Autodesk 123D Design: Create 3D Printable Objects [Mac, PC & iPad]

3D modelling software is amazingly powerful but often very complicated, and so it’s refreshing to see a tool like 123D Design from Autodesk simplifying the process. Available as desktop software for Mac and PC computers, a web app in your browser and as a tablet app for the Apple iPad, 123D Design aims to bring 3D modelling to the masses, and make those models printable to boot.

printable 3d objects

Using base shapes, even complete beginners can design simple objects, and with time become adept at more complex models. Seasoned veterans will have no problem jumping in, and using the tablet version everyone can design models using a natural touch interface.

To get started even quicker, there are example models to view in the form of kits to give users a helping hand in understanding the basics. Once designed, models can be saved to disk and the cloud ready for printing, or opened with other Autodesk apps.


  • Simple, straightforward 3D modelling in browser or on PC, Mac and iPad.
  • Simple, easy to learn interface aimed at beginners to veteran modellers.
  • Print the objects you create or open them with other Autodesk apps.


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