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Beat the Bullies! How Celebrities React to Mean Tweets

Rob Nightingale 25-05-2015

It’s no surprise that Twitter isn’t always a land of kind spirits and loving tweets; sometimes things can get nasty. Especially if you’re a tweeting celebrity Top 15 Tweeting Stars & Celebrities You Really Should Follow Read More . So naturally, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best celebrity responses to Twitter hatred.


These are, for the most part, hilarious. But amid the laughter, the way these celebrities react to mean tweets can actually help us ordinary folk know how to deal with abuse on social media. There is more than one way to beat the bullies "My Child Is Being Bullied" - Check out These 7 Helpful Resources Bullying of any kind can be combated by awareness, education, and positive action. This article covers several resources that we hope will help. Read More .

Haters Gonna Hate

First of all, let’s get this straight. If you’re a well-known “personality”, you’re not going to be able to please all of the people all of the time. Those who try to please everyone inevitably end up pleasing no one.

So, in our celebrity obsessed culture — where celebs manage their own social media profiles How Do Celebrities Manage Their Social Media Accounts And What Can We Learn From Them Celebrities are the premium fuel of the social media world, and people like you and me just keep burning it. I’m certainly not saying it’s bad thing, though. It’s just a fact! However, have you... Read More — haters gonna hate. There are a few tips and tricks to follow when it comes to haters Dealing With Online Haters: The Right Way & The Wrong Way What Anne Hathaway, Demi Lovato and Wal-Mart can teach you about dealing with trolls. Read More , but the best remedies may just be witty banter, quick comebacks, and scathing takedowns.

Some social media gurus recommend ignoring and/or banning haters. Derek Halpern states “I take pleasure in banning people from my site. Why? Because it’s MY site”.

This could be true for Twitter accounts too. It’s no big deal to block someone on Twitter Spring Clean Your Twitter With A Game Of 'Block, Mute, Unfollow' [Weird & Wonderful Web] It's time to play a game. It isn't one you'll be familiar with, because we've just invented it to give you an entertaining excuse for spring cleaning your Twitter. Read More so you no longer see or receive tweets from them. But sometimes, it’s just more fun to stoke the fire.

Be warned, some NSFW cursing follows.

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite from Firefly was understandably distraught when she started receiving hateful tweets. So distraught, in fact, that she made sure to let everyone know how those 140 characters of maliciousness had caused her life to come crashing down around her.

What better way to deal with haters than a proverbial two-fingered salute, like this?

James Blunt

When someone tries to be offensive, what better retaliation than a well mannered, polite response. James Blunt, being the well-spoken guy he is, perfected that retort in this tweet.


When MTV posted a link to a story about Rihanna smoking marijuana, the globally recognized star took to her widely recognized aggressive Twitter style, and told MTV exactly where it could shove its gossip.

Richard Dawkins

Not really one for partaking in witty banter, Richard Dawkins replies to those who resort to name-calling with some pretty rational analysis of their flawed arguments.

Frankie Muniz

When Malcolm In The Middle star, Frankie Muniz, replies to a hater, be afraid. With $40 million dollars in the bank account, he’s sure to give you a run for your measly balance.

This guy chose to inform Frankie that “ur acting is awful. Sorry but, it is”. Pwned? We think so.

Gary Lineker

When respected journalist Piers Morgan decides to take one of his shallow, uneducated jabs at you, take a leaf out of beloved former soccer player Gary Lineker’s book, and reply with nothing but well-aimed facts.

Miley Cyrus

In a world where looks are worth far more than they should be, Miley Cyrus Mocking Miley: The Best Wrecking Ball Parodies [Weird & Wonderful Web] The Web is a place full of content that is far too easy to miss. This column has one simple aim: to collect the best weird and wonderful content that appears on the Web. Read More chooses to be a force for inspiration, attempting to lower the pressure on women and girls to conform to misguided body shapes. Nice work, Miley!

Frankie Boyle

Deciding to take on outspoken, Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle will almost always be a one-sided fight. When James Arthur, winner of The X-Factor in 2012, decided to take on the challenge, he came away badly bruised.

James Blunt (Again)

We’ve just got to include James Blunt again in this list; some of his responses to haters are nothing short of incredible. On Twitter, Blunt is somewhere between being an innuendo-saint and a grammar-despot.

Take this one, for example, though there are many more like it.


When Pink started receiving tweets mentioning her “worrying” weight gain, she posted what so many others wanted to say, but never had the courage to do so. She also had the foresight to know that 140 characters just wasn’t going to cut it for such an important message, deciding instead that a screenshot was the perfect medium.

Gabourey Sidibe

Incredible actress Sidibe (if you haven’t seen Precious yet, watch it!) has had much written about her weight in the past. However, she has learned to overcome this with grace and dignity, while still rubbing our faces in the fact that she’s living a jet-set lifestyle, doing her dream job.


Nickelback have had their share of haters on Twitter, though they sure do know how to have a bit of fun with them.

Our Sadistic Amusement

Other celebrities choose to completely blank their haters on Twitter. And the rest? They’re invited by Jimmy Kimmel to read these tweets for our sadistic amusement.

The Serious Side to All of This

Although reading witty comebacks from celebrities is pretty amusing, let’s not lose sight of the fact that, to all intents and purposes, “mean tweets” are simply a form of bullying Cyber Bullying Unmasked - The Tragic Case Of Cassidy Kids can be cruel. Almost as cruel as so-called grown-ups. That cruelty has found its way on to the web and into the lives of countless young people who thought they might be able to... Read More . Bullying that can (behind the giggling mask that many people wear) have a profound and devastating effect on those who receive those tweets.

Celebrities are people, too. For the most part. And, just like proles such as you and I, their reactions to mean tweets vary from person to person. Jimmy Kimmel’s regular feature is entertaining, but how celebrities actually react to mean tweets can provide insights into the best way of beating the bullies.

Have you got a better example of a celebrity disarming an attacker with a well-aimed reaction? If you have personal experience of being bullied on Twitter, what advice would you give someone facing abuse for the first time? Does seeing how celebrities react to mean tweets change how you’ll handle it in the future?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Rob Nightingale
    March 23, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Dani, I completely Agree!

  2. Dani
    March 19, 2016 at 1:48 am

    I think Pink's answer was the most loving, mature, heart-warming and impressive. I love that she did not respond to hatred with more hatred(which can be difficult to avoid but very possible). Know it or not, she responded the way Yahweh would want her to. I could never fathom being criticized for my weight while being at an event honoring a person who is doing charity for people fighting cancer. Our society tend to focus on the frivolous a bit too much. We should all be counting our blessings while having as much compassion for others as possible. God Bless Miss Alicia Moore. :)