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Battery life is one of the top things we complain about in a smartphone. As much as we love our Android device, the phone’s battery life is a hit or miss, driven by more factors than we can keep track of.

Battery Compare is a powerful benchmarking app that lets you compare battery performance across a wide range of factors and data points.

battery benchmark android

Like any good Android app, Battery Compare features lots of settings and customizations. It logs your battery levels for a certain amount of time then uploads the results to its servers. Benchmark data can be uploaded with manually set attributes like manufacturer, battery and type, screen brightness, OS version, and more.

The combination of these attributes makes up your data filters. Once done, you can compare your results with other users with the same device and settings. You can further break down your results and find out how your phone ranks among specific data filters.

Battery Compare does not claim to be the be-all and end-all of battery benchmarking. Obviously, there is a lot of noise from user-generated data. But if you are looking for interesting stats on your device, and are curious on how your phone’s battery usage stacks with the rest, then you should try out this app.


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  1. Alfonso Cejudo
    September 15, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Hi! Battery Compare's developer here. As excited as I am to hear that people are finding the app useful, I'm just as excited to announce that I'll be rolling out some new features in the near future such as a leader board to list the top performing phones. Thanks for the review!