How to Auto-Sync Your Facebook & Twitter Profile Photos
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For some people, every new occasion — whether celebrations, vacations, or holidays — is a new reason to update one’s social media profile photo. If that describes you, no worries. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But if you use both Facebook and Twitter, having to change your picture on both sites every time is a tedious waste of time. So the next time you, for example, make a creepy profile picture for Halloween, there’s an easy trick that applies the photo to both social media networks.

With this IFTTT recipe, you can automatically sync any change to your Facebook profile photo to your Twitter account. You’ll need to have an IFTTT account that’s connected to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but that’s it. The recipe works right out of the box, no tweaks needed!

But there is something to consider when using this script. If your Facebook account is for personal uses while your Twitter account represents a company or brand, you have to be careful about setting inappropriate images. For most people, though, this recipe is nothing but a time-saver.

Also, an image that looks great on Facebook might not look good on Twitter. Fortunately, we’ve shown you tools that create perfect profile pictures for all social networks at once which should help with that.

Will you try out this script for syncing your accounts? Let us know how you manage social media below.

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