Automello: Capture & Sample Random Sounds for Music Creation

All sound has a certain pitch at a given point in time, no matter how complicated it is. From the sound of a revving car to a tweeting bird, all of these sounds can be collected and mixed to create a new kind of sound. AutoMello is an open-source plugin hack that lets you do just that. It analyzes any sound, extract notes and beats, and assigns them to a key based on its pitch.

sounds for music creation

AutoMello can isolate specific sounds in a sample and organize them by notes, beats, and segments. It does the dirty work of getting out single notes from different chords. You can then play and edit the file, load them to your audio software, and enhance them for your work.

This app is useful for professional sound engineers who need to extract and isolate sound from any source. AutoMello also works well with digital audio workstations using the plugin.


Check out AutoMello at Github @

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