BarTab: Makes Firefox Faster With Better Tab Management

Israel Nicolas 22-02-2010

Opening multiple tabs in Firefox can eat up a lot of memory, and may sometimes cause your browser to crash. In addition, restoring multiple tabs simultaneously from a browser restart will also hog your system resources which results in slow startups.


To manage this, you can install BarTab, a Firefox add-on that vcan make firefox faster by loading only the active tab while keeping the others unloaded in the background. This effectively prevents Firefox from eating your system resources.

make firefox faster

To activate BarTab, simply install the plugin and restart Firefox. Then, go to Options, and under the Tabs section you can configure BarTab settings. BarTab automatically sets Firefox to only load the active tabs when restoring them. In addition, you can also set Firefox to load newly opened tabs in the background only when you click on them.

BarTab is a very useful addon for keeping a low memory footprint in Firefox. This results in more responsive browsing, faster boot times, and seamless tab management.


  • Load only the tabs that you clicked when restoring multiple tabs.
  • Saves your system resources.
  • Set newly opened tabs in the background to load only when clicked.

Check out BarTab @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. philiKON
    February 22, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    Due to Mozilla add-on guidelines, the settings for BarTab are no longer available from Firefox's Options/Preferences dialog, unfortunately. They are now available through the add-on manager window.