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Use Batch To Easily Share Large Groups Of Photos On Your iPhone

Dave LeClair 11-11-2011

share photos on iphoneWith the new iPhone 4S came a vastly improved camera. This new camera means more iPhone owners are snapping more pictures as the line between cell phone camera and stand alone point and shoot camera blurs. iPhone users who have tons of pictures on their phone need an easy and efficient way to share them. After all, syncing to your computer or sharing them one by one on Twitter and Facebook aren’t the fastest solutions.


This is where Batch comes in. It allows users to easily create groups of photos with friends via a simple in-app interface and share them quickly and easily. It also allows the ‘Batches’ of photos to be shared on Twitter and Facebook, giving all your friends easy access to view the photos. It’s a great free app that gives that awesome new camera on the iPhone 4S, or the camera on a previous model iPhone, a completely new purpose.

Installation and Set Up

First things first, you need to go to the app store and download the free application. Run a search on the app store for Batch from your iPhone, or simply click this handy link, and download the app.

share photos on iphone

Once the app is installed, you will have to link it with Facebook. They offer no alternative means of making an account, so if you want to use the app, you need to link it with your Facebook.

share iphone photos


The application offers something of a quick tutorial that guides you through creating and sharing your first Batch. You can skip this by clicking the cleverly titled “No Batch!” link at the bottom of the screen. The tutorial is quick. It’s just about choosing a few photos, making your Batch, and sharing it.

Creating a Batch and Sharing On Facebook and Twitter

Once you have your account synced with Facebook and you have either skipped or gone through the tutorial, the next thing you will want to do is share some photos.

share iphone photos

To create a new batch go to the photos tab and click the giant “Create a new batch” button. The next screen will give the option to choose your camera roll or photo stream, and then all of your pictures on the screen after that.


share iphone photos

Scroll through your pictures and find the ones you want to include in the batch. To select a photo simply tap it, and a green check mark will appear in the bottom corner, letting you know it is currently selected in the Batch.

Once you have all your photos chosen, the application will ask you to tag Facebook friends who are in the photos. This is optional, as the next step will allow you to share the whole album with Facebook.

iphone photo sharing


Sharing your Batches with Facebook and Twitter is as easy as turning on the sharing buttons on the bottom of the screen. For Twitter, you will have to enter your user name and password, but for Facebook, it will be already be there because you had to link to app with Facebook in the first place.

Once you have decided how you want to share your batch, click the “Create your batch!” button and let the application run through the process. You can tag friends and share a Batch after it is created using the buttons at the top of the screen when you are viewing a batch. If you decided to skip sharing when you created the Batch in the first place, you can always go back and do it later.

Other Features

In addition to sharing your groups of photos on existing social networks, Batch is a social network in itself. It allows you to share your Batches with people you are friends with on the app. They also offer a stream of all your Batches, so anyone on your friends list can check your activity and see what you have shared.

share photos on iphone


You can view a stream of any new Batches shared by your friends. Think of this like a Facebook news feed, but just for your Batch friends. Speaking of Facebook, Batch will automatically import any of your Facebook friends that also have Batch, making it easy to find people who are sharing pictures.


Batch is a cool tool for sharing large amounts of pictures with your friends across various social networks. It is especially handy for Twitter, which doesn’t have albums to share many pictures like Facebook. It also has its own social network, but I think their bread and butter is using the app to share with other networks.

Have you tried Batch to share pictures with your friends? Do you use something else for photo sharing? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Free Makeup
    November 12, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    aah, thats a pretty good way to organize photos.... Ive been needing something like this.

  2. Fly Smasher
    November 12, 2011 at 10:59 am

    It is really a good application..