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Vector graphics are immensely useful””they’re extremely scalable and are perfect for logos. They can also be quite expensive to produce, typically requiring someone trace a given image by hand or some very expensive software. aims to provide a free, web-based conversion tool capable of converting the images.

make vector graphics

To make vector graphics simply  upload your picture, select your output and hit “Send file.” In a few minutes you’ll be given a larger image for download. The quality of the output will vary, of course””even AutoTracer’s own “About” page admits every program requires some post-processing. So don’t expect the same level of quality you would from a human tracer””think of it more as a good starting point.

make vector graphics

make vector graphics


  • Free online vectorizer
  • Converts PNG, BMP, JPEG or GIF to vector formats
  • Outputs to SVG, PDF and EP.
  • Similar tool: Magnigraph and VectorMagic.

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