Be Inspired By These 30 Famous Fictional Teachers

ROFL 25-02-2016

Just because someone isn’t real, doesn’t mean they don’t have anything useful to teach. Fictional characters 10 Fictional Characters That Are Insanely Popular On Facebook Lots of people like to "Like" things. I am of course referring to the Facebook Like, which has become a simple shortcut to stamping your approval on something. It's time to take a look at... Read More are often written by very smart people, and they use them to teach important lessons.

Remember Mr. Feeny? Surely you’ve heard of Gandalf the Grey By Gandalf! The 5 Greatest Video Games From Middle Earth The trilogy’s film release gave it a second chance with gamers, and all of the great Lord Of The Rings games have been released after 2002. Read More ? These characters will inspire you to do all kinds of things.

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  1. Bob K.
    March 14, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Uhhh...Mr. Rogers is not fictional.