Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much

Dave Parrack 27-08-2013

Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how to stay fit comes naturally to some people. To others it’s a continual struggle between desire and common sense, between laziness and motivation, between positive and negative attitudes. We know roughly what foodstuffs we should be avoiding, and how much exercise we should be getting, but it’s still insanely difficult to find a health plan 10 Great Health Apps for the iPhone and iPad Read More and stick to it.


One of the reasons for this struggle is the amount of work it takes organizing a diet that will help make you slim and healthy 4 Subreddits You Should Read For Tips To Stay Healthy and Fit I will tell you right now that I couldn't possible write an article about living a healthy life. I'm a self-confessed Taco Bell connoisseur. However, I can certainly tell you where you can find some other health tips.... Read More while providing some respite from the continual grind of calorie-counting and workouts. Which is where Eat This Much enters stage left, with its “auto-magic” meal plans and multitude of customization options.

Eat This Much

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much banner

Eat This Much started life as, a diet website focused on creating meals for bodybuilders. Its central feature was an automatic meal planner that took the time and trouble out of creating meals containing just the right amount of nutrients.

The algorithm wasn’t great, but the site’s creator Louis DeMenthon saw some potential and consequently unveiled Eat This Much. This renovated version of the site features a solid automatic meal planner with more customization options than most people will know what to do with.

Free Vs. Premium

Eat This Much has a basic free option and a premium option costing $9-per-month. This article is based on the free version because:


a) It’s what MakeUseOf is all about, and b) I’m too tight to pay the asking price. Still, it’s worth taking a brief look at the differences between the two account types.

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much plans

As you can see from the screenshot above, the premium account allows for a higher number of saved meal plans, and adds weekly meal plans, a meal plan calendar, and meal plans for leftovers Cleaning The Fridge: 6 Recipe Websites Which Show You How To Cook With Leftovers Surprisingly, the art of leftover cooking isn't new by any means. If you have ever been a college student, then this wasn't art…it was a lifestyle. From Shepherd's Pie to casseroles, many dishes can be... Read More , among other things.

Meal Generator

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much meal generator


The meal generator is the main focus of Eat This Much. In its simplest form it asks you to indicate how many meals you’d like to consume in one day, and how many calories those meals should total. It will then provide you with a breakfast and two further meals for the day, which between them should fit your basic requirements.

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much generator options

The thing is people have very different tastes when it comes to food and what they are and aren’t willing to eat. So the first three meals offered to you may not appeal to the taste buds. You can simply refresh the meal to be shown as an alternative option, or you can head into the Meal Options menu to customize your meal plan to the nth degree.

Customization Options

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much nutrition options


The nutrition options lets you modify several elements of your planned meals. You can choose from a preset diet such as Atkins or Vegan, or customize your own with different percentages of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You can also limit the amount of sodium and cholesterol that will appear in your meal plan, and aim for a higher percentage of fiber.

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much food filters

The food and recipe filters simply let you include or exclude certain food groups and ingredients. So you could exclude all dairy products, or include only the vegetables you actually enjoy eating. Which, for many of us, isn’t many.

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much meal options


The meal options let you modify certain things about each meal. This includes preparation time, access to an oven, the size of the meal, and how many people it should cater for.

Automatically Plan Your Meals & Make Dieting Easier With Eat This Much eat this much price options

The price range merely allows you to set your daily diet budget The Best Websites for Dieting on a Budget Read More . The higher it is, the higher the quality each meal will be. If you declare an interest in a high number of calories on a severe budget then “be prepared to eat a lot of PB&J and beans.


Eat This Much will not suit everyone, and I wouldn’t recommend it for those who have very specific needs and/or fussy food tastes. It can be customized to help even those groups of people, but it’s clearly aimed at people who have so far struggled to maintain a healthy diet and need any assistance they can get.

This Web app is designed to, “Put your diet on autopilot,” and it does this exceptionally well. Still, it’s important to know exactly what fuel you’re putting in your body, the effects that food has, and what foods trigger overeating for you personally. These are important tenets in maintaining a healthy diet. So, Eat This Much is a great place to start, but you should then set sail alone with the knowledge and willpower to forge your own path through the troubled waters of dieting.

Have you tried Eat This Much? If so, what did you think of it? Are you, like me, someone who has struggled to create healthy eating plans and maintain a sensible eating regimen? Could sites such as Eat This Much be important tools in the fight against flab? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Alan Cleaver

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  1. Ruth
    January 24, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    I recently used the website with the free trial version for a few days. Its a neat facility and makes everything easier however it has certain issues thought
    1. When changes are made in meal preferences or Nutrient information it does not become effective immediately. Sometimes it has worked after a few refreshes and logging in and out of my account, but other times it just doesn't change.
    2. Caloric calculation is inaccurate. I wanted a to set my own meal nutrition because it did not provide me the ratio i was looking for. I wanted FAT 145.7g Protein 59.3g Card 7.9g. As per my knowledge each gram of fat is 9 and protein and carb is 4calories. So should be 1580 calories , however the website kept calculation 1440 and kept recommending me food for that cal and different macros altogether. At this point the app was not of any use for me.
    3. Inadequate customer service: I have written to them 3 times about the above issue and its been a month and i have not heard back from them. Needless to say i cancelled out of the free subscription before my trial period ended , because i wasn't going to pay for something that didn't work for me. I would except basic customer service though so as to reply to my several request. And no ethier mail is not in the junk /spam folder either lol. I checked

  2. dragonmouth
    August 27, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    "it’s still insanely difficult to find a health plan and stick to it."

    Au contraire, mon ami. It is very easy to find a health plan, there are hundreds if not thousands of them. What is difficult is sticking to it. The only app that is guaranteed to help you is Will Power. No other application works as well. No other application is going to slap you upside your head when you supersize your Big Mac lunch or reach for that extra piece(s) of chocolate. If running an app or reading a book is all it took to make the pounds melt away, there wouldn't be hundreds of apps and books.

    The other app that really helps is Common Sense. Just ask yourself if these "health experts" really know what they are talking about? Various "experts" recommend low-carb, high-carb, low-protein, high-protein, low-fat, high-fat, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic "health plans." There are as many "health plans" as there are "health experts" and each "expert" can substantiate their claims with properly selected facts. They can't all be right, can they?

    Common Sense and Will Power are the only two apps that will work for sure. Whether you use the 8 Food Groups or the Food Pyramid as your guide, eat in moderation from each food group. exercise regularly and get your beauty sleep and you will be healthy. All else is snake oil.

    • Dave P
      August 30, 2013 at 12:41 pm

      That Will Power app is a little buggy though. It works for a week or two and then starts to freeze or fail. The Common Sense app is great but I always find my attention being drawn to the Treats app and I-Can't-Be-Bothered-To-Stay-On-This-Diet app instead.

      Of course, the magic formula for losing weight is eat less, eat better, exercise more. But some of us need a little extra help with managing that.

      • dragonmouth
        August 30, 2013 at 1:36 pm

        How is a computer/smart phone app going to stop you from gorging on the wrong foods? How is a computer/smart phone app going to force you to eat more veggies and exercise more? It works for a week or two and then starts to freeze or fail. Then you always find your attention being drawn to the Treats app and I-Can’t-Be-Bothered-To-Stay-On-This-Diet app instead. /GRIN/

        My computer is overloaded with apps that were supposed to make me do something or other.

  3. Guy M
    August 27, 2013 at 6:43 pm


    I've been looking for exactly this, for a long time. I had tried many others, but none had a meal-planner at what I considered a reasonable price. If this works well, I'd gladly pay $9/mo.

    • Dave P
      August 30, 2013 at 12:38 pm

      Glad to hear it! Let us know how you get on with it :)