Backup Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlists with IFTTT

Ben Stegner 16-10-2015

Spotify’s recent Discover Weekly feature makes it easy to discover new music Discover New Music with Spotify's Automagic Playlists Spotify has recently released several new ways of generating unique playlists that will help you discover awesome new music. We're here to guide you through these automagic playlist makers. Read More , and since it updates each week with fresh new tracks you don’t even have to lift a finger. Positive reviews abound; Spotify seems amazing at finding music you’d like but haven’t heard of yet.


However, there’s a problem: instead of creating new playlists for you each week, Spotify updates the tracks in your Discover playlist each Monday. If you don’t get around to listening to it one week, all those old tracks will be gone. To remedy that, we turn to the all-helpful If This, Then That (IFTTT).

Using this recipe, you can back up all tracks in Discover weekly to a separate playlist. You’ll need an IFTTT account and the site will prompt you to link your Spotify credentials to activate the recipe. Then, all you have to do is choose your Discover playlist from a drop-down box, pick a name for the backup playlist, and rest easy!


Now instead of a list that’s liable to change at any time, you can move your recommended tracks around, share them with others, and discover them at your leisure. You won’t ever have to worry about losing your new music again.


If you liked this trick, be sure to brush on up advanced tips to make your Spotify experience even better 4 Ways You're Using Spotify Wrong Without Even Knowing It Lots of people use Spotify. But are you using it efficiently? Find out 4 common errors Spotify users make. Read More .

What’s the best music you’ve found through Discover Weekly so far? Will you back up your playlists with this method? Let us know your thoughts with a comment!

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