AV by AIM: Easy Video Conferencing Service for Up to 4 People
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Most voice chatting applications support video chat as well. However the video chat support is usually restricted to 2 people. If you would like to have a video chat with more friends, you should check out a service called AV by AIM.

video conferencing service

AV by AIM is a simple and free to use web service that is currently in beta. The site lets you easily initiate video conversations with other friends. A total of 4 people can participate in a single video conversation. Audio is also supported and your friends can converse with you just like in a video conference.

All you have to do to set up AV by AIM is visit it, allow it access to your webcam, and then share the feed URL with your friends.

simple video conferencing


Check out AV by AIM @ www.aim.com/av

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