Bandito: Bringing Pandora Radio To Your Menubar [Mac]

Dave LeClair 11-08-2012

Are you one of the people not interested in paying for a Pandora subscription? Would you still like an awesome way to play Pandora on your Mac without having to run it in your browser all the time? If so, you should really take a look at Bandito. It is a beautiful Pandora client for Mac that sits right in your menubar for quick and easy access.


pandora menu bar mac

Obviously, you will need to have a Pandora account to use this app. Once you have one, it works much like Pandora on the website. You can listen to all the stations you have already created as well as add new ones right from the app. If you click the icon you will see a detailed view that shows the artist and song you are playing. You can also skip songs, give a song a thumbs down and more, right in the menubar.


You can also assign custom keyboard shortcuts to work with Bandito. This will allow you to perform all of the basic music functions even faster. If you are looking for a Pandora client for your Mac, and you do not want to spend any money, this one is well worth a look.


  • Play and control Pandora from your Mac’s menubar.
  • All the basic functions are included in the dropdown.
  • Set custom keyboard shortcuts to make controlling your music faster.
  • Listen to your existing stations.
  • Create new stations from within the app.

Find Bandito on the Mac App Store [No Longer Available]

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