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Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click

Sandy Writtenhouse 13-03-2017

Most people think of Facebook as simply a social media site 10 Fascinating Facebook Facts And Figures Believe it or not, Facebook is now 12 years old. Given its age and its ubiquity, you might think there is nothing left to learn about Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room project. You'd be wrong. Read More . But it can be useful in other ways too — if you do a little exploring. You can look for a new job, buy cool items, contribute to charities, and do all sorts of other cool things. Here are several handy Facebook menu features that you never thought to click.


Access the Menu

To get started, you’ll need to access the menu. If you’re using Facebook on the web, you’ll see your menu on the left, under the Facebook logo and your name. The following features are under the Explore heading (click See More to expand the options).

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookMenu web

On your mobile device, tap the More icon — it’s three stacked horizontal lines on the right side of the menu bar. You will see some different options on the mobile app, but many features are common to both.

Note: For Android users, if you don’t see all of these options when you first open your menu, scroll down to Apps and tap See All. On iOS, just scroll down a bit on the main menu and tap See More under the displayed group of apps.

Find a Job

The Facebook Jobs feature is a convenient tool if you are in the market for a new position. You’ll immediately see nearby openings. You have the option to change your location as well, so you can look for openings if you’re going to move.


You can filter the results by industry — just tap Restaurant/Cafe, Beauty, Real Estate, Education, or another preferred option. There’s also a search box that lets you search for a specific position. On the web, you can also select a job type, like full-time, part-time, or contract.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookJobs iPhone

If you find a job you like, you can apply for it directly from Facebook. If you’ve completed your profile’s experience and education sections, those will pop right into the application. Plus you can save jobs to check them out later.

Shop or Sell

If you’re visiting Facebook and in the mood to shop for new products or sell some unused items, you have a couple of options.



The Facebook Marketplace was reborn in the fall of 2016 after its first attempt in 2007. On the website, select Marketplace from the menu and on the mobile app, tap Shops. You can then shop until you drop.

With Facebook’s browser interface, you can search by location or browse by radius. When you find a product that interests you, click it to see further details and message the seller.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookMarketplace web

On the mobile app, you can browse by category such as home furnishings, electronics, garden, and apparel. When you select an item, you will get more details, have options to share or save the item, and see a handy link to the seller’s website if you are ready to buy.


Buy and Sell Groups

Another way to shop sell is with the Buy and Sell Groups feature. This lets you join sale groups near you to buy, sell, and trade items.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookBuyAndSellGroups web

The website and mobile app both offer suggested groups nearby. This is a nice feature for buying and selling within your community. You can also widen your radius and check out groups beyond your local area.

Donate or Raise Funds

The Fundraisers section is a wonderful place to browse if you want to contribute money to a good cause. You will see endless options for the types of fundraisers available. You can contribute with a click, follow the fundraiser to keep up on the details, and invite a friend to check it out.


If you are in a position to create your own fundraiser, you can do this as well. Click the Create Fundraiser button and fill out the form. You must include the organization type, title, and story behind the cause. Optionally, you can add a photo, goal amount, and end date.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookCreateFundraiser web

Go Back in Time

The On This Day feature is a fun way to look back at what you posted on that same month and day in years past. You can even re-share the posts with a click. If you became Facebook friends with someone on that particular day, you will see that too. This is just a cool feature for a walk down Facebook memory lane.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookOnThisDay iPhone

Mobile Only

If you’re using the mobile app instead of Facebook in your browser, you get a few bonus options. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, here are some nifty options you can check out.

Weather and Sports

Tap Weather to check your current weather conditions, hourly forecast, and what to expect in the next five days. The details come from and you can tap the link to go there for more information.

When you want to keep up with your favorite teams on-the-go, check out the Sports feature. Add teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL, or NCAAM. You will then see any current activity with a tap.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookWeatherSports iPhone

Track Your Moves

For a convenient fitness companion, track your activities with Moves. You’ll need to install the Moves app, but once you do, you can easily access it directly from Facebook. Then take a peek at how many steps you took for the day and in which locations.

Download — Moves for Android (Free) | iOS (Free)

Find Nearby Friends and Places

See who and what is around you with the Nearby Friends and Nearby Places features. If you want to hang out with your pals, you can check out who is close to your current location. Or if you’re looking for a restaurant, hotel, or shopping center, you can find it without leaving Facebook.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookNearbyPlaces iPhone

Send or Request Money

Maybe your brother needs to borrow a few bucks or you asked your mom to send you some cash. Facebook offers a convenient way to do this from your device How to Send Money to Friends in Facebook Messenger Venmo and Google Wallet are nice, but if you and your friends frequently communicate through Facebook, then you may want to switch to this Messenger feature. Read More . Just tap Send or Request Money and you are on your way.

Browser Only

If you prefer to visit Facebook from your computer, you also have a notable feature not currently listed on the mobile app menu.

Request Recommendations

If you are looking for the best burger in town or a friendly physician, get recommendations from friends. Just post your question and when your friends make comments, Facebook will add available information. You can automatically get the address and see those suggestions on a map.

Awesome Facebook Features You Never Thought to Click FacebookRecommendations web

Do You Use Facebook for More Than Socializing?

These really are some convenient features and if you are a frequent Facebook user Powerful Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement There are a number of strategies and approaches for engagement that can help you to reach more people with your Facebook posts for free. Read More , they can save you time. You don’t have to open another app to find a spot nearby, check the weather, or do a little shopping.

Have you tried any of these neat features? If so, which are your favorites? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. JLC
    March 14, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    My FB page does not display a "menu" nor is there an "explore"....certainly not on the left side of the screen. On the right side I can access settings but not a menu either. What am I missing? (Firefox on windows 10 pc)

    • Sandy Stachowiak
      March 14, 2017 at 5:28 pm

      Hi JLC,
      Are you on your FB Home screen? If you are within your profile, you will not see those options on the left.