Automate Your Online Creative Portfolio With These IFTTT Recipes

Dann Albright 11-03-2016

Creatives of all types need strong online portfolios and social media accounts that are updated regularly. But keeping all those sites and accounts up-to-date can be a big hassle—did you remember to post your latest song on Twitter? Have you shared your newest writing on your WordPress site? When did you last update your Tumblr portfolio The Top 10 Free Tumblr Themes To Create A Portfolio Read More ?


These recipes from If This, Then That (IFTTT) will help automate the process and make sure that your latest work is always on display.

For Photographers and Graphic Artists

If you have a blog or portfolio on WordPress, you can easily get your work uploaded to your site and your social media profiles when you have something new to share. One way you can do this is by linking Dropbox to your IFTTT profile. Here’s a recipe that will upload a new work to your WordPress site:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

Just choose a specific folder in your Dropbox account, and whenever you upload a picture to that folder, it will get posted on WordPress. This is one of the coolest uses, but there are plenty other great ways to use Dropbox Top 10 Uses For Dropbox You May Not Have Thought Of For many advanced computer users, Dropbox is the premiere cloud-based storage and sharing document service. It has replaced the Documents folder on my Mac, and is the primary way I sync files between my devices.... Read More  that could be useful for creative types, too.


If you use Flickr as a part of your online portfolio, you can do the same thing there:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

You can also do the same for 500px, another free photo sharing site Online Photo Albums: Where to Host Them for Free Which online photo storage service is the best? Between free price tags, unlimited storage space, and photo security, which service is best for you? Read More that can use IFTTT commands—or you could chain it to the others, so that whenever a photo gets uploaded from Dropbox to Flickr, for example, it then goes to 500px:



(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

And if you use Tumblr instead of WordPress, you can easily update that, too:



(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

In addition to updating your various sites and portfolios, you can also add your social media accounts. Here’s a recipe for uploading your newest work from a Dropbox folder to Facebook:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)


You could use the same idea for Twitter, too, though Instagram doesn’t support automated posting. You could, however, share your Instagram posts to other networks, as it can be used for triggers. If you’re an artist not using Instagram yet, you should start soon New To Instagram? Top Tips For Newbies When you’re getting started on Instagram, there are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind to make sure that you hit the ground running. The popular app is part photo-sharing site and part... Read More .

For Videographers and Musicians

While IFTTT doesn’t provide as many useful channels for videographers and musicians, there are a few that can help you keep your portfolio and social media channels up to date. For example, this recipe lets you post a video that you’ve uploaded to Facebook:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

Unfortunately, neither YouTube nor Vimeo allow you to post automatically from a recipe, but both can be integrated with your social accounts and your portfolio. This recipe, for example, lets you create a new post on your WordPress blog when you post a new video to Vimeo:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

Someone even created a recipe that lets you send an email to a specific list of contacts when you upload a video to DailyMotion, which is a great way to let a lot of people know that new work is up.


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

If audio is more your thing, you can use IFTTT’s SoundCloud integration to automate some of the process. Here’s a recipe that will post songs from a Dropbox folder to your SoundCloud account:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

And then you can use a number of other recipes to post a new track to your various social media accounts, like this one that will post it to Twitter:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

You could even update your WordPress or Tumblr blog with your newest work with a recipe like this:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

The above recipe even includes the SoundCloud shortcode so that the SoundCloud player is embedded directly in the post, which is pretty cool.

For Writers, Bloggers, and Written-Word Artists

The IFTTT recipes for anyone who creates written work are very similar to those for visual and audio artists above. Here’s one, for example, that will share your new WordPress posts via Buffer:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

You can cross-post between blogging platforms, like putting your Tumblr posts on your Blogger account, and make sure all of your followers on social media know that you’ve put up new work; these are all pretty simple recipes. But you can also get creative, too. I rigged up a recipe, for example, to update a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of the social sharing of my articles every time one of my articles gets posted on MakeUseOf. Here’s what I did.

My author page gets updated every time one of my articles gets posted, so I used Feed43 to create an RSS feed of the page How to Discover the RSS Feed of a Webpage If The Feed Link Isn't There Read More . Here are the settings I used:


Those rules come up with an RSS feed that looks like this:


The feed is getting the title, URL, and date of each of my posts, which is exactly what I want to be added to my spreadsheet.

Now, I head back to IFTTT and create a new recipe using Feed as the trigger, so every time a new item gets posted to that feed, the recipe will run.


IFTTT has the extremely useful “Add row to spreadsheet” action for Google Drive, so I’ll use that as the action, and make sure that each part of the post is getting put in the right column of the new row by using separators:


(Access this recipe on IFTTT)

This particular recipe might not be useful for you, but I hope it shows you just how creative you can be with IFTTT and your portfolio. Most websites have author pages, and you could easily set up feeds and recipes for each of your major publications to have them added to your blog, posted to social media, or put in a tracking spreadsheet.

Use Your Imagination

The best part about IFTTT is that you can use other tools 13 Wacky Ways to Beat Procrastination With IFTTT Squeeze more out of your work time. Solve the productivity puzzle by keeping distractions and procrastination at bay with these smart IFTTT recipes. Read More —like Feed43—to make it even more useful. So don’t feel limited by the channels that are listed on the website. Use your imagination, and you might be able to come up with a really useful recipe that no one has ever thought of before!

If you’ve used IFTTT for automating your online portfolio, social media accounts 10 Of The Best IFTTT Recipes To Bring Order Into Your Online Social Life Tell yourself how many minutes of the day you give to the time sink that goes by the name of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other. The minutes add up. Wouldn't it be wonderful to... Read More , blogs, or websites, let us know in the comments! I’d love to hear about how you’ve put this awesome tech to use.

If you have any questions about using IFTTT to update these things, post them, too, and we’ll see if we can get them answered.

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  1. Astrofotograf
    March 15, 2016 at 6:16 am

    IFTTT is great. I wrote some scripts to alert on forecasted aurora borealis (Kp level of earth's magnetic field), alert on a currently high Kp value (aurora borealis possible) and if a solar flare occurs. If the script fires an alert it sends it via mail to, which will create a posting on my facebook page, which will be automatically routed to my app and website ( (german)).

    There is a nice space channel, too, but the astronomy pic of the day is always from the day before. Sadly, ifttt support is only via twitter, which is a pain in the a** to write support tickets in 160 chars.