8 More Awesome Chrome Apps to Stay Creative Offline

Sandy Writtenhouse 31-07-2017

Creatives can be in a tough spot when they don’t have internet access. We previously covered some creative Chrome apps that you can use offline Get Creative While Offline With These 8 Amazing Chrome Apps Keep your creativity flowing where you're on-the-go with these incredible offline apps for Google Chrome. Read More — great for artists, photographers, writers, and anyone else channeling their creative energy on a Chromebook or with the Chrome browser. And now, we’re back with eight more for musicians, designers, and more.


Music and Sound Effects

Working with tunes 7 Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music Anywhere Are you the next Mozart? Do you want to pen the next global hit for your band? If so, you need some tools to write sheet music. Read More , notes, and sound effects can be rewarding as well as fun. But if it’s your business, you should make sure you can access those sounds anytime, anywhere. These Chrome apps keep your melodies moving on the go.

1. Flat – Music Scores and Guitar Tabs Editor

When you want to create and edit music scores, Flat is an excellent option. It’s an online tool for collaboration, but if you lose your internet connection, it will automatically switch to offline mode.

You can begin by adding instruments one by one or start with a handy template. Flat offers easy composition actions for notes, articulation, ornaments, measures, and text. You can compose with your MIDI devices, export scores as PDF files for printing, or save them as MP3 or WAV file formats. If you enjoy the free version of Flat, you can upgrade for addition paid features.

2. Efflux Tracker

If making beautiful music is your calling, then take a look at Efflux Tracker. This full-featured Chrome app conveniently provides both a tracker and synthesizers. Compose tracks with up to 255 patterns that you can copy and paste, switch between, and adjust. You can also save or export your finished work.

If you want to check out the synthesizer options, there are eight available with up to three voices. You can use generic waveforms or draw your own, and each voice has a tuning and envelope section.


3. Audio Recorder

Capturing that ideal sound when you hear it is easy with Audio Recorder. Maybe it’s the sound of a plane starting its engines, a train passing by, or a flock of seagulls taking flight. This app helps you be prepared to capture it quickly and easily.

audio recorder chrome

To use Audio Recorder, just pop it open and click the microphone button to begin recording. Click once more to stop recording, and then the download button to save it as a WAV file. It doesn’t get any easier than that for grabbing the perfect sound for a movie, game, or audio project.

Games and Interactive Stories

If you have a knack for creating interactive stories or a passion for making games How to Make Your Own Text Adventure Games: 7 Tools Want to make your own text adventure game? These useful tools will help you create your own complex and playable story. Read More , these cool tools will keep you working offline.


4. AXMA Story Maker

For creating text-based games, visual novels, and interactive stories, AXMA Story Maker is terrific. This visual tool gives you blocks for adding text and rearranging. Just select the type of story you plan to tell, or game you want to create, and off you go.

axma story maker chrome

Use the Navigator for menus and titles, Actions to link or duplicate items, and Run when you’re ready to test your game or story. You can switch to source mode, export your project, or save it to your computer. Plus, if you want a little help getting started, the app comes with a Quick Start guide along with an online user manual.

5. Tile2Map

If creating platform, tower defense, or role-playing games is your thing, check out Tile2Map. This offline Chrome app comes from the web version for your game maps and contains over 1,300 public domain tiles for you to use.


Start by choosing your tiles and map sizes to create a new map or load an existing JSON file you’ve saved. To get the hang of the features, you can load and edit a sample map. Tile2Map has copy, fill, and undo actions in addition to zoom and select. You can then save or export your finished map.

Color Palettes and Fonts

Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer, or budding artist Want to Become an Artist? 13 Chrome Apps to Get You Started Do you have an interest in art or becoming an artist? Or maybe you have a friend or child who does? With Chrome apps and extensions, you can explore that amazing world. Read More , these color and font Chrome apps are perfect for you. You can quickly copy and paste hex codes, convert colors for different items, and test a ton of fonts, all offline.

6. Color Palette Pocket

Color Palette Pocket gives you a quick and easy way to copy and paste colors using hex codes. You can use a variety of colors and shades from the app and just double-click to copy the code. When you’re online, you can add new random palettes for use offline.

color palette pocket chrome


You can set the app to include the code in the text you copy and have it stay on top of other open apps. Color Palette Pocket is a simple tool, but very handy when you need those color hex codes in a hurry.

7. Colors for Developers

While the app is called Colors for Developers, it can actually be useful for anyone who works with colors. You can convert colors from RGB, HSL, Hex, and CMYK. Plus, you can convert RGB(255) to RGB(1).

colors for developers chrome

Specific to developers, you can obtain the syntax for CSS, Objective C, Unity Script, and Unity C#. The app comes with presets for mobile devices, Windows, and web standard. You can also add your own presets and add a symbol so you can grab it at a glance.

8. Type Zebra

For anyone who works with fonts, Type Zebra is an awesome app for finding just the right one. When you open the app, a new tab will open for you to view fonts in Chrome. Use your own text or a sample layout with letters or numbers. You can also adjust the size of the text for easier viewing.

type zebra chrome

Click the font style on the left to change the text in the main window. You can check out local, Google, or Edge fonts with a simple click. When you are in search of that perfect font combination, Type Zebra will help you find it.

Do Offline Chrome Apps Help You Stay Creative?

Going without internet can be extremely difficult if you need it for work 13 Best Chrome Extensions and Apps to Work Offline No Internet on the go? Don't worry, you can still have a productive day on your Chromebook or other laptop if you do a little prep work. Here's how. Read More . But luckily for those in an artistic field who use Chrome, creativity doesn’t have to stop without a connection. Whether it’s audio, stories, or design, you can take these apps any place.

Are there other offline Chrome apps that you use in your creative field? If so, share your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Gazoo
    August 1, 2017 at 6:53 am

    The description for AXMA Story Maker looked fascinating. Seems that the extension has been discontinued as noted on the Chrome Store page. The good news is that there is both a Linux version (32/64bit) as well as an online version. (macOS and Windows also appear to be supported...)

    On a side note: Browsers need to find a better way to organize all this 3rd-party stuff. Browser enhancements are one thing. App-like tools, if you have a large number, are going to require a startMenu kind of organization. At any rate, I prefer my apps to be standalone - so I'm quite happy the AXMA devs have desktop versions. My browser is fat enough.