How to Avoid Accidental Phone Rings and Alerts on Android
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Picture this: You’re sitting in an important meeting. You’ve made sure to silence your phone beforehand, but despite your forethought, all of a sudden you hear the familiar 8-bit sound of discovering a secret in Zelda.

Someone’s sent you an email, and your phone has loudly announced this to everyone in the room. It’s embarrassing, and you feel like an idiot as you garner annoyed looks. You swear you lowered the volume, so why didn’t it work?

Depending on which company makes your Android phone, you may have two independent volume sliders. One, the Ringer Volume, is only for phone calls. The other, Notification Volume, includes all non-phone call alerts like emails, texts, and more.

You can find out whether your phone uses this system by pressing either volume button on the side of your device, then tapping the drop-down arrow. If you see both volume labels, your phone differentiates them (below left). This is common on Samsung phones, whereas stock Android combines the two into one volume (below right).

How to Avoid Accidental Phone Rings and Alerts on Android Android Volume Differences

Even if you quickly use your phone’s physical volume buttons to set the ringer volume to zero, the notification volume could still be at full blast. You could manually mute it, but this gets old.

Instead, you can use VolumeSync to keep the two synchronized. It’s a simple app and free with no ads. Open it and switch the main slider to On. Then, select which volumes should sync with your ringer volume. You can choose Notification Volume (texts and emails), Media Volume (music and video audio), and Alarm Volume (alarms and timers).

Once done, whenever you adjust the ringer volume, the other levels will adjust to match it. Checking Notification and Media will help you avoid embarrassing situations, but beware of syncing your alarm volume as you might silence an important alarm!

How to Avoid Accidental Phone Rings and Alerts on Android Android VolumeSync

For more advanced use, check out power volume control tweaks for Android.

Has your phone ever gone off and embarrassed you in a meeting? Does your phone have separate ringer and notification volumes or are they combined? Tell us down in the comments!

Image Credit: AllaSerebrina/Depositphotos

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  1. Mark Tristan R. Ocampo
    October 16, 2017 at 11:22 am

    I use Total Volume Free on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which features:
    1. tabs on top to sync all audio alerts to 0/25/50/75/100% volume
    2. independent volume sliders for each alert type:
    - system
    - ringer
    - music
    - alarm
    - notifications
    - voice call