Be First In Line To Buy A Nexus 5 With Four Easy Tips And Tricks

Kannon Yamada 04-10-2013

Want an absolute bullet-proof strategy for getting a Nexus 5? The Nexus 4 debacle taught us that the Nexus line of smartphones sells out quick. So how can you guarantee getting one without waiting months? You need a systematic approach. After testing methods for getting my Nexus 4 Want The Hottest Phone Not On The Market? 5 Tips To Get The Nexus 4 Before It Sells Out Again Are you waiting for a Nexus 4? You might wait a great deal longer if you don’t get one immediately after the Play Store restocks in mid-February. Fortunately, we don’t have just one method -... Read More in February this year, I learned what works and what doesn’t:


You want to use multiple methods for redundancy. First, you need software that provides instantaneous alerts. Second, you will need web automation software, such as IFTTT, to receive either SMS or email notifications when the latest Nexus goes on sale. Unfortunately, there are a couple of complications: We don’t yet know the release date nor do we know the name of the phone. Fortunately, we have a good idea of how Google might name it and where their new page will show up.

What Will Google Name Their Device?

We don’t know for certain the Nexus 4 successor will be called the Nexus 5. Despite our ignorance, we do have some clues:

  • Nexus 5? There’s been a series of numbered Nexus devices, to some extent indicating a numbered sequence. The Nexus One and then the Nexus 4. It’s possible that the next device might get named the Nexus 5. It’s somewhat doubtful, though, unless the screen measures five inches in diameter.

nexus 5

  • 2013 Nexus 4? Following the Galaxy Nexus, Google appears to name Nexus devices after form factors, in inches. For example: the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. The leaked photos of the next Nexus show something approximately equal to the Nexus 4’s 4.7 inch screen.
    • For example: The 2013 Nexus 7 — The Nexus 7 is on its second iteration, retaining the same website and the same name as the previous model.
  • (SOMETHING) + Nexus? It’s possible that the new device may use a naming convention similar to Samsung’s. For example, the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S.

Notifications and Alerts?

We need a notification system that will let us know exactly when the Nexus 5 releases, immediately following its launch. We also need to know the name of the device, which we may narrow to three distinct possibilities:

  1. Nexus 5
  2. Nexus 4
  3. Nexus + (another word)

I’m gambling that the first and second names will be used. In the event of the third scenario, Google may begin sale on its Nexus homepage 9:00 AM Mountainview time on October 14th, if the leaks hold true. In which case, no alert system would be effective.


Four Tracking Methods for Catching a Nexus 5


IFTTT maintains a database of recipes that can be modified to find mention of specific keyterms used in various webapps. I modified a simple recipe which searches RSS feeds for mention of any user-defined keyterm. In my recipe, it searches for references made to the Nexus 5 and then sends an email when such a reference is found. It will likely report on any subject not related to the Nexus 5’s release but which has a mention of the name in the text. Also, because it’s keyword specific, if the Nexus releases under a different name, this recipe won’t work. I made a custom IFTTT recipe that will provide alerts on updates on the Nexus 5. To activate, go to the link (you must have an account with IFTTT) and scroll to the bottom. You will need to enable both email notifications, if you have not already done so. Just make sure under “Trigger” the words “Nexus 5” are properly entered. trigger in ifttt It’s easy using IFTTT. For those of you who want to try your hand at it, here’s a quick guide on creating an IFTTT recipe How To Create Your Own IFTTT Recipes For Automating Your Favorite Sites & Feeds There are a few web services that can be considered "priceless" and IFTTT is one of them. The service, which stands for "if this then that" has the power to automate common tasks and help... Read More .

#2 Alert Software

For me, of the many alert/notifications webapps available, two stand out: The Chrome extension “Page Monitor” and second, Versionista. Both of these alert and notification tools track all the changes made to a particular site, and notify via email whenever the monitored page changes. In theory, when the new Nexus comes out, Google will need to update the Nexus website. When those changes occur, the monitoring software will trigger.

  • Page Monitor: Page Monitor installs within the Chrome browser. To activate it, simply click on the icon and enter the webpages that you want to monitor. I’m monitoring two sites: First, the potential site that the Nexus 5 might be located on, if that’s what it’s called. Presently, clicking on it will show you an error because it’s a probable web address for the new phone. Second, the Nexus 4 site.

page monitor

  • Versionista: Versionista provides automatic notifications whenever any element within a website changes. As with Page Monitor, I’ll be watching the two sites.

For alternatives, Saikat wrote a fantastic rundown of 10 notification webapps 10 Alert & Notifier Websites to Keep Track of Stuff You Might Otherwise Miss Read More . The more alert/notification software used, the better. Some of these methods will certainly fail, so redundancy may help a great deal.


#3 Twitter

Twitter remains the most timely and least spy-friendly, out of all the major social media. One of the better Twitter apps that provides alerts based on Twitter feeds is Twilert. Simply sign up for a free trial and input the key terms. I prefer “Nexus 5 is out” and “New Nexus 4 is out”. Do not use just “Nexus 5” as you will get bombarded with emails. twilert Also, you will want to enable the “Near realtime” option, so that you get timely updates. twilert Unfortunately, Twilert only offers a 15-day free trial, so if the October 14 release date of the Nexus 5 holds true, you should start your trial period on or after October 1st.

If you desire alternatives to Twilert, try either Tweetalarm or TweetBeep [Broken Link Removed].

#4 Unofficial Fansites

There’s only one unofficial fansite for the Nexus 5. You can follow them through a variety of methods:

Assuming that the individual running the site is keeping closer tabs on the release of the much awaited smartphone.



If you want the upcoming Nexus “5”, consider using a multispectrum approach that will alert you to any launch. If Google’s latest strategy is to release a product without announcing it, such as they did with the Chromecast, you will need to be one of the first in line to avoid ridiculous wait periods. Anyone else have a solid plan for getting the next Nexus device? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. AD
    November 1, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    Google get the advantage of its good well and great reputation, hese the LG, not get so rush with its own name.

  2. rameshkarthik
    October 4, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    what about google alerts or even the new yahoo alerts

  3. Hildy J
    October 4, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Why not point your notification software to ? You might get some false positives but you should get a hit regardless of what Google names it (the Nexus Kat maybe?).