout the day.

Does all this sound a bit too much study? Scott Britton breaks it down into short lessons that don’t take more than 3–4 minutes. Five hours of instructions isn’t a bad trade-off for optimizing a habit that takes up seven hours of our day.

4. Mindfulness Meditation: A 21-Day Guided Programme

Discover: The benefits of a mindfulness meditative practice.

Procrastination -- Mindfulness Meditation

Have you ever pondered the impulse that turns us into procrastinators? The next time you feel like pausing work and jumping on Facebook, stop for a few seconds. Observe the urge like a spectator. Those few seconds are the proof that automatic impulses prod us into procrastinating.

Mindfulness makes you more aware of what you’re doing. And the practice of meditative mindfulness How The Simplicity Of Mindful Web Surfing Can Help You Focus You can be more mindful of your browsing to stay focused, reduce stress, and be a lot more purposeful with your time online. With practice, you can strengthen your "mindfulness muscles". Read More is no longer seen as religious mumbo-jumbo. New age psychology has embraced it whole-heartedly for its direct benefits.

It will take you years to become a master. A 21-day guided program with animations and visuals is a primer with immediate benefits. For instance, it just might help you sleep better. Mindfulness teaches us to be aware of our inner selves and the environment through our breaths.

The course has broken down the discipline into objectives for each week. Jeremy Woodall’s bio reads ex-marine commando, clinical hypnotherapist, counselor, NLP master practitioner and physical training Instructor.

5. The Neuroscience of Self-Compassion

Discover: How to calm your critical inner voice with tenderness.

Procrastination -- Self-Compassion

Be more kind to yourself and leap over the obstacles holding you back. Procrastination is closely linked to stress and other negative aftermaths like low self-esteem. But can self-compassion somehow fit the pieces of the puzzle together?

A 2014 study by Fuschia M. Sirois of Bishop’s University in Canada found the telltale signs. The study revealed that our struggles with procrastination are never-ending. Dr. Sirois found that people prone to procrastination had lower levels of self-compassion and higher levels of stress:

Negative self-judgments and feeling isolated by one’s procrastinating can be a stressful experience.

Kelly McGonigal’s TED Talk (“How to Make Stress Your Friend”) is one of the 20 Most Viewed TED talks of all time with 10 million views. In this Udemy course, she melds medicine, neuroscience, and psychology with compassion and mindfulness practices. The lessons take on negativity, the power of attention, and emotions to help you move towards peace and happiness.

A few of the exercises are devoted to mindfulness, so it could be a good complement to the above course too.

What Are You Doing About Your Procrastination?

All of us get stuck. Every day.

Each day this bane of productivity draws a cost from us. What matters is what we do about it. Maybe, you have already started questions of yourself?

If you haven’t, then try to ask and answer: “Why do I procrastinate?”.

That could be the smallest step forward. And then, reveal some of the answers to us down below in the comments. Hope these Udemy classes also help with the answers.

Remember, every paid course on Udemy comes with:

  • Lifetime access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Certificate of completion.

What are of your life has been affected by procrastination? Do you have any ideas on how to deal with it? Let’s help each other out with this epidemic?

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